39DollarGlasses Coupons & Deals

39DollarGlasses Coupons & Deals
39DollarGlasses Coupons & Deals

15% Off

Get 15% Off Discount for Teachers+ Free Pair to Give to a Student
39DollarGlasses Coupons & Deals
39DollarGlasses Coupons & Deals

20% OFF

Get 20% Off Your First Responders
39DollarGlasses Coupons & Deals
39DollarGlasses Coupons & Deals

20% OFF

20% Off Military Discount

The story behind the 39DollarGlasses is one for the books. Backed with years of experience, the founders realized the massive overhead expenses that came with the office and retail set-ups. As a result, selling the products at a lower price proved to be a challenge. And so, the idea of building an online store was born.

Operating the website asks for fewer expenses; therefore, it allowed the company to help its customers save up when shopping. And, to sweeten the deal, 39DollarGlasses offers a vast selection of promo codes and deals. You will most certainly be able to find a 39DollarGlasses coupon to fit your budget and meet your needs.

Now, let us acquaint you with 39DollarGlasses. Through the years, the company has been producing affordable eyeglasses with those in need in its mind (especially children). 39DollarGlasses knows that, without proper eye care, children are risking their future of not going through their academic and social life successfully.

39DollarGlasses Coupon Code for 2022

Here, we give you invaluable information on how to save more with tons of incredible deals and discounts. Taking care of your eyes with high-quality eyewear doesn’t have to be expensive. All you need to have is the enthusiasm to find the right 39DollarGlasses coupons. Start your saving journey by reading this article now.

Types of Coupons

Despite the already low prices of 39DollarGlasses products, there are also tons of coupons you can find online to reduce the prices even more. Here’s what we think are the best promos.

For starters, you can enjoy a whopping 40% off select products. If you have already made a purchase at 39DollarGlasses and you want to go for another round, you should look for a 50% discount on your second pair of glasses. 

Sitewide deals seem to be everyone’s all-time favorite. If you are into such deals as well, you are definitely in luck! You can come across a 39DollarGlasses promo code that takes 15% off any order. What’s more, you can try getting your hands on coupons taking $10–20 off every pair. 

Kid you not, we’re nowhere near the end here! You can also try looking for special coupons that take 20% off your order and grant you free shipping. On top of that, you’re also likely to stumble upon a special 39DollarGlasses promo code — a loyalty offering that takes 30% off your order

Now, we believe your interest has been sparked. That said, stay with us for a little longer, since we’re going to provide you with some tips and tricks to land yourself the best deal on the market. Read on to learn more! 

How to Find Coupon Codes

Finding 39DollarGlasses.com coupons has never been this easy. The website itself doesn’t offer coupon codes, although there are many deals and discounts available out there. So, your first stop is our website, where you will find incredible discounts that come with the coupon codes. In case you don’t find what you’re looking for here, you can always find a wide range of coupon codes on third-party coupon sites.

Promo Codes for Subscribing to a Newsletter

Creating an account means you’re subscribing to the 39DollarGlasses newsletter. That means that you’re going to receive news, special offers, and general information about the company’s goods. To create an account, scroll down the main page and click “Create an Account.” 

Once you’ve clicked it, you will be asked to fill the form with your name, email address, and password. You can also opt to register with Facebook or Google. Once you’ve subscribed to the newsletter, get into the habit of checking your inbox regularly as you might receive a special discount from time to time.

How to Redeem Promo Codes

Redeeming 39DollarGlasses coupons is a piece of cake. Here’s a step-by-step guide we’ve created for you:

  • Go to the 39DollarGlasses website and find the style you want.
  • Click “Select Lens Type.”
  • Choose the lens type you want and proceed to the next stage.
  • Enter your prescription information and click the continue button.
  • Choose a lens category.
  • Choose a lens package and click the continue button.
  • Choose your coating option.
  • Click “Add to Cart.”
  • Click on “Have a coupon code?”
  • Paste or type in the 39DollarGlasses coupon code you’ve copied from a coupon website.
  • Click “Check Out.”

And that’s it! Redeeming a coupon code will take less than five minutes.

Other Information About Coupons

Options for 39DollarGlasses coupon codes are endless. However, not every coupon will be valid or active. Some sites are not updated as often. To avoid any setbacks, use coupon codes from trusted websites only.

How to Save Without Coupons

There’s nothing more disappointing than not finding coupons or promo codes when you need them the most. The good thing is that there will always be an alternative 39DollarGlasses deal to help you save a few dollars. Let’s take a look at some of them.

Seasonal and Holiday Sales

If most deals and 39DollarGlasses discount codes don’t seem to be enough, the company has got multiple seasonal and holiday sales in store. Make sure to check in every now and then to get the most generous deals. 

Thanksgiving Sales

We urge you to be on the lookout around this festive season. You could easily get yourself a $20 or 20% off your entire glasses order. Make sure to follow 39DollarGlasses on Facebook and Instagram to stay in the know and be among the first to grab an attractive 39DollarGlasses discount.


If you’re a social media aficionado, we say you should take full advantage of it! Follow 39DollarGlasses on both Facebook and Instagram to make sure you are kept up to date with the latest 39DollarGlasses deals, such as giveaways. 

For one of the recent giveaways, for instance, the company gave a pair of sunglasses to a winner. To enter a giveaway, customers had to like the company’s promo post, share it in their story, tag the company, as well as tag three other friends. For extra entries, customers had to repost the promo post and add a particular hashtag. 

Affiliate Programs

39DollarGlasses has two affiliate programs in place. If you opt for enrolling in these programs, you will be able to fill up your wallet.

Eyeglasses Affiliate Program

Joining the 39DollarGlasses eyeglasses affiliate program means you can earn money from the eye care products sales. Commissions range from 4% to 15% for every sale you refer. Here’s how it looks like:

  • Coupon 39DollarGlasses = 4% commission
  • General Shopping/Loyalty Rewards = 8% commission
  • Content/Niche = 11% to 15% commission
  • VIP = 15% commission

Other benefits for the eyeglasses affiliate program include a 120-day cookie, average sale price of $95, conversion rates of over 4%, and dedicated resources in the form of text links and banners.

Contact Lens Affiliate Program

Despite the already massive selection of 39DollarGlasses promo codes, coupons, discounts, deals, and eyeglasses affiliate program, 39DollarGlasses added another affiliate program since it also sells contact lenses in the US now. Customers don’t just get to save from purchasing the products. They also get to earn a commission for every sale they refer to the company. The commissions range from 10% to 30%. Here’s how it looks like:

  • 1 to 20 sales = 10% commission
  • 21 to 100 sales = 15% commission
  • 101 to 500 sales = 20% commission
  • 501 and more sales = 30% commission

Other benefits are the same as those of the eyeglasses affiliate program. And, of course, you can continue enjoying 39DollarGlasses.com discount codes as a customer.

Reward Points

Similar to Organifi, another reputable health-orientated platform we’ve covered before, 39DollarGlasses has an attractive rewards program. It’s called “EyeBucks Customer Rewards Program.” You can choose to use your EyeBucks right away or save them for a bigger purchase, as you will earn 4% of your total eyeglass purchase, which will then be deposited to your account. By the way, you’re automatically enrolled in this program once you purchase an item from the company.

39DollarGlasses Free Shipping

All orders over $99 are shipped for free if you go with the USPS First Class. Otherwise, the shipping fees vary from $1.00 to $17.90, depending on the courier you choose and the number of days it takes to ship your order.

Warranty, Trial, and Return Policy

39DollarGlasses offers a 100% worry-free guarantee. In other words, you can request a full refund within 30 days after delivery. Note that 39DollarGlasses shipping charges are non-refundable in this case. 

You can also ask for a full exchange or store credit within 90 days after delivery. In this case, the company covers return shipping. Keep in mind that returned items have to be in their original condition — in the hard case you’ve received from the company. 

Brighten Your Life With 39DollarGlasses

With 39DollarGlasses, taking care of your eyes never has to be expensive. Children and adults alike will never have to be deprived of high-quality eyeglasses. With so many options to save, from a 39DollarGlasses coupon to a wide range of alternative discounts, you should most certainly give 39DollarGlasses a shot!

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