by Aleksandar Hrubenja

The Best Anti Snoring Device in 2020 (Expert Guide & Reviews)

Best Anti Snoring Device

Snoring is not just an annoying habit or something to make fun of. It’s a difficult condition that’s caused by a host of lifestyle and genetic factors, many of which are not under our control. It can also severely strain the relationships that exist between us and our significant others. Losing sleep on a regular basis, playing the blame game, it all leads to significant stress and discomfort. That’s why we’re on the hunt for the best anti snoring device.

We’ve tested a number of devices and products that can help you stop snoring, and we’ve come up with the nine fantastic products below.  If you want to get the best products for your snoring issues, and learn how to stop snoring, simply check out the article below. 

The Top 9 Best Anti Snoring Devices

Made from BPA-free materials
You can wear it with dentures
Personalized feel
60-night trial, and one-year warranty
FROM $69
Easy to clean
Comfortable to use
Universal fit
FROM $89.94
Unique adaptive system
None of the disadvantages of TRDs and MADs
FROM $399
No boil-and-bite hassle
Two devices of different sizes
Great for people who breathe through their mouths
FROM $79
A custom fit that allows finer adjustments
Medical-grade materials
Mouth-breathing option
FROM $99
Best snoring device for snoring caused by colds, the flu, or allergies
FROM $89
FROM $46
Great for people who have issues with their tongue
FROM $99
A comfortable TSD/TRD
Simple to clean
Easy fit
FROM $99

Anti Snoring Device Reviews for Our Top Picks

1. Vitalsleep Review

Vitalsleep Review

Rating: 10


  • Type: MAD
  • Price: $69
  • Made from BPA-free materials

This is our number one, the best mandibular advancement device you can find. We believe it deserves to be first on our list due to the quality of the materials used to make it, the comfort it provides, its efficiency, and the added benefits you can gain. 

Namely, like all MADs, it works by pulling your lower jaw forward, opening up your airways, and giving you a night of restful sleep. However, it has an added mechanism that helps you adjust the level of jaw advancement, allowing you to tweak this product until it fits perfectly. 

Most mandibular advancement devices are pretty uncomfortable and don’t leave much room for customization. It is this customizable feature that makes Vitalsleep’s product the best snoring mouthpiece on our list. It can also be used by people who have trouble breathing through their noses at night, since it has a hole that allows you to breathe through your mouth.

Note that there are some other useful applications and features that this product gives you. Namely, you can wear these with dentures, something we are certain many of our older readers will appreciate. Furthermore, the materials used in creating this product are of a very high quality, all of them completely free of carcinogenic BPA chemicals.

You also get a nice, 60-night trial and a one-year warranty—so if you aren’t happy with it, you can easily get your money back, or you can replace the mouthpiece if it gets too worn. This is the best anti snoring device on review, with its only drawback being that it’s difficult to clean.


  • Made from BPA-free materials
  • You can wear it with dentures
  • 60-night trial, and one-year warranty
  • Personalized feel
  • People who breathe through their mouths can use it


  • A bit difficult to clean

2. Good Morning Anti-Snoring Device Review

good-morning review

Rating: 9.8


  • Type: TRD
  • Easy to clean
  • Price: $89.94

This is the best anti snoring mouthpiece using TRD systems on our list. Tongue retaining devices, or TRDs, are there to hold your tongue in place, preventing it from blocking your airways when you sleep. 

What sets this one apart is just how comfy it is. Unlike MADs, these don’t force your mouth into a certain position and therefore misplace your jaw. Sure, your tongue might feel strange for a couple of days, but you should acclimate to it. Furthermore, it’s pretty easy to clean, and it offers a near-universal fit.

On our list of the best stop-snoring devices and snoring solutions, this is one of the more durable ones, with an average lifespan of roughly 12 months. However, you should keep some issues in mind.

Namely, the Good Morning TRD can cause you to drool during your sleep. And people who breathe through their mouths might have trouble using it. Still, these small issues are pretty unimportant when you consider the usefulness, durability, and general comfort we hope we’ve presented in our Good Morning snore solution review.


  • Easy to clean 
  • Durable
  • Comfortable to use
  • Universal fit


  • Can make you drool a bit
  • Can’t be used by people who breathe through their mouths

3. Smart Nora Review

smart-nora review

Rating: 9.6

Top Pillow-Based Device

  • Type: Pillow Insert
  • Unique adaptive system
  • Price: $399

One of the more interesting, experimental devices among our snoring device reviews. The easiest way to describe this one—it’s a great anti snoring pillow.

More specifically, the Smart Nora is actually three gadgets: a pump, an insert that goes into your pillowcase, and a small gadget that listens to your snoring. 

We suggest you check out our section on what causes snoring, since it will explain some of the details on why this product works. But it essentially alters the height of your pillow, stopping your snoring by changing the position of your head. 

This is the best device for snoring if you want something a bit different. During the night, the machine will detect the noises you make, figure out how loudly you’re snoring, and then inflate or deflate the pillow insert as needed, moving your head about. We suggest you follow the manual so that you can customize its settings a bit more to your liking.

Note that this may be the best stop-snoring device on our list, or it could be pretty inefficient. For some people, it can be too loud or obtrusive, but for others, it’s a godsend. Still, its uniqueness, and the effectiveness it delivers for most people, gives it a very deserving third place on our list.


  • Unique adaptive system 
  • None of the disadvantages of TRDs and MADs


  • Can be obtrusive 
  • Costly
  • Can’t be used by everyone

4. Zquiet Mouthpiece Review

zquiet review

Rating: 9.4

  • Type: MAD
  • You get two devices of different sizes
  • Price: $79


Most MADs require that annoying boil-and-bite setup if you want them to fit (i.e., you have to soak the mouthpiece in boiling water, let it cool, then bite down so it takes on the form of your jaw and teeth). This takes effort, it’s unpleasant, and it’s not always clear if you did it correctly. Well, with this product, you won’t have to worry about this headache.  

Zquiet’s mandibular advancement device is very flexible, allowing you to adjust the pieces as needed. Furthermore, you actually get two items for the price of one. One product lets you move your jaw by 2 millimeters, the other by 6 mm. 

Within our general review of snoring devices, this is another one that allows you to breathe through your mouth. But unlike the product on our number-one spot, you won’t really be able to use this one with dentures. 

It’s made from BPA-free materials, keeping you toxin-free. However, it doesn’t really have much of a lifespan since you have to replace it every six months. Still, it’s the best mouthpiece for snoring if you don’t want to mess with the boil-and-bite method, if you’re a mouth breather, or if you’re concerned about avoiding BPA chemicals.


  • No boil-and-bite hassle
  • Two devices of different sizes
  • Great for people who breathe through their mouths
  • No BPAs


  • Not very durable
  • Can’t use it with dentures

5. SnoreRx Review

SnoreRx review

Rating: 9.3

  • Type: MAD
  • Medical-grade materials
  • Mouth-breathing option
  • Price: $99

Next, we have another MAD on our list—an excellent product, with unique features. Just like any other MAD anti snoring mouthpiece, it pushes your jaw forward, opening up your airways. What makes this one extra customizable is that you use the boil-and-bite set-up to have it custom fit your jaw, but you can also adjust it by up to 6 mm.

Furthermore, this one’s a sturdy, high-quality product, made of high-level medical-grade materials, cleared by the FDA, long lasting, and durable. However, this durability can be lowered significantly if you grind your teeth during the night, but it’s still going to last for a solid amount of time.

On our list of the best devices to help you stop snoring, this is another one that sadly can’t be used with dentures. However, it does let you breathe through your mouth when you sleep. So if you have a stuffy nose, or if you just have a tendency to breathe through your mouth during the night, you can use this one without any worries. Our list has some of the best mouthpiece devices out there, and the SnoreRX solution is no exception.


  • A custom fit that allows finer adjustments
  • Medical-grade materials
  • Mouth-breathing option


  • Teeth grinding reduces lifespan
  • Can’t use with dentures

6. AirSnore Review (Drops)

airsnore review

Rating: 9.1

  • Type: Drops
  • Anti-congestion drops
  • For snoring caused by colds, the flu, or allergies
  • Price: $89

For another relatively special and different product, we’re reviewing AirSnore drops. While AirSnore already has an excellent anti snoring mouthpiece, we chose to review their drops. Namely, one of the more annoying and common causes of snoring is a simple cold. Since most snoring problems are centered on airway obstruction, clogged up sinuses and inflamed tonsils are a guarantee for snoring issues. 

These drops have five different natural oils that are there to make breathing easier. These decrease congestion, open up your respiratory tract, and have vasodilation properties, getting some extra oxygen to your lungs. 

If your core snoring issues are caused by chronic congestion, whether due to your susceptibility to the common cold or allergies, perhaps this is the best of all the best rated anti snoring devices for you. On the flip side, you won’t get much use from this product if your snoring is caused by other factors (which you can find discussed below). 


  • Great for snoring caused by colds, the flu, or allergies


  • Only for respiratory blockages

7. SnoreMeds Review


Rating: 8.9

  • Type: MAD
  • Customizable
  • Affordable
  • Comfortable
  • Price: $46


Next on our list of top rated anti snoring devices, we have a company that’s been around for roughly 10 years, and for good reason. It’s dedicated to quality work that’s simple but to the point. All these products are BPA-free, latex-free, and great for people who care about the environment or what chemicals they come into contact with. 

You can get amazing deals, and the products really get the job done. You set them up by using the standard boil-and-bite method and can in fact do it twice if you’re unsatisfied with the first attempt. You’ll notice that the materials used also make these pretty comfortable to wear.

However, we do need to point out that while this is the best device to stop snoring when it comes to the materials, and the trustworthiness of the company, it doesn’t last long. You will most likely need to replace it in roughly four months. Furthermore, people with dentures can’t use these products.

This issue is fixed by the amazing deals you can get through this company. For example, you can get two for less than 150% of the price of one, or you can get four for the price of two.


  • Customizable
  • Affordable
  • Comfortable
  • BPA-free
  • Great deals


  • Not particularly durable
  • Can’t use if you have dentures

8. Zyppah Anti Snoring Device Review

Zyppah review

Rating: 8.9

  • Type: MAD
  • Great for people who have issues with their tongue
  • Price: $99

The best way to describe the Zyppah mouthguard for snoring is “jack of all trades, master of none.” Well, almost. Everything it does, it does well. The materials are high quality, the product is very effective, and it has a nice price tag on it. 

However, there are two points where it does stand out that need to be addressed. Namely, since this is a mandibular advancement device, it works by pushing your jaw forward and opening up your breathing, which prevents you from snoring. Meanwhile, it also has a strap that goes over your tongue, keeping it in place. This means that if there’s still some influence coming from your tongue causing you to snore, this can mitigate that problem a bit. That’s its only flaw, as well, since some people report that this strap is a bit uncomfortable. 

Our eighth best rated anti snoring mouthpiece is still a fantastic product since it doesn’t really do anything poorly. The tongue issue can either be a pointless annoyance—or a very useful feature.


  • Great for people who have issues with their tongue


  • It’s slightly uncomfortable

9. aveoTSD Review

aveoTSD review

Rating: 8.8

  • Type: TRD
  • A comfortable TSD/TRD
  • Simple to clean
  • Price: $99

And last, but most certainly not least, we have our AVEOtsd anti snoring device review up and ready. A very good and effective anti-snoring device, this is a great product that’s easy to use right off the bat. First, it’s pretty easy to clean. Second, it’s simple to set up, and being a TSD, it won’t really cause any discomfort to your lower jaw. The materials it’s made of are also pretty soft, adding even more comfort.

This also stands out as one of the few tongue stabilizing device reviews on our list. Namely, unlike MADs, tongue stabilizing/retaining devices (TSDs/TRDs) hold and retain your tongue, not letting it fall back while you sleep, thus clearing out your breathing passageways.   

However, it is the only mouthpiece for snoring that requires a prescription if you’ll be using it in the US. While this uncommon feature might be annoying to some, overseas you won’t have to deal with this problem. Furthermore, there are certainly many snorers who actually have certain devices prescribed to them by their doctor anyway.


  • A comfortable TSD/TRD
  • Simple to clean
  • Easy fit


  • You need a prescription

How We Chose the Best Anti Snoring Device

Our Ranking Methodology

Well folks, that was our list of the best anti snoring products you can find. However, we aren’t done yet. In this section, we’ll go into detail on how we chose the products on our list. Furthermore, we believe that the buyer’s guide below can prove useful, further explaining some of our choices and helping you make a better, more educated decision.

Also note that, above all, finding the right snoring remedies is a very subjective experience, one that depends greatly on the issues you have and how you deal with them. Keep in mind that every snoring device review above has great products that come from great companies, and that certain positive traits haven’t been listed since all the products possess them anyway. 

Maintenance and Hassle

First thing’s first. This is our own way of saying, how much work do you need to invest to use this product on a regular basis? For example, do you need to use the bite-and-boil method to actually get the product to fit, or is it a kind of one-size-fits-all deal? 

You’ll notice that on our best snoring device reviews list, most products are of a different make and design. Some have crevices or added segments that make it much harder to thoroughly clean. Of course, there’s no maintenance work with nose drops, but our pillow-based product requires a solid amount of work to set up and get just right.


Comfort is of course very important when you have to fall asleep with a block of plastic in your mouth. So we’ve thought out, thoroughly, what it is that makes an anti snoring device comfortable. Things like the softness of the materials are pretty important (but this can influence durability).

You’ll notice that our best anti snoring device reviews include different types of products, and that some are more comfortable than others. The type of device greatly influences how comfortable it can be. MAD anti snoring products can make your jaw sore, while TRDs do the same to your tongue. The pillow-insert product we mentioned can also cause trouble if you find it too loud or obtrusive. 

Materials and Durability

As with any snoring devices review, the materials used for the creation of these devices matter a great deal as well. Some of them influence how soft and malleable they are (which also influences comfort). However, this same element also influences the durability of the product.

Furthermore, some of them use latex, some don’t. You need to always check with the manufacturer, in case you have any allergies to certain plastics. You’ll notice that our best rated stop-snoring devices don’t really use toxic and hazardous materials in their construction.

Extra Features

Another important factor is the presence of extra features. Since all of the products here are properly made, they do the job they’re supposed to, but they need something extra to stand out. Perhaps it’s the pure quality of workmanship, or perhaps it’s the presence, or lack thereof, of a mouth breathing option, while some are more customizable than others.

You will also notice that we sometimes mention the deals certain companies offer. While you will most likely find some great deals for all of these, we pointed out the deals that seemed especially attractive.

How to Choose the Best Anti Snoring Device for Yourself

Buyer’s Guide

The above products all come from excellent companies that provide you with fantastic devices. However, we understand that you might be interested in actually choosing these products based on specific personal needs. We’ve already mentioned the methodology we used to select them, but there are some other factors you need to keep in mind if you want to get the best results.

Why Do People Snore

First thing’s first—figuring out why people snore. By understanding why you snore, it becomes much easier to choose the device that most fits your needs and specifications. To help you find the best snoring devices, our review list above notes the leading products. However, this won’t matter much if you haven’t figured out why you’re actually snoring. 

Some causes of snoring might be lifestyle-related, while others might be tied directly to the anatomy of your mouth and nose. However, at their core, all of these causes lead to a restriction of airflow within your airways, or your snoring is caused by said airwaves drying out.

Sleep Apnea

Sleep apnea is one of the more common causes of snoring. It’s characterized by repeated stops and starts in your breathing. Continuous positive airway pressure machines (or CPAPs) are the best snoring devices for treating snoring induced by sleep apnea (as they treat the condition itself). 

 Note that there are three types:

  • Obstructive sleep apnea – This is the most common form, where the throat muscles relax too much, fall back, and block off your airways.
  • Central sleep apnea – This is caused by your brain failing to send signals to the muscles that control your breathing.
  • Treatment-emergent central sleep apnea – This is a combination of obstructive and central sleep apnea.

For many people, the answer to how to prevent snoring is treating their sleep apnea. The best device to stop snoring caused by sleep apnea is a CPAP machine, something you might have to get soon if your sleep apnea gets worse, especially if you wake up too many times per night. 

Alcohol Consumption

Having a drink or two before bed is an effective, though not particularly healthy, way to relax. The sedative and relaxing effect of a nice nightcap relaxes you completely, including your jaw and throat muscles. This then leads to these muscles collapsing slightly onto your airways when you go to bed, which restricts your airflow and causes snoring. The best snoring devices won’t really help you if you drink too much too often, or if you rely on alcohol to fall asleep.

Nasal Issues

Another common snoring factor is related to your sinuses. Namely, chronic nasal congestion and blockage can lead to snoring, as can a deviated nasal septum. This is also made much worse if you have any blockage caused by allergies, pollutants, a cold, etc. 


The best snoring mouthpiece devices won’t help if you smoke a pack a day. Smoking is directly related to the previous point, but it deserves special mention. It’s a very serious irritant that damages and messes with every part of your respiratory system. It leads to sinus infections, messes with your tonsils, and dries out your mouth and throat. 

Sleeping on Your Back

The main cause of snoring when you sleep on your back is actually gravity. Your airways get constricted further, something made worse if you’re obese, overweight, pregnant, or have any other common cause found on this list. The list of snoring mouthpiece reviews can help keep your airways open through a variety of means, but lifestyle changes can make their job much easier. 

Being Overweight

It’s not a myth that overweight people snore more. Namely, the neck and midriff fat are common causes of snoring. Neck fat compresses your upper airways, especially when you lie down. Midriff fat pushes your diaphragm up, while the fat on your chest compresses the ribcage, which together then shrink the volume of your lungs, thus leading to restricted airflow.

The best device for snoring and the highest-quality snoring mouthpiece won’t really help if you are significantly overweight in problematic areas. This is also the reason men snore more than women. Put simply, fat distribution varies between genders, where men tend to have fat localized on their chest, neck, and abdomen, and women usually have it peripherally, like on their hips and legs.

The Anatomy of Your Mouth

All our anti snoring device reviews center on products that compensate for irregular changes within your mouth. While some of these changes are due to lifestyle habits, such as a cold or simple old age, other times, they can also be caused by purely genetic factors. Namely, you might have a slightly large tongue, or a slightly weaker pallet. Sadly, sometimes you snore just because that’s how your mouth is built. 

Old Age

Old age can lead to the weakening of the palate and jaw muscles. This then leads to, you guessed it, the blocking of your airways. You also might have more of a tendency toward allergies or congestion. On our anti snoring devices review list, you can find products that deal with these issues anyway. 

Your Pillow

Keep in mind that sometimes snoring is actually caused by an uncomfortable pillow that keeps your neck at an odd angle. This angle can make your airways, your palate, and even your tongue collapse, putting some extra pressure on your respiratory tract and causing you to snore.

Types of Top Rated Snoring Devices

There are many devices to help you stop snoring on our list. However, you’ll make a better, more educated choice if you understand the different types of devices that are out there. They can all be a godsend to your problems, or you might find that the majority are pretty inefficient, depending on the problems you might have. 

There are multiple types, and they’re known to address different issues that cause snoring. The best snoring mouthpiece won’t do much if you’re completely congested, and nasal drops won’t help if you have a tongue too thick for your mouth. Oral devices for snoring are great if your jaw or pallet causes you trouble, but if you have sleep apnea, you need to buy a CPAP machine as soon as possible.


Also known as a mandibular advancement device, this is designed to open up air passageways by moving your mandible, i.e., your lower jaw. It moves your tongue and your jaw forward, preventing them from falling back into your throat area. This is the best snoring mouthpiece if your snoring is caused, you guessed it, by jaw problems. 


Similar to MAD snoring aids, tongue retaining devices also deal with the structure of your mouth. However, they don’t mess with your jaw. Rather, they move your tongue forward so that it doesn’t fall back. They do this by using a kind of gentle suction technique, without causing any problems to your jaw or teeth. 

TRDs are the best anti snoring mouthpieces for people who might have an enlarged tongue, just to give you one example.


Continuous positive airway pressure machines are primarily used to help people with sleep apnea. It blows air into your throat through a mask, increasing air pressure in your throat and keeping your throat airway from narrowing.

You might have noticed that there are no CPAP machines on our list of snoring devices and reviews. Namely, these are a bit outside the scope of our article and are predominantly used by people suffering from sleep apnea. 

Nasal Drops

Finally, we should mention nasal drops and sprays. We only have one nasal spray/drop product on our list of the best devices for snoring due to their limited use in this regard. While they can be extremely effective under the right circumstances, they’re of little use otherwise.

Namely, nasal drops and sprays are excellent when your snoring is caused by a blockage in your nose due to allergies, colds, and inflammation.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best anti snoring mouth device?

It depends on what’s causing your snoring, your throat or your nose. A mandibular advancement device (MAD) keeps your air passages open by pulling your lower jaw a bit forward. This then prevents it from falling back and obstructing your breathing. A TRD (tongue retaining device) does the same thing, except for your tongue.  

What is the best method to stop snoring?

There is no best method to stop snoring, since they all depend on what’s making you snore. If smoking is messing with your breathing, you need to stop smoking. Maybe you have a weight problem, and losing a couple of pounds is the best way to deal with this. Perhaps you have sleep apnea and need to get a machine that helps you with that.

Do mouthpieces really work to stop snoring?

According to a peer-reviewed article published in the Swedish Dental Journal, there is “definitely a place” for these devices when it comes to treating your snoring.

How do I stop snoring ASAP?

This depends greatly on the cause of your snoring. For example, if your weight is causing problems, it might take a while to lose that excess fat. So while there’s no instant way to stop snoring, the following are relatively quick ways to stop:

  • Stop drinking alcohol before bed
  • Change your sleeping position
  • Get some anti snoring devices that work
  • Stop smoking

Why do I snore so loudly?

The most likely reason is that your mouth and palate are shaped in such a way as to produce louder than average snores. 

Can pillows make you snore?

Yes. An uncomfortable pillow can make your neck sore and produce a restless, difficult night. For example, tilting your head forward makes snoring worse, since it causes your throat and mouth to relax. So perhaps your pillow is too hard, or too soft, or too big, or too small… The point is, the way it affects your head position is what matters. 

Do anti snore pillows really work?

Yes, they do. They realign the position of your neck and head, allowing your nasal passageways to open up. 

Do skinny people snore?

Yes, yes they do. While heavier people tend to snore more often, and have greater problems with snoring, skinny people tend to snore often as well. Although one of the main causes of snoring is being overweight, it isn’t the only reason. Things like sleep deprivation, your mouth’s anatomy, your sleep position, and other factors all lead to snoring.

Will I stop snoring if I lose weight?

If the main reason you snore is your weight, then yes, definitely. Just keep in mind that there might be some other causes, like smoking or, sadly, genetics. 

Do night guards help with snoring?

Nightguards indeed help with snoring. These can either help by keeping your tongue in place (tongue retaining devices) or by keeping your jaw forward (mandibular advancement devices). Note that the best device is essentially highly subjective to your needs and anatomy. 

When should I see a doctor about snoring?

You should talk to your doctor if a person you live with (or you yourself) notices that your snoring is much louder than usual, and that it’s marked by intervals of not breathing. If you snore so loudly that you wake yourself up, if your quality of sleep is falling, and if you have headaches in the morning, you might be suffering from sleep apnea. If this is the case, you’ll need to consult a doctor, and a CPAP machine might be the best anti snoring device for your needs.

To Sum Up

And there you have it folks, a guide to help you find the best Anti Snoring Device for your needs. Just remember – this is a very subjective issue. Reading our article will help you figure out why you’re snoring, and guide you towards what product works best for you.

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