Best Snack Subscription Boxes in 2022 (Reviews & Buyer’s Guide)

Best Snack Subscription Boxes

There’s nothing better than receiving a box full of snacks that come in various shapes and flavors, from classic potato chips to vegan white chocolate. 

The best snack subscription boxes are there for you to taste unique snacks from all over the world. You could also go beyond that and send the box as a gift to someone you care about. 

We know that there are so many options out there, which is why we decided to hop in and help you out. Here are our top-10 picks!

Best Snack Subscription Boxes

Key Features
Expert Review
  • Best overall snack food subscription box
  • Variety of flavors
  • One unique snack in every box
  • Guidebooks and games
  • Food from all around the world
FROM: $ 14.67
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Expert Review
  • Best healthy snack subscription box
  • High-quality ingredients
  • Vegan and GMO-free
  • Classic, vegan, gluten-free, and diet boxes
  • Three subscription plans
FROM: $ 19.99
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Expert Review
  • Best snack boxes with a hint of nostalgia
  • Healthy and classic snack boxes
  • Great number of snacks in each box
  • 500 different snacks overall
  • Affordable
FROM: $ 29.99
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Expert Review
  • Best customizable snack subscription box
  • Snacks from all over the world
  • Travel guides in each box
  • Multiple subscription plans
  • Fast delivery
FROM: $ 9.95
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Expert Review
  • Best cheap snack boxes
  • Organic and gluten-free snacks
  • Rewards points
  • Three subscription plans
  • Food donation for every purchased box
FROM: $ 8.50
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Expert Review
  • Best international food subscription box
  • Snacks from six continents
  • Different box each month
  • Two subscription plans
  • Two types of boxes to choose from
FROM: $ 14.95
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Expert Review
  • Best vegan snack subscription box
  • 100% vegan
  • GMO-free products
  • Different box every month
  • Ten snacks in each box
FROM: $ 24.95
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Expert Review
  • Best low-carb snack subscription box
  • Two monthly gift subscriptions
  • Informational pamphlets in each box
  • Gluten-, aspartame-, and maltitol-free snacks
  • 5g of net carbs per serving or less
FROM: $ 39.99
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Expert Review
  • Best subscription boxes of Japanese snacks
  • Authentic Japanese snacks
  • DIY candy kits
  • Unique beverage flavors
  • Big online community
FROM: $ 22.50
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Expert Review
  • Best organic snack subscription box
  • Four monthly plans
  • Organic, vegan, and GMO-free snacks
  • Fit life guide
  • High in protein and low in sugar
FROM: $ 25.90
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Reviews of Every Top Snack Subscription Box

Universal Yums Snack Subscription Box

  • Price: $14.67–$37.58
  • Number of Snacks: 6–20
  • Discounts: Subscribe to save 20% off the 1-month box price
  • Shipping Policy: Free US shipping; international shipping to Canada, Australia, UK, and Israel (minimum fee $2.00, maximum fee $23.00)
  • Refund Policy: Refunds are issued on rare occasions

When you have a craving for unique and even a bit weird snacks, who are you going to call? Universal Yums! Universal Yums offers one of the best snack subscription boxes from around the world that will satisfy even the most demanding food critics. 

Each box contains various snacks from different countries, letting you try some unique flavors—from savory and sweet to slightly weird. If you never tried bacon and lime chips, a glazed apricot sponge cake, or chocolate-dipped oat cookies, you don’t have to sign for a cooking class. Just pick one of the subscription plans and treat your taste buds to mouthwatering snacks. 

Following this, you can purchase one of the following subscription snack boxes:

  • Yum Box$13.75 per month (prepaid for one year) or $15.00 month to month; includes six snacks and a 12-page guidebook that contains trivia, various games, and recipes
  • Yum Yum Box$22.92 per month (prepaid for one year) or $25.00 month to month; features 12 unique snacks and a 16-page guidebook that contains trivia, recipes, and games
  • Super Yum Box$35.75 per month (prepaid for one year) or $39.00 month to month; contains 20 unique snacks and a 16-page guidebook with recipes, trivia, and games

Each snack delivery box includes various savory and sweet snacks with unique spices and flavors, no matter the country. Keep in mind that you can’t pick a country you’d like. The company selects a different country each month. In other words, you won’t know what you get until you open the box. Our team truly believes there is nothing more exciting than a mystery box full of magical flavors.

  • Variety of flavors
  • Free shipping
  • The most popular subscription snack boxes
  • Returns aren’t accepted

UrthBox Snack Subscription Box

  • Price: $19.99–$49.99
  • Number of Snacks: 7–27
  • Discounts: Save $15.00 with a 3-month, $48.00 with a 6-month, and $120.00 with a 12-month subscription; receive a free box with multi-month orders
  • Shipping Policy: Free shipping to continental US; additional fee for Canada
  • Refund Policy: No refunds on requests that come in or after the renewal date

If you are a fan of freebies, this subscription box is likely to tickle your fancy as you will be able to get your hands on generous offers, like a free bonus box. 

Like many other healthy snack boxes, UrthBox offers all-natural organic products. If you’re vegan or want to try a healthy snack, UrthBox provides plenty of crunchy snacks, like granola, nuts, dried fruits and vegetables, sea salt chocolate, etc.

Furthermore, there are four menus you can choose from, such as Classic, Vegan, Gluten-Free, and Diet. What’s the difference? The Classic healthy snack box hosts various organic snacks, while the Vegan box contains only vegan snacks. Now, the Gluten-Free box features a variety of gluten-free snacks, and the Diet box includes low-fat products full of vitamins.

You can choose one of the four boxes:

  • Mini$14.99 per month, 7 snacks
  • Small$24.99 per month, 14 snacks
  • Medium$34.99 per month, 20 snacks
  • Large: $44.99 per month, 27 snacks

Again, you can opt for a 3-month, 6-month, and 12-month subscription. No wonder that this variety of options placed UrthBox among the best snack subscription boxes.

  • Organic and vegan snacks
  • Four different menus
  • Free shipping
  • You can’t combine the menus

Variety Fun Snack Subscription Box

  • Price: $29.99–$39.99
  • Number of Snacks: 30–40
  • Discounts: Coupons
  • Shipping Policy: Free shipping in the US; no international shipping
  • Refund Policy: Snack boxes cannot be returned or refunded

If you’re a fan of the classic tastes of chips and candy, this junk food subscription box will be right up your alley. 

That said, you can get a box of 40 snacks you might have enjoyed eating as a kid. You’ll get various cookies, crackers, popcorns, and pretzels. What’s more, you can opt for monthly and bi-weekly deliveries. The latter is most certainly appealing if you prefer having refills by your side at all times. 

In addition to that, Variety Fun also offers a healthy snack subscription box that includes healthy bites like Terra chips, Skinny Pop popcorn, Lärabar bars, Kind bars, and much more.

All in all, you can get one of the two boxes:

  • Fun Box—$29.99, 40 classic snacks
  • Fit Box—$39.99, 30 healthy snacks

What makes Variety Fun stand out is that the company donates thousands of treats to families in need. In other words, not only are you treating yourself to some mouthwatering treats, but you are also indirectly helping those who cannot afford delicious bites.

Incredible generosity is hands down one of the most prominent features that landed Variety Fun its place among the best snack subscription boxes

  • Free shipping
  • Classic and healthy snack boxes
  • 500 different snacks overall
  • Shipping to Alaska and Hawaii might take more than five business days

MunchPak Snack Subscription Box

  • Price: $9.95–$43.95
  • Number of Snacks: 5–20
  • Discounts: Coupons; $5.00 off the first box for the email subscription
  • Shipping Policy: Free shipping to the US; international shipping to Canada, France, Israel, Netherlands, and Sweden
  • Refund Policy: No refunds as all sales are final

Like many other celebrated meal delivery services, MunchPak has one of the fastest snack box delivery systems. In fact, the boxes are shipped every day from Monday to Friday, meaning you’ll get your snacks in less than ten days. Keep in mind that international shipments will take a little longer—up to 15 business days.

What’s more, the products come from all over the world, so you can go on an adventurous ride and pick a mystery box that contains a variety of flavors. You can also customize your box and pick products you’d like to get. Moreover, you can add a drink of your choice to the box for an additional price of $6.00.

Now, what makes MunchPak stand out from other good snack subscription boxes is a personal touch to each box. Not only will you get a nice message, the likes of “This MunchPak was made with love just for you,” but you’ll also get the name of an employee that arranged the box. 

When it comes to the boxes, you can opt for the following:

  • MunchPak Mini5 snacks; $13.95 per month, $12.95 every 3 months, $11.95 every 6 months, $9.95 every 12 months
  • MunchPak10 snacks; $23.95 per month, $22.95 every 3 months, $21.95 every 6 months, $19.95 every 12 months
  • FamilyPak20 snacks; $43.95 per month, $42.95 every 3 months, $41.95 every 6 months, $39.95 every 12 months

Finally, if the size does matter to you, MunchPak could be your go-to since it offers only full-sized snacks.

  • You can customize each box
  • You get a travel guide in each box
  • One of the best snack delivery services
  • Additional fee for customization

Love With Food Snack Subscription Box

  • Price: $8.50–$24.99
  • Number of Snacks: 7–15
  • Discounts: Coupons and rewards points
  • Shipping Policy: Free shipping to the US; $3.99 for international shipping
  • Refund Policy: Refunds are allowed within seven days of receiving the products

Now, we’re nowhere near done as there are many more healthy meal options that captivated us.

Another amazing subscription box, Love With Food, offers a healthy snack delivery box that contains organic and gluten-free products. Moreover, with each purchase you make, Love With Food will donate a meal to a food bank, and you’ll earn reward points. 

In fact, if you collect 1,000 points, you’ll get $10.00 that you can use to buy any snack from the company’s web store, whether it’s a Crunchy Granola Bar, Spicy Peri Peri Biltong Stick, Salted Caramel Mini Twists, or many other delicious treats.

That said, you can choose one of the three boxes: Tasting, Deluxe, and Gluten-Friendly. As you can imagine, the Gluten-Friendly box contains only gluten-free products.

Love With Food snack boxes options are the following:

  • Tasting7 snacks, $7.99–$9.99 per box
  • Deluxe15 snacks, $16.50–$19.95 per box
  • Gluten-Friendly10 snacks, $19.99–$24.99 per box

It comes as no surprise that this variety earned Love With Food a loyal following. We can tell that the company acknowledges the importance of its customers and caters to their evolving needs and wants.

  • Organic and gluten-free snacks
  • Meal donation
  • Rewards points
  • You can't customize what goes inside your box

Treats Snack Subscription Box

  • Price: $14.95–$24.95
  • Number of Snacks: 5–10
  • Discounts: Coupons; 15% off your first box for the email subscription
  • Shipping Policy: Free shipping in the US; additional charges for international shipping
  • Refund Policy: Full refund on lost packages

Now, how about embarking on some culinary adventures from the comfort of your home? If you want to treat yourself to something different each month, Treats should be your go-to as it offers a unique snack box that contains yummy bites from the six continents—Asia, Latin America, Australia, Europe, Africa, and North America.

Each month you will receive a box full of mouthwatering snacks from a different country. However, you will not know what you’ll get until the package arrives, so think of it as a form of an exquisite mystery box that will keep you on your toes.

That said, let’s take a sneak peek into the boxes. Your monthly snack box might contain Asian bites that include delicious and chewy Fruity Gummies from Japan or sweet, savory, and spicy Korean Hot Chicken Balls.  

What’s more, you can get a box full of luscious chocolate products from Europe or a box full of crispy African snacks. As you can see, the possibilities are endless.

There are two snack box subscription plans you can choose from:

  • Standard Box—5 snacks, $14.95 per month
  • Premium Box—10 snacks, $24.95 per month

Again, you are not limited to a monthly plan as you could also opt for a 1-year plan, which brings the cost of each box down to $13.80 and makes the first month of your subscription free.  

Finally, if the prices are too steep for you, you can get a 15% off coupon by subscribing to the Treats newsletter. Head to the main website and enter your email address in a pop-up to claim your coupon and start your culinary adventure right now!

  • Best international snack food subscription boxes
  • Multiple subscription plans
  • A box from a different country each month
  • Not recommended for vegans or vegetarians

Vegancuts Snack Subscription Box

  • Price: $24.95–$258.60
  • Number of Snacks: 10
  • Discounts: Coupons and a discount on the first box
  • Shipping Policy: Free shipping in the US; additional fee for international shipping
  • Refund Policy: Returns and refunds aren’t available

If you’re a vegan, you’ve probably heard about Vegancuts, one of the best healthy snack subscription boxes on the market.

Each box contains ten mind-blowing healthy vegan bites that come in various flavors. Moreover, besides candies and other treats (the likes of vegan mac and cheese or avocado chips), you’ll also get unique drinks.  

In addition to that, you’ll get a card with information about the products. This will let you check the ingredients and other benefits of each snack and beverage from the box.

There are four snack subscription boxes you can choose from:

  • 1-month—$24.95 
  • 3-month—$74.85
  • 6-month—$134.70
  • 12-month—$258.60

Finally, Vegancuts is incredibly caring, and a portion of your purchase is directed to different initiatives. In other words, you are treating yourself to delicious bites and helping animal sanctuaries or other much-needed initiatives all at the same time!

  • 100% vegan snacks
  • 100% cruelty-free
  • Free US shipping
  • Somewhat expensive

Keto Krate Snack Subscription Box

  • Price: $39.99–$87.99
  • Number of Snacks: 10–30
  • Discounts: Up to $20.00 discount codes in each box
  • Shipping Policy: Free US shipping; additional fee for shipping to Canada
  • Refund Policy: No refunds on boxes that have been shipped

If you’re on a keto diet, you’ve probably heard about Keto Krate snacks. But what makes this box receive numerous accolades and positive snack subscription box reviews? First of all, all the snacks are gluten-free, low in carbs, and aspartame-free. In fact, the company follows one golden rule—all products must have 5g of net carbs per serving or less.

That said, not only will you get a box of various products that are low in carbs, but you’ll also get informational pamphlets full of recipes, inspirational quotes, and guides. When it comes to flavors, these monthly subscription boxes contain food that’s savory and sweet. 

We bet you are already sold and cannot wait to munch on Garlic Sunflower Seed Dip, Sea Salt Flax Seed Crackers, or Chocolate Peanut Butter Bars. What’s more, the content of the boxes will be different each month. 

There are two monthly gift subscriptions:

  • Muncher Box—10 snacks, $39.99 
  • Hangry Box—30 snacks, $87.99

Other than that, an ordinary monthly subscription will cost you $39.99.

Now, we suggest that you consider joining over 20,600 happy subscribers who admire Keto Krate and claim that it is one of the best snack subscription boxes out there. Our team cannot help but agree with that!  

  • Low in carbs
  • Gluten-free
  • Various discounts
  • A bit pricey

TokyoTreat Snack Subscription Box

  • Price: $22.50–$31.50
  • Number of Snacks: 12–17
  • Discounts: Coupons
  • Shipping Policy: US and international shipping; fees range from $8.95 to $10.95
  • Refund Policy: Refunds on boxes that have the insurance add-on

Anime lovers, brace yourself because TokyoTreat offers top snack subscription boxes full of Japanese products, from party snacks to anime snacks, drinks, and DIY kits. You can choose one of the two boxes—classic and premium. 

Each box comes with a guide that describes the snacks, instructions for DIY Japanese candy, and a few tourist tips. The party snacks are sweet and savory. You can also get Japanese Kit Kats with cheesecake flavor! The anime snacks include treats with famous anime and video game characters—Super Mario, One Punch Man, and Pokemon, to name a few.

However, what makes these subscription boxes of snacks unique is the DIY kit. In short, you’ll get a kit with instructions on how to make various sweets, like water candy or ice cream. Besides the snacks, you’ll get one drink, allowing you to taste some of the best and unique Japanese beverages like Ramune soda, jelly drinks, or milk mint tea. 

When it comes to the boxes, TokyoTreat offers the following:

  • Classic—12 snacks, a Japanese candy guide book, and a DIY Japanese candy kit for $22.50
  • Premium—17 snacks, including one Japanese drink, one anime snack, and one party pack; a Japanese candy guide book and a DIY Japanese candy kit for $31.50

You can choose a 1-month, 3-month, 6-month, and 12-month subscription.

  • Unique snacks and drinks
  • Candy guide book
  • DIY candy kits
  • You'll get a refund only if you pay for the insurance add-on

Fit Snack Subscription Box

  • Price: $25.90–$28.90
  • Number of Snacks: 7–10
  • Discounts: Save up to 16% with the subscription
  • Shipping Policy: Free US shipping; additional fee for international shipping
  • Refund Policy: Refunds can be requested within 24 hours of the charge

Fit Snack offers the best snack subscription boxes that include various snacks. The company makes sure that each product contains at least two of the following health essentials: all-natural, vegan, gluten-free, organic, raw, low in sugar, high in protein, and GMO-free. 

Besides the sweet and crunchy bites, like Cherry Chia Bars or Chickpea Chips With Himalayan Salt, you’ll get one nutritious drink with zero sugar.

What’s more, no matter which subscription plan you choose, you’ll get a guide with information about the products and new workout routines created by a personal trainer and nutritionist. The guide contains practical exercises and nutrition tips to take good care of your body, earning this snack subscription box positive snack subscription box reviews

You can choose between the following plans:

  • Monthly plan—$28.90
  • 3-month plan—$27.90
  • 6-month plan—$26.90
  • 1-year plan—$25.90

Finally, we suggest that you also subscribe to the company’s newsletter so that you can stay in the know about the exclusive offers and nutrition tips.

  • Organic and vegan products
  • Sugar-free drinks
  • Workout guide in each box
  • Not the best beverage flavors

How to Choose the Best Snack Box Subscription?

We witnessed the rise of many food subscription boxes in the past few years, and many of them offer excellent products, allowing foodies from all over the world to enjoy a variety of unique flavors. 

When it comes to snacks, you’ll have even more freedom in picking your favorite bites. No matter where your preference lies, we suggest that you embark on the fascinating culinary adventure. 

Now, here’s how to choose the best snack subscription boxes.

Consider the Number of Snacks

Each snack subscription box comes with a different number of products. Some will contain only five snacks, while others might have more than 15. So how to decide on a snack subscription box? 

First of all, ask yourself what you want to get. Perhaps, you would love to get the best international snack box that comes with various products from all over the world. If that is not what you are looking for, boxes with products from the already established brands like Doritos or Ruffles could tickle your fancy. Finally, you should also think of who you are buying the box for. In other words, establish whether you want to send the box as a gift or keep it for yourself.

If you’re not sure what to go for, start by choosing the smallest package. You can always change your subscription plan if you like what you get. 

Look Into the Subscription Plans

After reading our snack subscription box reviews, you probably noticed that each company offers different subscription plans, so you need to consider your budget and choose a plan accordingly. 

First of all, the average cost of a monthly box subscription is $10.00. However, some subscription plans can be over $20.00 or even $50.00. That’s why it’s important to decide on your budget.

Next, you need to pay attention to the shipping. Most snack subscription boxes are sent on a particular day of the month. However, some companies send their boxes twice a month. Make sure you check all the shipment details before you hit that “subscribe” button.

And lastly, find companies that allow you to cancel your subscription plan whenever you want. Remember to cancel it before you get billed because the subscription will automatically renew. 

That said, since you won’t find a $1-snack box, consider buying the same snacks from your local store if you are shopping on a tight budget. 

Pay Attention to the Ingredients

Snacks come in many shapes, forms, and flavors. Before deciding which box is the perfect fit for you, check the ingredients of each product to make sure you’re not allergic to the components. This is especially important if you’re buying products you’ve never tasted.

The best international snack subscription boxes often contain unique flavors connected to a particular country, so be ready for anything. Moreover, choose companies that offer special guides with information about the product you’re about to eat.  

Take into consideration that some companies offer vegan, GMO-free, and natural snacks, and if you’re unfamiliar with the taste, you might find these snacks unappetizing. 

Wrapping Up

As we are reaching the end of the review, we hope that we managed to clear the fog around snack subscription boxes and that the next time you decide to google “the best world snack subscription boxes,” you’ll know what to do and how to make a choice.

Snack subscription boxes are great gifts you can send to friends or family members. There’s nothing better than finding a colorful box full of mouthwatering snacks at your door.

Now, don’t hesitate and embark on a fascinating culinary journey with the best providers of subscription boxes!


What are the best monthly gift boxes?

Choosing the best gift boxes will depend on your individual preferences and budget. E.g., if you want to send a box that contains healthy products, choose UrthBox. However, if you want to customize your box, go with MunchPak. To get the best cheap organic and gluten-free snacks, opt for Love With Food, etc.

Which snack box is the best?

We believe that Universal Yums and UrthBox offer the best boxes. If you’re a fan of classic snacks, go with Universal Yums. However, if you prefer healthy snacks, UrthBox should be your go-to. 

What will you get? Universal Yums will send you a mystery box that contains bites from all over the world, while UrthBox will let you pick one of the four menus: classic, vegan, gluten-free, and diet.

Is Universal Yums worth the money?

We believe that Universal Yums offers the best boxes because of the variety of snacks you’ll get. Each box contains snacks from different countries, so you’ll be able to taste unique and maybe even bizarre flavors. Is the box worth the money? Absolutely. 

The cheapest subscription plan stands at $13.75, and it includes six snacks and a fun guide with trivia and games. To get 20 snacks, you’ll have to subscribe to the $35.75 plan.

What is the best international snack box?

Our picks are MunchPak and Treats. Why? Both companies offer boxes of sweet and savory snacks from different countries. MunchPak even allows you to customize the box. However, you’ll have to pay more money for this customization. 

What will you get? If you choose MunchPak, you will get seafood snacks, nuts, chips, candy, American snacks, and salty snacks. If you choose Treats, you will get Asian, Latin American, Australian, European, African, and North American snacks.

What is the most popular subscription box?

The most popular snack boxes are Variety Fun and Universal Yums. Why? Variety Fun offers some of the best classic snacks and sweets that will teleport you to your childhood. 

Furthermore, with Universal Yums, you can try unique worldwide flavors, like bacon and lime chips, glazed apricot sponge cake, or chocolate-dipped oat cookies, making it one of the best snack subscription boxes for many consumers worldwide.