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MobileHelp Deals
MobileHelp Coupons & Deals
MobileHelp Coupons & Deals


Enter Your Information to receive 1 Free Month Plus 50% Off Fall Detection
MobileHelp Coupons & Deals
MobileHelp Coupons & Deals

$60 OFF

$60 Off MobileHelp Solo with Annual Plan
MobileHelp Coupons & Deals
MobileHelp Coupons & Deals

$25 OFF

Extra $25 Off MobileHelp Solo, Duo or Classic
MobileHelp Coupons & Deals
MobileHelp Coupons & Deals

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$24 Off MobileHelp Wired Home With Annual Plan
MobileHelp Coupons & Deals
MobileHelp Coupons & Deals

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$120 Off MobileHelp Touch with Annual Plan
MobileHelp Coupons & Deals
MobileHelp Coupons & Deals


FREE Shipping, Lockbox & Activation
MobileHelp Coupons & Deals
MobileHelp Coupons & Deals

$60 OFF

$60 Off Mobile Duo with Annual Plan
MobileHelp Coupons & Deals
MobileHelp Coupons & Deals


Add a Fall Button for only $10 per month!

Can you think of a better way to protect your health and that of your loved ones than through modern-day technology? This is precisely what MobileHelp helps you achieve with their medical alert systems. As a multi-certified and FDA-registered manufacturer and provider of medical equipment, MobileHelp is highly respected for its innovative approach to medical safety.

Additionally, a simple MobileHelp promo code can help you get one of their high-end safety systems at an affordable price. This means you can keep yourself and your loved ones safer, on a tighter budget, without compromising the quality of service. Read on and find out how.

MobileHelp Promo Code/Coupon for 2022

MobileHelp has six certifications that attest for the efficacy of their products and rank them among the best medical alert systems currently available on the market.  

But, however reliable these systems are, paying the full price—even for the basic version, MobileHelp Classic—can burden your monthly budget. The good news is that most promotions and coupon codes for this brand offer generous price reductions, and are fairly easy to find. 

Types of Coupons

Online coupons are available for any of the MobileHelp systems and billing plan options. Not only that, they also vary depending on the kind of offer or price reduction. 

So, generally, customers are able to find offers like:

  • MobileHelp smart discount code
  • Free activation + free pouch and shipping
  • Free shipping on certain plans
  • $60 off the MobileHelp Duo system plan
  • $75 off the MobileHelp Duo annual plan
  • $25 off any medical alert system
  • $35 off the MobileHelp Solo annual plan.

Bear in mind that available discount codes change every day, so you need to search regularly for the ones you want to get the best deal possible. Also, make sure that the promo codes you choose are still valid, since expired ones can’t be used. 

How to Find MobileHelp Coupons

You can start your search by heading straight to MobileHelp’s promo code page on their official website. Since there’s no visible link to it from their homepage, you’ll probably find it faster by running a Google search. 

You can also extend your search to third-party coupon websites. However, to avoid scams and similar issues, you should only consult trustworthy sites or those you’ve already used. If unsure, you can check the blacklist of counterfeit coupon codes provided by the Coupon Information Center (CIC).

Promo Codes for Subscribing to a Newsletter

Subscribing to a newsletter to stay updated on the newest MobileHelp deals isn’t an option in this case. Instead, you can apply for a free quote, and the company’s consultants will inform you of the latest offers and sales over the phone. 

How to Redeem a MobileHelp Coupon

Using a promo or coupon code for MobileHelp is quite simple. Just follow the steps below, and they will lead you to your new, affordable medical alarm system and additional buying perks.

  • Click on “Order now” underneath the product you want to purchase.
  • Choose a billing plan, and click on “Continue”.
  • Select the features you’d like to add to your package.
  • Copy the promo code on the right side of the checkout page, under your order summary, into the cell marked “Promo code”, and click on “Apply”.
  • Click on “Continue” and finish your order by providing your shipping and billing info.

How to Save Without MobileHelp Coupons/Promo Codes

In case you can’t find the coupon you wanted or simply don’t feel like looking for one, you should know that occasionally, this brand also has special offers and discounts. 

Since many people are particularly interested in learning about AARP discounts on MobileHelp services and products, we should mention that the brand doesn’t offer them as a money-saving option. However, this shouldn’t be seen as an obstacle because, fortunately, there are other ways to make their medical alert systems far more affordable and accessible.  


MobileHelp has a refer-a-friend program that rewards you with $200 if you act as their advocate. Just have your family member or friend contact the company through their referral telephone number. Make sure your name is mentioned during that phone call so MobileHelp can reward you. Note: the person you referred needs to have used their system for at least 60 days before your reward is emailed to you.

Discount Clubs and Reward Points

There are no special discount clubs or reward points as such through which you can get your hands on MobileHelp discounts. However, there’s another great way for customers to save money—Connect Premium. 

Connect Premium

MobileHelp’s Connect Premium subscription is available for $5 per month ($60 yearly) and currently offers a lifetime price guarantee, warranty for damages and lost equipment, as well as these discounts: 

  • 25% off the cost of a Fall Button
  • 25% off the MobileVitals service, and certain accessories
  • 50% off the price for Activity Tracking, and Medication Reminder
  • 30 extra pings on the local detection per month. 

Free Shipping

With MobileHelp, shipping is free for each of their medical alert systems, but mostly with semi-annual and annual billing plans. Still, as we’ve previously mentioned, if your order isn’t eligible for free shipping, you can always look for a coupon code to get this perk.  

Warranty, Trial and Return Policy

MobileHelp offers a 30-day risk-free trial period, so unsatisfied customers can get a full refund (minus the shipping fee) if they return their equipment undamaged. A product warranty can be obtained through the MobileHelp Connect Premium service for a reasonable monthly fee. 

However, you should double-check if using a specific MobileHelp code or discount affects your warranty or return policy. For more information, consult their Terms and Conditions and Return Policy pages.

Live Your Life More Confidently with MobileHelp

Customer reviews ceaselessly confirm that MobileHelp is an extremely wise investment into health and security. Their technology provides reliable support for you and your family to enjoy your preferred activities with more confidence. And if it’s a bit too much for your budget, you can always rely on a great MobileHelp promo code or discount to make it more accessible.