Can Fully Vaccinated People Get Infected With COVID-19?

Is It Possible for Fully Vaccinated People to Get Infected and Spread COVID-19

If you thought that getting the COVID vaccine means being virus-free, you couldn’t be any more wrong. It has not been confirmed that fully vaccinated people do not transmit the virus to others.

A few weeks ago, the CDC walked back controversial remarks made by its director, Dr. Rochelle P. Walensky. Namely, the director claimed that individuals vaccinated against COVID-19 never become infected or spread the virus.

This argument challenged the CDC’s precautions instructing vaccinated individuals to gather with unvaccinated people under limited circumstances and while wearing masks.

An agency spokesman soon suggested that Dr. Walensky spoke broadly and that the chances of a fully vaccinated person contracting COVID-19 are still there. Moreover, there is no clear evidence as to whether these people can spread the virus. All in all, more evidence is to be gathered and evaluated.

As of now, the evidence at scientists’ disposal suggests that vaccinated individuals have fewer chances of getting infected. However, that does not mean that they cannot get infected at all.

In a recent MSNBC interview that brought about the confusion, Dr. Walensky referred to the CDC’s data. The data showed that a single dose of the Pfizer-BioNTech or Moderna vaccine was 80% effective against the virus and that two doses were an astounding 90% effective. The doctor then said that vaccinated people do not carry the virus and do not get sick. This particular comment is what can be interpreted as vaccines offering 100% protection.

All in all, it is still highly recommended that even fully vaccinated people wear masks and gather with unvaccinated people under limited circumstances, as more evidence into the spread of the virus is to be collected and evaluated.

Photo by Steven Cornfield from Unsplash