Can CBD Cause Liver Damage?

Can CBD Cause Liver Damage

Is CBD detrimental to your liver, or can you still enjoy it with no care in the world? Read on to find out what the latest research has to say about it.

In 2019, the University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences conducted CBD-related research on mice, linking CBD with liver problems. Its dramatic results greatly attracted the media and succeeded in alarming CBD companies.

The study in question was highly controversial—the researchers were chastised for force-feeding mice incredibly high CBD doses. The doses ranged from 246 mg/kg to up to a staggering 2,460 mg/kg of CBD.

The newest US study funded by twelve CBD companies managed to debunk said 2019 research. The study was conducted by ValidCare from Colorado. CBDistillery, Care by Design, and HempFusion were only some of the firms that took part in it, offering certificates of authenticity, funding, and assisting in recruiting study subjects.

It’s also important to note that ValidCare’s research is in great contrast with the 2019 study. Additionally, the Institutional Review Board, whose task is to oversee and review biomedical research featuring human research participants, has authorized this study. In a nutshell, the IRB has the power to disapprove, license, and modify research projects.

The prospects of taking CBD seem less grim now—the preliminary results indicate there is no evidence of adverse effects of CBD on liver health. Namely, after using CBD for 60 days, patients did not display any clinical signs of liver disease.

According to Jeff Lombardo, researchers detected only clinically unimportant liver function elevation in under 10% of users, regardless of the amount consumed or of age. What’s more, they found zero liver toxicity in over 800 respondents who ingested different CBD products.

All taken into consideration, you can still safely use your favorite CBD vape pen and CBD lotions along with other CBD products. Just make sure you purchase them from authorized sellers.

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