by Dusan Goljic, Pharm.D.

The Best Garcinia Cambogia Supplements for 2020

Best Garcinia Cambogia

Losing a couple of pounds around the waistline can be a lifelong challenge, especially for those prone to weight gain. Have you tried the latest diet? Or perhaps there’s a new revolutionary weight-loss brand online? If you’re still picking a favorite, maybe you should try the best Garcinia cambogia instead.

There’s a lot of ambiguous talk about Garcinia products nowadays, and for a good reason: this plant has often been misused. Furthermore, some sources hail its effectiveness, while others argue that it has no effect whatsoever.

Here, we aim at debunking the myths and painting a clear picture of Garcinia-based products while discussing their proper use. Moreover, we’ve developed a specialized ranking methodology that served us in assessing the best products on the market.

Before concluding this article, we’ve provided you with a short buyer’s guide to follow as you choose the right product for yourself. Read on, and explore the topic of Garcinia cambogia with us.

The Top 10 Garcinia Cambogia Products

High-purity Garcinia extract
High potency
For weight loss and metabolic boost
FROM $29.95
Double effect on blood sugar mechanism
High quality
Long-lasting pack
FROM $19.95
Effective fat-burner
Fast appetite suppressant
Stimulates thermogenesis
FROM $49.95
Flexible dosing
Pure Garcinia cambogia
High quality
FROM $17.99
High potency
Supreme quality
Pure Garcinia cambogia
FROM $17.95
Best dose-titration options
Highest purity
Optimal for athletes
FROM $14.96
Best liquid Garcinia cambogia
Suitable for healthy drink mixes
Best for a metabolic boost
FROM $30.99
Flexible dosing
High-potency Garcinia extract
Premium quality
FROM $19.99
Supreme quality
Flexible dosing options
Long-lasting pack
FROM $27.98
Easy to use
Great taste
Highly effective
FROM $7.09

Garcinia Cambogia Reviews

1. VitaBalance’s Garcinia Cambogia Plus Review

VitaBalance review

Rating: 9.8

  • Type: Garcinia extract + minerals
  • Free shipping in the US
  • Save on bundle purchases
  • Price: $29.95

VitaBalance is famous for its high-quality products and indisputable devotion to customers. Unsurprisingly, the company has provided us with yet another high-class supplement for weight loss.

Garcinia Cambogia Plus is, without a doubt, one of the leading weight-management supplements on the market today. Each serving (2 veggie capsules) contains a high dose of 1,400 mg of pure plant extract. As the best Garcinia cambogia brand, VitaBalance reinforces its product with organic chromium, calcium, and potassium for maximum metabolic support.

It’s manufactured in FDA-approved facilities that comply with every quality standard in the industry. Moreover, VitaBalance transparently reveals evidence for in-process control and third-party quality testing for every product batch.

This product contains the best Garcinia cambogia extract, with 95% HCA in its content, and all that without any harmful chemicals or additives. It’s suitable both for those trying to lose belly fat and those who need a little metabolic tune-up—and it can be used by adults of all ages.

It’s the best Garcinia cambogia for weight loss because it facilitates energy expenditure, induces satiety faster, and alleviates mood, so there will be no stress from hunger.

What’s more, VitaBalance holds a high place in customer-valued services that guarantee quick product delivery, and it has often been favorably reviewed as the “Garcinia cambogia that really works.”


  • High-purity Garcinia extract
  • High potency
  • For weight loss and metabolic boost


  • Not for those suffering from chronic conditions

2. Parker Naturals’ All Natural Garcinia Cambogia with Apple Cider Vinegar Review

Parker naturals review

Rating: 9.7

  • Type: Garcinia cambogia + apple cider vinegar
  • Free shipping
  • 30-day money-back guarantee
  • Price: $19.95

Parker Naturals is a family company whose primary focus is on providing its customers with wholesome products and state-of-the-art wellness services. If you’re interested in Garcinia cambogia with apple cider vinegar, most reviews have generously rated this weight-loss product.

Experts have combined highly pure Garcinia extract (75%) with concentrated apple cider vinegar powder, prompting Garcinia’s weight-loss action. What’s more, these products contain no additives, fillers, or emulators, and the production standards satisfy all GMP criteria.

All Natural Garcinia Cambogia with Apple Cider Vinegar contains 90 servings per bottle, meaning that one package will last you for the whole treatment. 

In fact, this Garcinia cambogia energy-burning product offers a quick shift in sugar metabolism, suitable for all those in need of downsizing their sugar consumption.

Furthermore, by combining all-natural ingredients, Parker Naturals created one of the best Garcinia cambogia pills on the market that specifically decreases the storing of abdominal fat.


  • Double effect on blood sugar mechanism
  • High quality
  • Long-lasting pack


  • Quality control information not disclosed

3. Wolfson Berg’s Garcinia Cambogia Extra Review

Wolfson Berg Limited review

Rating: 9.6

  • Type: Garcinia cambogia + raspberry ketone
  • Free shipping 
  • 60-day money-back guarantee 
  • First-time-user discounts of 10%–20% 
  • Gratis: 5 Training & Nutrition Guides
  • Price: $49.95

When it comes to supplements, Wolfson Berg is a benchmark company. Its brands, such as PhenQ, CrazyBulk, Phen24, and Bauer, deserve a prominent spot on the pedestal of modern dietetics. This time, the company has created the best brand of Garcinia cambogia.

The product combines two natural components that act differently but complement each other in fighting weight gain. The Garcinia powder extract decreases appetite and elevates mood, while the raspberry ketone extract increases fat metabolism.

Each of the 60 capsules contains the recommended Garcinia cambogia dose of 500 mg, which is meant to be taken twice a day. This means that the whole pack will last you for an entire month. It’s the right choice for those who are physically active, as well as those who seek long-term quality supplementation.

Furthermore, the website has many enthusiastic reviews on Garcinia cambogia, and there’s an extensive consumer database. Last but not least, the company offers a great deal of buying perks and commercial commodities, as well as video-based fat burning programs with exercise and diet plans.


  • Effective fat burner
  • Fast appetite suppressant
  • Stimulates thermogenesis


  • Undisclosed HCA percentage

4. NatureWise’s Garcinia Cambogia Review

NatureWise review

Rating: 9.5

  • Type: Pure Garcinia cambogia 
  • Free shipping
  • Save with subscription 
  • Price: $17.99

NatureWise has a science-based approach to nutrition and maintains a sustainable production process. NatureWise’s experts created the best Garcinia cambogia in concurrence with the company’s wholesome health and wellbeing policy.

NatureWise’s Garcinia cambogia is a pure product, created with no additives or GMOs. Each of the 90 capsules contains 500 mg of high-quality extract, standardized to 60% HCA. Given the ideal Garcinia-dosing range, this product can be taken up to three times per day, thus providing optimal appetite control throughout the day.

The product is suitable for adults of all ages looking for weight loss or healthy weight management. Furthermore, because of its purity, the product is unlikely to produce any undesired side effects.

NatureWise’s Garcinia cambogia has often been favorably analyzed in top-rated Garcinia cambogia reviews, especially for its high-quality traits. Namely, NatureWise’s production takes place in FDA-approved facilities and holds the highest GMP standards.

Furthermore, NatureWise’s customer service is held in high regard by its large consumer base, and the company has often been rewarded for it.


  • Flexible dosing
  • Pure Garcinia cambogia
  • High quality


  • Third-party testing not disclosed

5. NutriRise’s 100% Pure Garcinia Cambogia Extract with HCA Review

NutriRise review

Rating: 9.3

  • Type: Pure Garcinia cambogia 
  • Free shipping 
  • Save with subscription
  • Price: $17.95

NutriRise promotes a healthy lifestyle by implementing its values of integrity and purity in its supplement manufacturing. According to prominent Garcinia cambogia weight loss reviews, this company’s products don’t lag behind in terms of nutrition.

NutriRise’s Garcinia cambogia is made of high-quality plant extracts standardized to 80% HCA. Each of the 60 capsules contains a strong 1500 mg dose of the extract, which includes 1200 mg of pure HCA. Furthermore, this product contains no GMOs, gluten, dairy, additives, or allergens, which makes it one of the purest on the market.

With two capsules a day, you can reach for the heavens in Garcinia effects. Besides its high potency, we ranked it as a top-rated Garcinia cambogia product because of its supreme quality. In other words, NutriRise is produced in FDA-approved and GMP-compliant facilities. Moreover, the product is doctor-formulated and clinically tested for effectiveness.

Finally, the company provides plenty of advice on nutrition and appropriate dieting guidelines.


  • High potency
  • Supreme quality
  • Pure Garcinia cambogia


  • Too potent to be used for metabolic adjustment

6. Bulk Supplements’ Garcinia Cambogia 60% HCA Review

Bulk Supplements Garcinia Cambogia review

Rating: 9.2

  • Type: Pure Garcinia cambogia powder
  • Free shipping
  • Save 5% with subscription
  • Price: $14.96

Bulk Supplements provides its customers with pure ingredients and other products in large quantities. Its weight-loss palette holds a high place among Garcinia cambogia powder reviews.

The products contain pure extract powder and come in varying quantities. In other words, you can buy a bag containing 100 g or a whole 1 kg depending on your needs.

The 100 g Garcinia cambogia, 60% HCA, comes in a sack that contains 200 servings. Each serving is ⅛ tsp, which accounts for 500 mg of pure extract, or 300 mg of HCA. By adjusting the serving quantity, you can up the dosage according to your needs.

This product is suitable for physically active people, as well as for those looking for a long-term solution that offers an excellent price/value ratio. Other reviews on Garcinia cambogia favorably designate powder products as the best option for healthy protein-shake mixtures and smoothies.

What’s more, the company offers useful advice on its nutrition blog and has an extensive community for customer support. Another useful feature is that you can actually request a certificate of analysis for your chosen product.


  • Best dose-titration options
  • Highest purity
  • Optimal for athletes


  • No serving spoon provided inside the powder package

7. Dynamic Health’s Garcinia Cambogia Juice Blend Review

Dynamic Health Review

Rating: 9.0

  • Type: Garcinia cambogia liquid extract
  • Free shipping
  • Save on bundle purchases 
  • Price: $30.99

Since 1994, Dynamic Health has provided its consumers with a spread of natural organic juices and liquid products. Its experts have also created the best Garcinia cambogia extract in liquid form.

Dynamic Health uses research-verified Garcinia juice and has added other useful natural extracts to create this unique weight-loss proprietary blend.

Each serving (1 oz) contains 1500 mg of Garcinia extract enriched with calcium, chromium, green coffee bean extract, raspberry ketones, green tea extract, and mango juice. The whole bottle provides 30 servings.

Needless to say, this product offers multiple health benefits that work beyond weight loss. This juice is suitable for all adults, regardless of their age and gender. It stimulates overall energy expenditure while reducing appetite at the same time.

According to most customer-based liquid Garcinia cambogia reviews, this product also helps maintain normal weight, and it can be diluted and used as a refreshing drink after a workout. Additionally, it can be used as a revitalizing tonic for those who have mineral deficiencies and malnutrition-related problems.


  • Best liquid Garcinia cambogia
  • Suitable for healthy drink mixes
  • Best for a metabolic boost


  • HCA content not disclosed on the label

8. ZenVita Formulas’ Garcinia Cambogia Review

ZenVita review

Rating: 8.9

  • Type: Garcinia cambogia + minerals
  • Free shipping
  • Save 10% on subscription 
  • Price: $19.99

ZenVita Formulas follows GMP guidelines through all production steps and offers a wide variety of pure ingredient-based products. Its best-rated Garcinia cambogia here is a benchmark of purity and potency among weight-loss supplements.

The company uses an organic extract of high purity, which contains 95% HCA. Each of the 120 capsules has 700 mg of this pure extract, fortified with an optimal mineral blend, which contains calcium, chromium, and potassium.

Its calculated composition assures flexible dosing. Thus the product can be used by those maintaining a healthy weight or by those trying to lose excessive weight over a short period.

ZenVita Formulas takes pride in being fully compliant in the quality assurance department, which is often underlined in the best Garcinia cambogia reviews. Its products contain no artificials, allergens, GMOs, nor other additives.

The company has a supportive community of consumers who provide advice for those ready to achieve the best results.


  • Flexible dosing
  • High-potency Garcinia extract
  • Premium quality


  • Not for those suffering from chronic inflammatory conditions

9. NutriGold’s Garcinia Cambogia Gold Review

NutriGold review

Rating: 8.8

  • Type: Garcinia cambogia + minerals
  • Free shipping 
  • Price: $27.98

NutriGold’s main values are transparency, sustainability, accountability, and quality. Its experts meet these self-imposed requirements in every step of production. As a result, the company can offer us one of the best Garcinia cambogia products on today’s market.

Garcinia Cambogia Gold is a widely certified product. It’s approved by the Vegan Association and is GMP and kosher certified. Furthermore, the product is based on organic ingredients and contains no additives or allergens.

Each of the 180 capsules contains calcium and potassium with 500 mg of Garcinia extract standardized to 60% HCA. It’s of medium potency so that it can provide flexible dosing and optimal daylong appetite control.

The folks at NutriGold pride themselves on their proprietary Garcinia extract, also called Super CitriMax®. This particular extract has been studied in preclinical and clinical studies and holds a leading place in official Garcinia cambogia extract reviews

Furthermore, the company’s website offers helpful advice on the topic of weight loss and muscle gain, and this product comes with an abundance of useful information on how to achieve optimal weight results.


  • Supreme quality
  • Flexible dosing options
  • Long-lasting pack


  • Low HCA content in the extract

10. Purely Inspired’s Garcinia Cambogia + Gummies Review

Purely Inspired review

Rating: 8.6

  • Type: Garcinia cambogia gummies
  • Free shipping 
  • 15% off with subscription
  • Price: $7.09

Purely Inspired is a company that provides various nutritional solutions, ranging from protein foods to healthy drink mixes. 

Its Garcinia cambogia is a unique product on the market. Each of the 50 delicious gummies offers 225 mg of a proprietary Garcinia blend, which is a powerful herbal combination. Namely, it consists of green coffee bean extract and Garcinia cambogia fruit extract. 

Together, these components significantly increase overall energy expenditure and sufficiently suppress appetite. However, caution is recommended for those who have an underlying heart condition because green coffee consumption has been associated with increased arrhythmia incidence.

Most Garcinia cambogia premium reviews compliment this product on its usability. In other words, gummies like these are accessible at any time and easy to use before a meal or on the go. This way, they provide appetite suppression and help protect the consumer from any stress-related overeating.

Furthermore, the company offers a variety of healthy recipes on its blog and provides you with nutritional guidance all along the way. 


  • Easy to use
  • Great taste
  • Highly effective


  • HCA content not disclosed on the label

How We Selected the Best Garcinia Cambogia Supplements

Our Ranking Methodology

Today’s market is overwhelmed with misinformation. Moreover, retail pharmacies and online commerce are overstocked with products with disputable claims and unverified quality. Unfortunately, this information craves a reader, and the stock needs debulking. Being an uninformed buyer is, without a doubt, a mistake.

When it comes to finding the best Garcinia cambogia, keep in mind that not every product meets the strict criteria needed for optimal effect. Furthermore, not every manufacturer complies with the stringent quality-assurance guidelines.

In order to save you time endlessly wasted on search engines, we’ve assessed the leading products by using a combined approach that covers all the essential aspects.

In our Garcinia cambogia reviews, we checked for the following:

The Quality of the Garcinia Extract

There are numerous extraction methods out there. However, not all of them are likely to distinctively divide a plant’s active components from those that are ineffective. Furthermore, some extraction processes leave chemical residues, which can be harmful if consumed.

The most reliable extraction process is via alcohol. The rind of the plant is mixed with alcohol (preferably methanol) and cleansed several times afterward. When the alcohol evaporates, the residue contains only pure Garcinia powder.

When it comes to Garcinia cambogia, the best product contains highly purified extract. Depending on the extract’s purification process, it can contain different amounts of HCA. 

HCA Content

Hydroxycitric acid is the main active ingredient in Garcinia, thus the purpose of extraction is to acquire the HCA in the highest possible amount. The quality of the extract is, among others, assessed depending on the percentage of HCA in it.

Garcinia products are required to have their HCA content displayed on the label. Without adequate HCA standardization, the product can be worthless.

Other Ingredients

The best Garcinia cambogia pill offers an optimal balance between Garcinia extract and other supporting substances.

For instance, crude extracts often have mineral salts in them, such as calcium and potassium. By pouring additional mineral ingredients into the mix, not only is the nutritional aspect of the product improved, but the extract itself is chemically more stable, thus more effective.

On the other hand, introducing a wide spread of ingredients could not only undermine the Garcinia’s therapeutic potential, but it could induce an adverse effect.

The best Garcinia cambogia brand for weight loss embodies a calculated balance between supporting and burdening chemicals.

Manufacturing Quality

You’ll find a quality reference in every review above. It’s because we hold quality products in high regard.

Every Garcinia product is produced, advertised, and sold as a dietary or herbal supplement, and as such, none of them are obligated by regulatory authorities to be produced under quality measures. In other words, supplement producers choose quality, but they are not FDA-required to implement it.

The best quality Garcinia cambogia supplement needs to have proof of its manufacturing. We seek GMP standards in production and adequate facility approval. Moreover, the best-rated products must have essential food quality standards, such as being kosher, organic, and GMO-free. Furthermore, any possibly harmful substances—like allergens and chemicals, even in trace amounts—must be properly declared.

Dosing Options

The pharmaceutical formulation of the product is very important. Depending on certain technological aspects, the usability of the product can vary significantly.

The best Garcinia cambogia on the market must have flexible dosing ranges, which are provided only with a careful formula.

For example, a liquid product is harder to accurately subdose because it contains only a recommended dosing cap. On the other hand, liquid products are much more digestible and prone to mixing with other liquids.

Solid dosage forms, such as capsules or tablets, provide accurate dosing. However, if their initial potency is already high, it will be hard for a user to dose down, if needed.


Weight-loss products are desirable, but they shouldn’t cost more than liposuction. In other words, the best-selling Garcinia cambogia is often not the best product. We assess the product’s intrinsic value and compare it against complex ingredient requirements to determine whether the final price is appropriate.

Customer Service

Websites are the modern retail-stores, and, as in every shop, retail services are essential. 

We grade every product based on a collection of customer-based criteria, such as the availability, politeness, and agility of the customer service. We also evaluate consumer reviews and see how much educational or community support each company provides.

How to Choose the Best Garcinia Cambogia Supplement

Buyer’s Guide

Weight-loss products have been around for decades, and never have they lost their appeal among advertising agencies nor the ideal-shape-seeking public.

However, the average dieter or slimming supplement consumer will tell you that the weight-loss industry is a tricky business that often fails to deliver on its promises. Is it due to a product’s effectiveness or merely the eating habits that seem so hard to shake off? Or is it about the exercise, which we constantly struggle to keep up with?

Either way, we believe that having the right information will not only help you choose the most effective Garcinia cambogia but also implement its use in your daily routine, thus prompting the ideal weight-loss effects.

What Is Garcinia Cambogia?

Garcinia cambogia, brindleberry, or Malabar tamarind is the pumpkin-like plant Garcinia gummi-gutta, indigenous to India and Southeast Asia. It’s pale yellow in color, and its rind is used for therapeutic and culinary purposes.

The term Garcinia cambogia was the operational scientific name for the plant. However, it is now mostly used to describe an extract of the plant that’s used in pharmaceutical preparations. 

The rind of the fruit contains hydroxycitric acid (HCA), which is the primary ingredient sought in extractions and the keystone of the plant’s weight-loss properties.

What Is HCA, and How Does It Affect the Body?

All of the best Garcinia cambogia brands declare their potency based on the HCA content. This organic compound has been defined as the main physiologically active chemical in the Garcinia plant.

Over the years, the pharmacological properties of HCA have been thoroughly assessed and quantified. Among other biochemical functions, HCA inhibits adenosine triphosphate citrate lyase, an enzyme that plays a vital role in the synthesis of fatty acids, triglycerides, and cholesterol. The weight-loss properties of Garcinia cambogia supplements rely on this particular activity.

The effects of HCA have been proven effective in short-term weight loss. However, some studies imply that HCA is only slightly effective and urge for research to be done on more extensive populations.

Additionally, Garcinia cambogia benefits other physiological processes that contribute to overall slimming effects, such as a slight increase in serotonin levels in the brain. This hormone is related to a sense of happiness and emotional wellbeing. Furthermore, it stimulates the secretion of leptin, a hormone associated with satiety, making the consumer more full after a light meal.

Is Garcinia Cambogia Safe?

Herbal supplements often carry the weight of potential toxicity. However, Garcinia extracts are generally regarded as safe when taken in moderate amounts for a reasonable period. In order to explain adequate dosing and to establish an appropriate usage timeline, we’ll need to reflect on the possible side effects.

When it comes to the known Garcinia cambogia side effects, reviews note that the main risk is liver damage. In other words, there have been reported cases of hepatotoxicity that dispute the safety of this plant.

A thorough investigation revealed that liver damage develops due to the simultaneous use of multicomponent weight-loss products that, among others, contain Garcinia extract. Authorities concluded that if used in responsible amounts for a period no longer than 12 weeks, Garcinia-only products can be considered safe.

The following cover other rare side effects:

  • Dizziness
  • Headache
  • Poor digestion
  • Diarrhea
  • Dry mouth

For those on a Garcinia cambogia diet, reviews also reveal that the plant’s extract interferes with blood sugar levels, as well as with other conditions and medications that are tightly connected to lipid metabolism.

Thus, caution is recommended for those who have any form of diabetes or are in therapy for chronic pain or psychiatric conditions.

Can You Take Garcinia Cambogia While Breastfeeding?

It’s not recommended to take Garcinia cambogia products while pregnant or breastfeeding, especially if you have a history of heavy medication use or liver damage.

Garcinia Cambogia Dosage

The appropriate dosing for herbal supplements is defined according to the doses proven safe in clinical settings.

Doses of extracts that appear to be safe and effective fall into the range of 1,500–4,667 mg/day. The equivalent dose of HCA in these extracts ranges from 900 to 2,800 mg/day or 15 to 47 mg/kg/day.

Other Ingredients

Losing weight is often a complex issue. In other words, in order to effectively fight extra weight, one must present a battle on several fronts. That’s why weight-loss products are often multicomponent.

High-quality Garcinia cambogia extracts are proven to be potent appetite suppressants and mood stabilizers. However, weight loss is often facilitated with other, differently acting compounds.

Thermogenics are those substances that increase energy expenditure by fueling metabolic activity in the liver and muscles. On the other hand, fat-burners are the chemicals that increase the resorption of fat tissue. Other ingredients, such as stimulants, increase the heart rate and make exercise more fluent.

Infusing a product with all of the physiologically active components seems like a good idea, but in reality, there is just so much our body can handle.

In order to combat extra weight in a healthy way, the best Garcinia cambogia must have a balanced composition. In other words, by selecting only the right complementary elements, supplement companies can create the most effective product.

Apple Cider Vinegar

This ingredient has been around for centuries. Apple cider vinegar is created by fermenting fresh apple juice. It’s used in many apple-growing cultures around the globe thanks to its therapeutic and culinary role.

There have been many studies on the use of this natural elixir for a variety of medical issues. Traditionally, apple cider vinegar is used as an antiseptic and for improving heart health.

However, the best brands of Garcinia cambogia utilize its repeatedly proven benefits for weight loss and blood sugar control. According to the evidence, apple vinegar increases insulin sensitivity in peripheral muscles and blood vessel cells. In other words, its use normalizes blood sugar levels.

Furthermore, when taken with a meal heavy in carbohydrates, apple cider vinegar regulates postprandial hyperglycemia. This means that it facilitates the expenditure of meal-acquired glucose and regulates fat-storing.

Garcinia products benefit from the addition of apple cider vinegar extract because its glucose-regulating properties complement Garcinia’s appetite suppression. 

By taking a combined product, the body doesn’t feel the stress of lower food intake, both mentally and physiologically.

Raspberry Ketones

The highest-rated Garcinia cambogia supplements often contain raspberry ketones. Now, the word raspberry may sound appealing, but these ketones are actually pure synthetic compounds.

Several studies show that these ingredients act as effective fat-burners when consumed within a neat, timely schedule. In addition to facilitating the breakdown of already stored fat, there is evidence that supports their thermogenic-like properties. 

Green Coffee

Green coffee is made out of unfermented coffee beans, and it has been proven to have stimulating properties. Namely, it contains chlorogenic acid, which is highly bioavailable in human tissues, and it aids fat metabolism while lowering blood glucose levels.

However, in relation to the combination of green coffee with Garcinia cambogia, reviews often accent caution. The combination can lead to overstimulation, which manifests as an increase in blood pressure and other heart-related problems.

How to Use Garcinia Products

Garcinia is an appetite suppressant, and as such, it’s used before meals, regardless of the other ingredients present in the overall composition.

Capsules and tablets are designed to be taken before eating, preferably several times a day, adjacent to your more voluminous meals. Liquid formulas, however, are mostly intended to be taken before breakfast.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which Garcinia cambogia is the best for weight loss?

The best products are those that have highly pure Garcinia extracts declared on their label. These extracts are standardized based on the content of hydroxycitric acid (HCA). The higher the HCA percentage, the greater the likelihood is for the product to work.

The most effective Garcinia products on the market are those that have between 70% and 95% HCA and are often infused with other weight-loss components, such as green coffee, apple cider vinegar, and minerals.

Do the Garcinia pills really work?

Garcinia cambogia is widely used as an appetite suppressant. There are several studies that confirm the effects of its main constituent, hydroxycitric acid (HCA), as a potent inhibitor of ATP citrate lyase, an enzyme that drives the synthesis of endogenous triglycerides and cholesterol.

According to the evidence, taking Garcinia supplements for a period of 12 weeks aids weight loss by diminishing hunger cravings and alleviating the stress that follows dieting.

Which is the best Garcinia cambogia extract production method?

The best extraction method for Garcinia plants so far is alcohol-based extraction. Currently, the preferred extractor is methanol. Methanol extracts of the plant’s rind are purified and dried. Dry extracts are then standardized to the appropriate amounts of HCA. The best extracts contain 70%–95% HCA in their content.

What’s the best way to take Garcinia cambogia?

Given that Garcinia cambogia products act as appetite suppressants, their ideal use is meal-adjacent. In other words, when taken 20 minutes before a larger meal, the Garcinia has the ability to lower cravings, which results in smaller meals. For the preferred metabolic effect, a longer period of supplementation is required.

Wrapping Up

Weight-loss products predominantly occupy the shelves of stores and retail pharmacies.

Among them, the most popular are Garcinia cambogia supplements, and for a good reason. They work.

The main active principle of Garcinia is HCA, which has the science-backed ability to inhibit feelings of hunger all while stimulating psychologically induced cravings. Together, with appropriate meal control, Garcinia is considered a safe and effective weight-loss aid.

Choosing the right Garcinia cambogia product isn’t exactly a walk in the park—it needs thorough consideration based on various quality traits. Our reviews are professionally assessed to aid you in choosing the most appropriate one.

Whether you’re looking to cut a few inches from your waistline or improve your workout’s effects, the best Garcinia cambogia just might do the trick.

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