A Newly Found Circuit in the Brain Might Help Fight Obesity

Researchers Find a Circuit in the Brain That Might Help Fight Obesity

A recent study from ScienceMag.org states that there is a circuit in the brain that may have the ability to help fight obesity by suppressing hunger. This research is promising news as obesity commonly leads to health issues, most notably cardiovascular diseases.

Yong Han, one of the authors of the study mentioned above, notes that “other brain circuits have been proposed to regulate feeding, but the one we discovered is the first to be fully described to regulate portion size via dopamine signaling.” Based on these findings, Han claims that the dopamine-producing circuit connecting neurons could regulate satiety levels and possibly prevent excessive weight gain.

Another researcher, Qi Wu, had this to say: “Our finding that MPH suppresses feeding and reduces body weight in laboratory mice by strengthening the dopamine-supported novel circuit we discovered, suggests a potential off-label application of a class of MPH and derivatives in tackling obesity.”

Wu concluded that current data makes the advancement of precise circuitry-based medicine more feasible for the future.

For now, a balanced diet and moderate exercise, combined with a high-quality weight loss pill, are some of the best options to achieve positive weight loss results.

Photo by Robina Weermeijer on Unsplash

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