Extra Body Fat May Accelerate Brain Aging

Extra Body Fat May Accelerate Brain Aging

It is long known that people who are obese or overweight are more likely to suffer from health problems. However, researchers from Canada conducted a study and discovered that extra body weight could impact mental capabilities.

The study involved more than 9000 individuals. The research team assessed their total body fat, and the fat mainly found around the organs in the abdomen, also called visceral fat. Visceral fat is linked to higher chances of death and developing specific health issues, such as hypertension, type 2 diabetes, Alzheimer’s disease, certain types of cancer, and stroke. In line with that, scientists indicate that extra body fat may affect physical and mental health.

The participants were given two tests concerning their cognitive functions. The results showed that the participants with increased total body fat and visceral fat are more prone to cognitive impairment. 

The research team indicates that inflammation may also cause mental impairment in people who are obese or overweight. Also, it is very likely that adiposity and increased blood pressure also take part in decreased cognitive function. However, the researchers could not show a causal connection between adiposity and cognitive aging.

The results of this study match those from earlier research. Overweight and obesity are linked to decreased mental health. It is recommended that obese and overweight people practice physical exercises to lose weight and to control diabetes or the development of conditions that lead to higher normal blood sugar levels.

This study has several shortfalls that need to be addressed in the future. In conclusion, moderate weight has both mental and physical benefits.

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