Philips Lifeline Coupons & Deals

Philips Lifeline Deals

Philips Lifeline coupons are among the most sought-after price reductions for emergency alert systems, and for a good reason. Trusted by 7.5 million people, and recommended by over 200,000 healthcare professionals, this company has been one of the highest-ranking providers in the medical alert industry for more than four decades!

Besides being a lifesaver for many, this reputable brand also offers moral support to those who are worried about the safety of their loved ones. For all those that need it most, they also offer non-medical assistance—a helping hand in times of disorientation and loneliness.

Since the company’s all-in-one medical emergency systems are also among the priciest, we’d like to acquaint you with the ways to obtain their service without breaking the wallet. Read on to find out the what, where, and how of Philips Lifeline’s price-reducing deals.

Philips Lifeline Coupons/Promo Codes for 2022

Philips Lifeline’s rich product offer and quality of service place this brand on our best medical alert system list, and we’re not the only ones who see it that way. Such an excellent reputation makes the company a popular choice among those seeking to invest in health and safety. If you’re one of them, we can help you make that investment cost you less with a Philips Lifeline promotion code.

Types of Coupons

Philips Lifeline discounts and discount codes cover equipment prices, its set-up, but also the company’s services, so you can choose from a broad range.

Many of these, like the Philips Medication Dispenser promo code are absolute hits, so to find them, you’ll need to search regularly. Online offers change by the minute, so there’s no guarantee that a specific discount will be available at any time. 

However, there are certain types of offers you can generally expect to find when looking for a Philips Lifeline price-reduction code. The following are among the most popular ones: 

  • 15% off monthly subscription
  • One month of free service, free shipping and activation
  • Philips Lifeline free activation coupon (shipping included) 
  • $6 off monthly subscription for first six months + free shipping and activation
  • $100 off Philips Lifeline services
  • Up to 30% off Philips Lifeline package
  • Up to $135 off full price + free month of service and free activation.

How to Find a Philips Lifeline Coupon

Since Philips Lifeline is one of the most popular medical alert systems, there’s a generous coupon offer, especially online. There is no special page on the official website dedicated to discount codes, but you can always turn to reputable third-party coupon websites to find a great Lifeline coupon. It’s important to only look for promo codes on reliable third-party sites or ones you’ve already used so you can avoid scams.

How Do I Get the Latest Coupon Codes from Philips Lifeline?

You can call their sales department (1-855-681-5351) and ask them about the latest offers and deals. You can also search the web by adding the month and year to your search. Finally, to make sure a coupon code is valid, you can check if it’s listed among expired or latest deals.

How to Redeem A Philips Lifeline Promo Code

Claiming a promo code is very easy and it’s done in a few simple steps.

  • Select your preferred medical system and click the “Buy now” button.
  • Choose an installation plan.
  • Click on “Have a promo code”.
  • Enter your code where required and click on “Apply”.
  • Check your new total due, and click on “Next step.”
  • Complete your purchase by selecting add-ons and filling out the information forms.

How to Save Without a Philips Lifeline Promo Code/Coupon

Coupon codes are not the only way to save on your Philips Lifeline medical alert system. Keep reading to learn about other money-saving options available to this brand’s customers.

Medicare Health Insurance Coverage 

If you’re a member of a UnitedHealthcare Medicare Advantage plan, you can get Philips Lifeline’s medical alert service free of charge.

Discount Clubs and Reward Points

Philips Lifeline AARP Discount

Another sought-after type of discount is the AARP discount. With it, AARP members can get 15% off their monthly fee, free shipping and activation. You can visit Philips Lifeline’s website for more information. 

Warranty, Trial and Return Policy

You can return your Philips Lifeline System within 30 days upon delivery. But, first, you need to obtain your RMA number and return approval from the Customer Care Center. Be aware that the return policy is not affected by whether you used a Lifeline medical coupon code for your purchase. Also, if you got your product as a part of a bundle, you might be asked to return the free product that came with it as well.

Most Philips Lifeline products come with a warranty card, and warranty duration can differ depending on the product. For more info on this, consult the Philips Lifeline Terms of Use.

Enjoy Security and Comfort with Philips Lifeline

Living in turbulent times like these reminds us of the importance of health and safety. If you want to invest in both, Philips Lifeline is definitely the way to go. The right Philips Lifeline coupon code can help you get one of the most acclaimed medical alert systems while also saving you time and money.  

The outstanding quality of these medical alert systems guarantees that you will give your loved ones the very best you can. So, experience the sense of security this brand offers, and make that experience even easier to reach with the help of Philips Lifeline coupons.