FDA Scientists Find COVID Vaccine Boosters Not Widely Needed

FDA Scientists Find COVID Vaccine Boosters Not Widely Needed

In an article posted in a medical journal, leading experts involving two departing senior FDA officials and many from the WHO stated that additional COVID-19 vaccine booster shots are not required for the general population.

More proof was needed, according to the experts, to justify boosting. That viewpoint contradicts the US government’s plans to begin administering a new round of vaccinations to fully vaccinated US citizens as early as next week, pending approval from health authorities.

So, the scientists’ claim exposed a considerable disagreement between top Biden health experts, who have already begun planning a big PR campaign for this fall, and agency career scientists.

However, the WHO maintains that the vaccines are still required for first-dose vaccinations all across the world.

The experts noted in the medical journal Lancet that any judgments concerning the timing of boosting or the necessity for boosting should be based on comprehensive studies of sufficiently controlled clinical or epidemiological data or both, suggesting a sustained and substantial reduction in severe disease.

According to the experts, current research does not suggest a need to boost the general population, where efficacy against the severe disease remains strong.

Some countries, including Israel, have started COVID-19 booster initiatives, providing data on which the Biden administration has based its case for more doses.

The article’s authors noted that some people, such as those with impaired immune systems, would benefit from an extra dose.

Moreover, they added that booster vaccinations might be required in the future if initial vaccination immunity wanes or new variations render immunizations ineffective.

We know that the Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine causes only one in 90,000 people to experience a life-threatening allergic reaction, and statistics show similar findings for other frightening side effects, but we still need to be cautious about not using the booster shot too soon or too frequently.

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