Best Ashwagandha Supplement for 2021 (Reviews & Buyer’s Guide)

Best Ashwagandha Supplements

There’s a high likelihood you’re here for the best ashwagandha supplement, and you want the details now. If so, buckle up as we have compiled a list of the top herbal supplements with ashwagandha.

In the following sections, we will feature the top ashwagandha offers for 2021 and a detailed buyer’s guide. The latter elaborates on the main features and benefits of ashwagandha, as well as points out the potential drawbacks. Most importantly, we have included a comprehensive review of each of the top-10 supplements to help you decide which product is the right one for you.

10 Best Ashwagandha Supplements to Try Out in 2021

Key Features
Expert Review
  • Best vegan formula
  • Herb traceability
  • Purity-tested
  • High potency
FROM: $ 24.99
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Expert Review
  • Best for thyroid support
  • Added black pepper
  • Non-GMO
  • Promotes mood regulation
FROM: $ 35.00
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Expert Review
  • Best for high energy levels
  • Blend of many beneficial ingredients
  • Fatigue reducing
  • Pesticide-free
FROM: $ 26.00
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Expert Review
  • Best for managing stress-related weight gain
  • No artificial colors or additives
  • Best ashwagandha for anxiety with added adaptogens
  • Works fast
FROM: $ 49.00
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Expert Review
  • Best ashwagandha powder
  • Can be mixed with any liquid
  • Can be enjoyed at any time
  • 3rd party lab-tested for purity
FROM: $ 30.00
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Expert Review
  • Best ashwagandha KSM-66
  • Added flaxseed oil for hormone health
  • 300 mg KSM-66 ashwagandha extract
  • Added milk thistle and turmeric root for liver health
FROM: $ 21.99
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Expert Review
  • Best mentally restorative formula
  • 1,950mg organic ashwagandha root
  • Black pepper extract for better absorption
  • Multiple bundle deals
FROM: $ 19.95
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Expert Review
  • Customers’ favorite
  • Added black pepper extract
  • Over 3,000 positive customer reviews
  • Pure and potent formula
FROM: $ 20.95
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Expert Review
  • Best for calmness
  • Made with safe ingredients
  • Highest-rated ashwagandha supplement backed by biodynamic agriculture
  • Multiple size options
FROM: $ 16.99
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Expert Review
  • Best for multiple size options
  • Pure formula
  • Super concentrated extract
  • Gluten-free
FROM: $ 19.95
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Our Top Ashwagandha Supplement Reviews

Gaia Herbs Ashwagandha Root Review

  • Editor’s Choice: Best vegan formula
  • Type: Capsules
  • Available in: 60 and 120 capsules
  • Amount per Serving: 350 mg of organic ashwagandha root and ashwagandha root extract
  • Shipping policy: Free on orders over $49.00
  • Price: From $24.99

Ashwagandha Root Capsules from the best ashwagandha brand, Gaia Herbs, are vegan, dairy-, gluten-, and soy-free. This product has also passed the purity test. In other words, it has been screened for pesticides, heavy metals, and microbes to ensure you get the cleanest herbal supplement possible.

In addition to its exceptional purity, Gaia Herbs delivers the concentrated plant extracts via its patented Phyto-Caps system. As a result, you get a potent supplement worth every penny.

What’s more,  each bottle provides 60 or 120 vegan capsules, which equates to a 1-month and 2-month supply, respectively. Moreover, each capsule contains 2,700 mg of dry herb equivalent — the best ashwagandha dosage for adults.

The Gaia Herbs Ashwagandha Root herbal supplement is produced in the US with global ingredients. If curious about the test results for purity, you can access the corresponding data on the Gaia Herbs website. Overall, we love how transparent Gaia Herbs is with its customers. It shows that the company is reliable and confident in its products. On top of that, this ashwagandha provider, deemed the best brand by many, offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

  • Vegan
  • Free of gluten, dairy, soy, tree nuts, yeast
  • Purity-tested
  • Potent formula
  • Noticeable results might take some time to manifest themselves

Nuzena Organic Ashwagandha + Review

  • Editor’s Choice: Best for thyroid support
  • Type: Capsules
  • Available in: 60 veggie capsules
  • Amount per Serving: 1,300 mg of organic ashwagandha
  • Shipping policy: Free on orders over $50.00
  • Price: $35.00

We found the purity of Nuzena’s Ashwagandha to be impressive. In fact, the supplement has been 3rd party verified for quality, safety, and efficacy.  We also appreciate that Nuzena’s ashwagandha supplement is made in an FDA-registered, GMP-compliant facility in the US.

According to ashwagandha root reviews, this is one of the best supplements on the market for reducing stress-related anxiety and supporting thyroid health. As for the dosage, the manufacturer states that you should take one capsule twice a day. For the best results, Nuzena suggests that you take the supplement continuously for 90 days. 

Another reason we fancied Nuzena is that the brand is very customer-oriented. Following this, the company provides extensive scientific evidence about ashwagandha and its benefits. 

One more feature worth mentioning is Nuzena’s Personal Health Professional. In a nutshell, you can take a 3-minute survey that will then get reviewed by the company’s health professional. After that, you will receive a personal profile and nutrient recommendation. Best of all, you will also bag a generous discount — $10 off your first order.

Another bonus is the usage of sustainably sourced ingredients. Finally, with each purchase, Nuzena, the best brand of ashwagandha in the books of many, provides you with a 30-day money-back guarantee.

  • Contains black pepper for better absorption
  • Pure formula
  • Helps regulate thyroid issues
  • Ashwagandha is not the only ingredient

HUM Über Energy Review

  • Editor’s Choice: Best ashwagandha capsules for high energy levels
  • Type: Capsules
  • Available in: 60 vegetarian capsules
  • Amount per Serving: 150 mg of ashwagandha root extract
  • Shipping Policy: Free shipping on orders over $50.00
  • Price: From $26.00

We cannot agree more with Hum — beauty does start from the inside. Hum’s Über Energy is a dietary supplement with adaptogens, L-Tyrosine, as well as vitamins B5 and B6. All of these are bound to enhance your inner beauty. 

So, who is this product for? According to the ashwagandha herbal supplement claims, Über Energy helps balance stress hormones while reducing fatigue and increasing productivity. What’s more, you get 60 vegetarian capsules in each bottle that will last you 30 days.

On the downside, this supplement does not feature ashwagandha as its main ingredient. Instead, it is a part of the adrenal support blend. 

According to the supplement facts, a serving of 2 capsules contains 630 mg of the adrenal support blend. The blend features licorice, rhodiola rosea, ginger, eleuthero, and astragalus root extracts. It also includes schizandra berry, gotu kola leaf, and 150 mg of ashwagandha root extract.

On top of that, our top-choice among best ashwagandha products contains 60 mg of vitamin C and 25 mg of vitamin B6. You will also get 100 mg of pantothenic acid, 500 mg of L-Tyrosine, and a decent 50 mg of choline. 

While some customers may not like the added ingredients, we firmly believe that they make up for an excellent supplement to increase energy levels and reduce anxiety and tension. Another perk is that this high-quality ashwagandha supplement is pure — it is free of GMOs, gluten, artificial colors, and preservatives. Eco-conscious customers will also like that the ingredients are sourced sustainably.

All in all, if you want to find an alternative to the best energy drinks, give the HUM supplement a try.

  • Blend of beneficial ingredients for overall well-being
  • Reduces fatigue
  • Pure formula
  • Ashwagandha root extract is not the main ingredient

Moon Juice SuperYou Review

  • Editor’s Choice: Best quality ashwagandha for managing stress-related weight gain
  • Type: Capsules
  • Available in: 60 capsules
  • Amount Per Serving: 250 mg of ashwagandha leaf and root extract
  • Shipping policy: Free shipping on orders over $50.00, free for US subscribers
  • Price: From $49.00

Suppose you struggle with binge eating and you are looking for the best solution for stress-related weight gain. In that case, you should check out Moon Juice’s SuperYou — a quality ashwagandha for anxiety. According to the product claims, SuperYou reduces stress symptoms and effects while improving mood, focus, and energy levels.

Each bottle offers 30 servings, two capsules each. Looking into the supplement facts, we noted other beneficial adaptogens, such as shatavari, amla, rhodiola, and of course, ashwagandha. Although ashwagandha is not the main ingredient, you get a decent 250 mg of it per serving.

Another perk of these best ashwagandha pills is that they do not contain any endocrine disruptors and flow agents. In other words, the supplement is free of elements that can inhibit absorption and negatively affect the microbiome. What’s more, the supplement is free of fillers and fluff. Moreover, the Moon Juice SuperYou supplement is sustainably sourced, vegan-friendly, and non-GMO

Finally, we browsed through multiple ashwagandha supplement reviews and tested SuperYou ourselves. To our delight, after a couple of weeks, we felt more at ease, especially at work! We can also confirm that this supplement helps curb appetite — akin to the best appetite suppressants.

  • No fillers and fluff
  • Added adaptogens help with hormone support and maintain collagen
  • Many positive customer reviews claiming it works fast
  • The main ingredient is not ashwagandha

Four Sigmatic Adaptogen Blend Review

  • Editor’s Choice: Best ashwagandha powder
  • Type: Powder
  • Available in: 2.12 oz
  • Amount per Serving: 175 mg of ashwagandha root extract
  • Shipping Policy: Free shipping for subscribers
  • Price: From $30.00

No matter what beverage you fancy, the Adaptogen Blend by Four Sigmatic will be the ideal addition to any of your favorite drinks. This USDA-certified organic ashwagandha powder offers 30 servings of caffeine- and sugar-free blend. 

With just one scoop (2g), you get many beneficial herb extracts, including organic reishi, chaga, moringa, eleuthero, and of course, ashwagandha. Since the Blend is caffeine-free, you can enjoy it any time of the day without jitters.

We also love that the Four Sigmatic Adaptogen Blend is 3rd party lab-tested. By having the supplement tested,  the company ensures that its customers receive the purest formula. What’s more, this pure ashwagandha powder is Whole30 approved. Conscious consumers will be glad to find out that the can design is also sustainable.

To our delight, many athletes and best-selling authors have reviewed Adaptogen Blend. According to Rich Roll, a triathlete and an author, this dietary supplement has been a critical part of his success.

Check out the user reviews for yourself. You will see many satisfied customers who claim this Blend is excellent for combating stress, fatigue, and depression, as well as increasing alertness and energy. In case you are not satisfied with your top ashwagandha supplement, you can return it and get a full refund.

  • Easy to mix with different liquids
  • Can be taken at any time
  • Third-party lab tested for purity
  • Some customers find the taste a bit overpowering

Irwin Naturals Extra Strength Ashwagandha Review

  • Editor’s Choice: Best ashwagandha KSM-66
  • Type: Liquid soft gels
  • Available in: 60 soft gels
  • Amount per Serving: 300 mg of KSM-66 ashwagandha extract
  • Shipping policy: Free on orders over $49.00
  • Price: From $21.99

If you are looking for pure ashwagandha with increased potency, then the Extra Strength Ashwagandha for Mind and Body by Irwin Naturals is what you need. Its powerful formula is a blend of KSM-66 ashwagandha, bacopa, cordyceps, ginseng, milk thistle, and turmeric. It also includes a couple more amazing adaptogens for hormone and thyroid support, hunger control, and mood regulation.

According to the product claims, KSM-66 ashwagandha extract can promote focus, mental clarity, and overall alertness while also supporting optimal physical health. Additionally, milk thistle and turmeric root are great for supporting liver health.

Now, the top-rated ashwagandha product offers 30 servings per container. As for the dosage, you should take two soft gels twice a day. Since the supplement contains gelatin and beeswax, it is not suitable for our vegan readers. What’s more, those with a soy allergy should look elsewhere. On the bright side, there are no preservatives.

Potential customers get free shipping on orders over $49.00 and a 60-day money-back guarantee. Overall, this is a decent offer — the ashwagandha potency is almost unbeatable for such an affordable product.

  • Added flaxseed oil helps regulate hormones and boost fertility
  • Potent formula
  • Budget-friendly
  • Lack of customer testimonials

Essential Elements Organic Ashwagandha Review

  • Editor’s Choice: Best ashwagandha supplement with a mentally restorative formula
  • Type: Capsules
  • Available in: 90 capsules
  • Amount per Serving: 1,950 mg of organic ashwagandha root
  • Shipping policy: Free shipping
  • Price: From $19.95

This supplement for cognitive and mood support is one of the most potent products we have found. Each serving of this high-quality ashwagandha will provide you with a whopping 1,950 mg of its organic root. 

Each serving also offers 15 mg of organic black pepper extract for an extra health kick and better absorption. What’s more, the supplement is free of soy, dairy, gluten, preservatives, and GMOs. It is also suitable for vegans. 

According to user reviews, this supplement works wonders regulating mood, reducing stress, and supporting emotional and cognitive health. It is also an excellent ashwagandha for bodybuilding and burning fat. Speaking of burning fat, you might want to visit our detailed review of the best fat burners for men

There is not much information about the product on the official website. Potential customers can either go for a one-time purchase or subscribe and get up to 22% off. Also, customers get a 365-day money-back guarantee. 

By and large, it is a high-quality product at a reasonable price.

  • Powerful formula
  • Increased absorption due to the black pepper extract
  • Improves concentration
  • User-reported sensitivity to the ingredients

Physician’s Choice Organic Ashwagandha Review

  • Editor’s Choice: Customers’ favorite best ashwagandha product
  • Type: Veggie capsules
  • Available in: 90 capsules
  • Amount per serving: 1,950 mg of organic ashwagandha root
  • Shipping policy: Free standard shipping
  • Price: From $20.95

The Physician’s Choice Organic Ashwagandha is a powerful formula offering 1,950 mg of organic ashwagandha root extract along with organic black pepper extract. As we mentioned before, the latter is capable of boosting the absorption.

According to the product claims, these best ashwagandha capsules reduce stress and irritability. They also relieve anxiety, enhance cognitive function, and help with thyroid and adrenal regulation. Backed by over 3,000 positive customer reviews, this is a worthwhile, vegan-friendly ashwagandha supplement worth your attention and money.

We love that Physician’s Choice formulated this supplement with 100% USDA-certified organic ashwagandha. Not only is it non-GMO, but it is also free of allergens such as dairy, gluten, eggs, wheat, nuts, and shellfish. According to the manufacturer, all of its products are ethically sourced, pure, and free of contaminants.

Standard shipping is free, and you also get a 60-day money-back guarantee if the product does not work for you. Based on the ashwagandha capsules and their reviews, returns are completely free and simple to request.

  • Potent supplement with black pepper extract
  • Over 3,000 positive customer reviews
  • Pure formula
  • Might be too potent for those with heart issues

Avena Botanicals Ashwagandha Tincture Review

  • Editor’s Choice: Best ashwagandha tincture for calmness
  • Type: Tincture
  • Available in: 1, 2, 4, 8, 16, 32, 64, 128 oz
  • Amount per serving: N/A
  • Shipping policy: Free US shipping for orders over $85.00
  • Price: From $16.99

We believe Avena Botanicals creates the best ashwagandha supplement for calmness. Its formula features certified biodynamic and organic dried root extract, certified organic pure grain alcohol, and spring water.

You can purchase the supplement in a standard 1 oz bottle with a dropper that lets you control the amount of ashwagandha. What’s more, this tincture is available in refills up to 128 oz.

According to the best ashwagandha tincture claims, the product is a useful dietary supplement for relaxing the nervous system and calming the mind. The ingredients in this product are 100% US-grown and, as mentioned, certified organic.

We were also glad to find out that Avena Botanicals practices biodynamic agriculture — an ecological, ethical, and holistic approach to farming and gardening.

Overall, the best ashwagandha root extract supplement reviews are stellar. The only thing customers seem to complain about is that large-sized bottles don’t come with a dropper. On the bright side, customers claim the tincture does its job of keeping anxiety at bay while improving the overall mood.

  • Clean ingredients
  • Effectively relaxes the nervous system
  • Multiple size options
  • Lack of information on the official website

Hawaii Pharm Ashwagandha Liquid Extract Review

  • Editor’s Choice: Best ashwagandha extract with multiple size options
  • Type: Tincture
  • Available in: 2 oz–2 gal
  • Amount per serving: 970 mg of ashwagandha root extract
  • Shipping policy: Free US shipping on orders over $50.00
  • Price: From $19.95

Hawaii Pharm’s best quality Ashwagandha Tincture is available in multiple sizes from 2 oz (its smallest bottle) to 2 gals. Each serving of 1 ml offers 970 mg of ashwagandha root extract. We also appreciate that Hawaii Pharm provided recommended dose and dosage for its tincture.

The product’s main ingredient is certified organic ashwagandha dried root with added vegetable palm glycerin, pharmacy grade alcohol, and artesian purified water. Most importantly, the product does not contain any GMOs, artificial colors, preservatives, heavy metals, and synthetic fertilizers. The supplement is also gluten-free.

Overall, customers claim that this ashwagandha is of the best quality. Multiple size options are another perk of purchasing from Hawaii Pharm. Although the manufacturer offers a return-policy for smaller bottles, one cannot return 15×4 oz, 32 oz, 2×32 oz, 64 oz, and 2 gal options.

Besides top-quality tinctures, Hawaii Pharm creates countless alcohol-based herbal extracts, alcohol-free herbal extracts, and herbal extracts for pets.

  • No pesticides, GMOs, artificial colors & flavors, heavy metals, and pesticides
  • Super concentrated extract (dried material/solvents ratio at 1:3)
  • Gluten-free
  • Limited return policy
  • 32 oz jars might contain some plant material

How to Find the Best Ashwagandha Supplement in 2021

After reading our reviews, you must have realized how fast the supplement market is coming up with new and more advanced formulas. Now, how about expanding our knowledge for more informed decision-making?

Read on to discover the best type of ashwagandha and learn so much more!

What Is Ashwagandha?

In a nutshell, ashwagandha (also known as Withania somnifera) is a plant native to India used in Ayurvedic medicine (or Ayurveda) for possibly thousands of years. 

The plant helps alleviate fatigue, stress, lack of energy, as well as tackle focus issues. It is also a herb used to rejuvenate the body and increase energy levels. Nowadays, you can find it in various dietary supplements, including blends of ashwagandha and vitamins.

“Winter cherry” is a common name for ashwagandha in English. Besides “winter cherry,” ashwagandha is also referred to as “Indian ginseng” due to their similarities. Although contemporary herbal medicine still uses ashwagandha root powder, many supplements on the market switched to a more concentrated form instead. 

Both ashwagandha and ginseng are adaptogens. To put it simply, they support mental and physical health by enhancing the overall resilience to anxiety and stress. What’s more, adaptogens can help with many health problems, such as chronic pain, insomnia, digestive issues, and many more. 

Benefits of the Best Ashwagandha Supplement

Nowadays, ashwagandha is mostly used as a natural remedy to combat stress. However, there are many other benefits of taking ashwagandha in a supplement form. Some of these science-supported benefits include:

  • Lowering blood sugar levels 
  • Keeping cortisol levels down
  • Alleviating anxiety and stress 
  • Relieving symptoms of depression
  • Boosting testosterone and fertility in men
  • Building up strength and muscle mass in men
  • Reducing inflammation
  • Decreasing triglycerides and cholesterol levels
  • Improving brain function and memory
  • Displaying potential anti-cancer properties 
  • Delaying the aging

Negative Effects of the Ashwagandha Herbal Supplement 

Overall, ashwagandha is safe when taken orally for a maximum of three months. The long term safety of the supplement is unknown. Note that large doses of an ashwagandha supplement may cause diarrhea, vomiting, and digestive issues.

Pregnant and breastfeeding women should not take an ashwagandha supplement. Some evidence suggests that even the best ashwagandha products may cause miscarriages. Even though there is no substantial evidence, we strongly recommend avoiding the supplement to stay safe.

What’s more, some medications may interact with ashwagandha, so you should always consult a doctor before adding the supplement to your regimen. For instance, ashwagandha interacts with immunosuppressants (cyclosporine and azathioprine) and sedatives (clonazepam and diazepam).

By and large, we highly recommend checking in with a healthcare professional to determine if an ashwagandha supplement is the right choice for you.

Ashwagandha Dosage

Now, let’s take a look at the medically approved guidelines for the ashwagandha powder dosage, as well as look into the dosage for other forms of the supplement.

Typically, the recommended dosage for these supplements is between 300–500 mg a day. Individuals who take an ashwagandha root extract supplement for stress should aim for 500–600 mg per day for at least a month.

Again, we urge you to consult with a healthcare professional to determine the best dose and dosage for you.

Other Factors for Selecting the Best Form of Ashwagandha

There are a few more factors to consider when shopping for the perfect ashwagandha supplement. 

Type of the Ashwagandha Supplement

For starters, you need to choose the supplement’s type — tablets, capsules, tinctures, raw powder, and different beverages or infused foods.

Since the ancient herb has a distinctly earthy, bitter taste and a relatively strong scent, it can be difficult to disguise it by mixing it with, for instance, milk. Hence, many consumers prefer pills, as those are a quick and convenient way to get in your daily recommended dose of ashwagandha without dealing with the unpleasant taste or smell.

Overall, we recommend checking the supplement facts on the best ashwagandha supplements to see whether the herb’s amount per serving is listed.

Organic Certification

Another thing to take into consideration is the organic certification. Plants that are organically grown are deemed healthier and safer because they are toxic residue-free. That means that they do not contain synthetic fertilizers, pesticides, preservatives, artificial additives, and GMOs. 

Furthermore, organic farming methods are typically much better for the environment.

Hence, we strongly recommend looking for USDA-certified organic products. Naturally, the ashwagandha that is organic will be of the highest quality, making it worth every penny.

Whole Herbs vs. Standardized Extracts

Another thing to remember is the difference between whole herbs and standardized extracts. Countless products use whole herb preparation. It features the entirety of ashwagandha with unknown concentrations of all of its bioactive components. Typically, meds that use whole herbs are lower in potency and require higher doses for noticeable results. Furthermore, these are not the most effective ashwagandha supplements, and they also have a limited shelf life.

On the other hand, standardized herbal extracts are more potent, and they will keep their potency for years to come. However, not all ashwagandha herbal extracts are standardized. To choose the best product, we recommend looking for branded ashwagandha extracts such as Sensoril and KSM-66. These are standardized, full-spectrum, highly potent, and certified organic.

Wrapping Up

Hopefully, you enjoyed reading our detailed ashwagandha review. We also included a helpful buyer’s guide. It elaborates on why this ancient Indian herb is regarded highly in holistic medicine. In addition to taking an ashwagandha dietary supplement, make sure to exercise regularly, eat balanced meals, get enough sleep, and take the best multivitamins there are.


Does ashwagandha really help?

Yes, it does! The health benefits of ashwagandha have been documented for thousands of years. Nowadays, it is most commonly used for stress management and mood regulation. One could also take it to cope with depression, lower blood sugar, relieve insomnia, and address many other health concerns.

What is the most effective way to take ashwagandha?

As mentioned before, there are different types of ashwagandha supplements one could choose from — powder, capsules, soft gels, tablets, and tinctures. You could also look up ashwagandha-infused foods and beverages.

As for which form is the most effective, the answer depends on the recommended dose, as well as personal preferences. We suggest that you consult a healthcare professional to pick a form of the supplement and its dosage so that you can reap the most effects.

Is it good to take ashwagandha daily?

Unfortunately, there is not enough evidence backing the safety of long-term use. That said, most sources claim that taking the supplement for up to three months is safe.

What is the best brand of ashwagandha?

We believe the brands that deserve your attention are Gaia Herbs, Nuzena, HUM, Moon Juice, Four Sigmatic, Irwin Naturals, Essential Elements, and Physician’s Choice, among others. If you are interested in individual reviews of these brands, make sure to check out our detailed reviews of the best ashwagandha supplement offers.