Chris Hemsworth Comments on the Perception of Bodybuilding

Chris Hemsworth Comments on How Bodybuilding Is Perceived in the Movie Industry

Chris Hemsworth, who’s best known for his role as the muscle-bound god of thunder Thor, recently commented on the importance of physical appearance in the movie industry. According to him, people would take him more seriously as an actor if he drastically changed his appearance, that is, weight.

The actor explained that bodybuilding is seen as “vanity” in the movie industry while describing his dedicated workout and diet regimen for his role as the Norse god.

Currently filming the new sequel to the Thor saga (Thor: Love and Thunder), Hemsworth admitted that getting in shape for the role is pretty much like being a professional athlete.

He admitted that the role requires a certain aesthetic, and achieving that look takes a lot out of the individual. When you couple grueling workouts and a strict diet with 12-hour shooting days, playing the role of the Norse god appears more like a challenge than just regular preparation for another run-off-the-mill role.

The 37-year-old Australian actor also admitted that if he put on a few pounds or got rather skinny for a role, people from the industry would probably consider him a serious actor.

It seems this won’t be the case after all since Hemsworth reported that he’s probably the strongest and fittest he’s ever been after years of playing Thor. Thanks to the ongoing pandemic and staying at home, Hemsworth had the time to explore different training and dieting methods and managed to transform his body with just the right combination of bodybuilding and powerlifting workouts.

The world-famous actor also admitted that after playing Thor for 10 years, he is looking forward to participating in other projects that don’t feel familiar like the role of the god of thunder does after a decade.

On that note, another reason for the actor’s bulking up is the preparation for the role of Hulk Hogan in the highly-anticipated biopic of the WWE icon.

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