Midweek MedAlertHelp News Roundup #5

Midweek MedAlertHelp Roundup

Welcome to this week’s edition of the midweek MedAlertHelp roundup! If you liked last week’s selection of insightful senior-related articles, you’ll probably enjoy this week’s roundup as well!

The third week of August features articles about Senior Citizens Day, the secret to feeling younger, the connection between the “speed of death” and dementia research, early retirement, the war Walmart and Amazon are fighting over seniors, how aging can affect medications, and how technology can ensure the safety of seniors. Let’s jump right to it!

National Senior Citizens Day 2018

Yesterday was August 21st, Senior Citizens Day, and numerous events were organized on that occasion. Dr. Shevon Harvey, director of the Transdisciplinary Center for Health Equity Research and associate professor in health education in the Texas A&M University College of Education & Human Development talked about a number of changes seniors can make to improve their health and overall lives. Read all about this in an article in Newswise.

The Secret to Feeling Younger and Living Longer

Can something as simple as feeling younger than your chronological age be enough to help you live longer? And what is the most important thing that makes older adults feel younger? According to the new research Jamie Ducharme covered for Time, the answer may be feeling in control. They found a correlation which tells us that on days seniors feel more in control, they also feel younger, which has a positive impact on their physical and mental health. Continue reading this article to find out how they came to this conclusion.

How Can the “Speed of Death” Help Us Find a Cure for Alzheimer’s?

Scientists have observed for the first time how death spreads through the cell. While a breakthrough in itself, this research can also help us find a cure for Alzheimer’s and other types of dementia. How? By better understanding programmed cell death, a process that has a purpose but can also cause damage, we can discover how that destruction causes Alzheimer’s and other types of dementia. Sean Martin covered this topic in detail for the Daily Express.

“Money Is Infinite, but Time Is Not”

Next, Hillary Hoffower wrote a post for Business Insider in which she interviewed multiple early retirees. All of them said that money had nothing to do with why they decided to retire early. Instead, they just wanted to enjoy their time off and have the lifestyle they’ve always wanted. The loss of potential income they suffered, which is sometimes measured in millions of dollars, didn’t seem to influence their decision. In fact, most of them even regret not retiring earlier.

Walmart Is Becoming the Top Provider of Medicare Advantage Plans for Seniors

Under 35% of Medicare beneficiaries, which translates to 20 million Americans, are enrolled in Medicare Advantage plans. But the number of people who use this plan is projected to double by 2025 and reach 50% of all Medicare beneficiaries. Where is this growth coming from? That would be the 10,000 US baby boomers who turn 65 every day. Bruce Japsen analyzed for Forbes how Walmart is edging out Amazon in becoming the top Medicare Advantage plan provider for seniors.

How Aging Is Affecting Your Medications

The next useful post we recommend reading comes from Emily Lunardo at Bel Marra Health. She listed all the ways the changes that come with aging influence the effectiveness of the medications we take. These include the increase in body fat percentage and the decrease in body fluid, digestive function, liver function, kidney function, memory, vision and hearing, and dexterity. Check out the post to find out how exactly these changes affect how medications are absorbed, metabolized, and released.

Ensuring Safety of Seniors Through the Use of Technology

Finally, Tanmay Jaiswal’s piece for Entrepreneur covered the multiple ways in which technology can help seniors. Whether it ensures they have access to healthcare apps, location-tracking devices, safe commuting apps, and smart-home technology, as well as staying secure from fake currency and having the ability to identify LPG tampering through apps, technology can definitely be a smart ally to aging adults. Moreover, we at medalerthelp.org welcome you to read about medical alert systems that can also help seniors stay safe and independent.With another midweek MedAlertHelp roundup behind us, all that’s left to do is invite you to the next one, which will cover a whole new selection of interesting senior-related reads from the last week of August.

Take care and join us next Wednesday!

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