Midweek MedAlertHelp News Roundup #1

Midweek MedAlertHelp Roundup


We’re starting a new midweek MedAlertHelp roundup! We’ll be scouring the web every week to find the most interesting articles about all senior-related topics.

Join us every Wednesday for an overview of a variety of subjects such as senior health, retirement, staying vital physically and mentally, and so much more!

Let’s dive right into this week’s roundup of riveting reads!

Want to Live to 100? Follow These Simple Steps (Easier Said Than Done)

The newest take on this age-old question comes from Joanne Chen at Reader’s Digest. This post lists 11 things that centenarians have in common. Some of those things may seem obvious – like eating healthy and staying active, some are beyond our influence – like our genes, and some may even surprise you! Everyone should read this article because it’s never too early (or too late) to start taking care of yourself and doing your best to ensure a long and happy life.

What Do Seniors and Millennials Have In Common? Housing Problems!

“Seniors have too much house. Millennials have none.” is the premise Erin Anderssen starts with in her amusing piece for The Globe and Mail. Though found on a Canadian portal, this situation sounds all too familiar in the US as well. She goes on to explore an obvious business model that offers a solution for both parties – sharing the living space to mutual benefits. Read on to find out why home sharing for two population groups that couldn’t be more different makes perfect sense in this day and age.

Retiring as an “Elder Orphan”

Most people fear growing old alone. The future is uncertain and certain expenses, like healthcare costs, are expected to rise. For nearly a quarter of American elders who are preparing to age without a spouse or children, this is a reality. After years of caring for her parents and realizing that she won’t have someone to lean on to when she is their age, Carol Marak founded the Elder Orphan Facebook group. With it, she is determined to change the gloomy perception people have of retiring alone. How? Find out in Elizabeth O’Brien’s interview with her for Time.

Cut Your Risk of Developing Chronic Diseases in Half

It’s a well-known fact that a lifetime of moderate and regular physical activity pays off big-time in your senior years. Now we have even more scientific evidence for this claim that not only confirms but also pushes the exercise recommendations even further. The Westmead Institute reported the astonishing results of a 10-year study that followed over 1,500 Australian older adults and showed that vigorous physical activity substantially lowers your risk of developing some of the deadliest chronic diseases. You’ll be amazed to find out about all the health benefits a little extra exercise can provide you.

Say What? Indulging Your Sweet Tooth Improves Memory in Old Age

We stumbled upon another surprising study this week, amidst the ever-present sugar addiction epidemic. Namely, a recently published research claims that small amounts of sugar improve memory and engagement in older adults. The truth is, doctors have known for a long time that sugar is the main fuel our brain uses. There have also been hints that chocolate is good for very old individuals. For instance, Jeanne Calment, the oldest person who’s ever lived, consumed up to two pounds of chocolate in her old age per week and lived to be over 122 years old! However, this doesn’t mean you can go ahead and empty out your candy stash right away. Head over to the University of Warwick’s website to read about the details and limitations of the research first.

The Opioid Crisis Is Affecting Everyone, Including Seniors

There’s no denying that we have a problem with opioid addiction. No one is immune to it, especially our elders who have to live with persistent chronic pain that can come from arthritis in the hips, knees, or a number of different reasons. Taking a pill takes away the pain, but only for a short time. Gradually, more potent medication and larger doses are needed. Before you know it, you can’t function without meds anymore, and you become addicted to them. Bill Ryan, a writer for Sentinel-Tribune, covered the Opioid Crisis Workshop: The Unseen Impact on Older Adults. Read on to discover how addiction to painkillers impacts the lives of seniors.

Wearable Technology and Elders – a Perfect Pairing

And finally, we have something for those of you who like to keep up with the latest trends. Wearable technology is so in vogue right now, and its popularity is only going to grow. All the major companies like Apple, Google, Nike, and others have built-in health monitoring services in their wearable devices. So wearables seem like a natural fit for seniors who are most in need of all the functions they have such as heart rate and activity level monitoring, medication reminders, and more. John Valiton at Digital Commerce 360 explored the role of health wearables in the senior healthcare industry. Are they a good fit for you? Or do you prefer medical alert systems?And so ends our first midweek MedAlertHelp roundup of insightful articles. Hopefully, the first of many! Did you find our selection entertaining? Let us know what topics and sources would you like us to cover. We’d love to hear from you!

Take care and join us next Wednesday!

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