Cigna Has Launched the First Voice-Activated Stress Test

Cigna Has Launched the First Voice-Activated Stress Test

Based on recent research, stress is the next pandemic. Luckily, Cigna International has launched a voice-activated stress test—a free online tool that examines semantic and acoustic voice patterns to assess stress levels.

Cigna has partnered with Ellipsis Health, a leader in vocal biomarkers, AI, and health, and a creator of medical technologies, to use their cutting-edge AI technology to allow consumers to evaluate stress using voice detection.

The StressWaves Test shows the stress level of a user, which ranges from “No Stress” to “Extremely Stressed,” and an image depicting how the stress impacts their body and mind.

The tool is based on training a dataset of more than 15,000 adult people ranging in age from 18 to 80+ years to assure the algorithms are strong enough to account for varied populations with varying levels of English-speaking ability and accents. The test complies with GDPR and HIPAA.

The Cigna StressWaves Test was designed to be user-friendly. The free online test is interoperable with many systems. It can be taken on any electronic device with an internet connection and a microphone, in addition to design considerations for sex, age, and educational level.

This is the only tool that measures stress using both acoustic (sounds like a pitch, pause, and tone) and semantic (word selections and syntax) patterns. Users have 90 seconds to answer open-ended, low-stigma questions before seeing a depiction of their stress. Once the voice recordings are used to generate the stress measurements, the test deletes them.

In 2018, it was estimated that the global economic impact of mental health issues could reach$16 trillion by 2030.

The growing importance of mental health as part of total health and well-being was emphasized in the recent Cigna 360 Well-Being Survey, released in June. Furthermore, according to the study, 83% of participants said they were stressed, with 13% reporting intolerable stress.

Dr. Michael Aratow, Ellipsis Health’s Co-Founder and Chief Medical Officer, finds cooperation critical, as the test can assist people all around the world handle their stress as soon as possible and avoid it turning into more serious mental health issues.

Photo by Nik Shuliahin on Unsplash

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