Gluten Intake May Have no Effect on IBS Symptoms

Gluten Intake May Have no Effect on IBS Symptoms

About 3–5% of people worldwide suffer from irritable bowel syndrome, which generally can be prompted by stress, genetics, infections, and particular diets. A recent study suggests that gluten intake does not necessarily affect irritable bowel syndrome symptoms. This disorder affects the digestive tract, and in line with earlier studies, people who have it may have more health problems than those who suffer from diabetes or kidney diseases.

A research team from Sweden assessed how different foods affect irritable bowel syndrome. They compared two food regimes without gluten or carbs, followed by individuals with IBS. Many foods are rich in fermentable carbs and may trigger symptoms such as a bloated stomach, distended abdomen, and distress. Gluten is the common term for proteins primarily found in wheat, and in addition to that, gluten is added to altered foods for better texture.

This is the first study to directly compare the results of individuals with irritable bowel syndrome who follow three different food regimes. The 103 participants first practiced a diet rich in carbs and gluten, and the next week the participants were given food that contained a low percentage of carbs and gluten. The last diet followed by the participants was also low in carbs and gluten.

However, the findings were different. Individuals with irritable bowel syndrome who practiced a diet rich in carbs had more IBS symptoms. On the other hand, participants who ate foods rich in gluten did not experience more symptoms. Surprisingly, the symptoms of all people involved in the study improved when they followed diets low both on carbs and gluten.

Researchers suggest that gluten may not necessarily have a negative impact on IBS symptoms. Nevertheless, each person reacts differently. Many people are not aware that they have celiac disease. On the other hand, some gluten intolerant individuals don’t suffer from this disease. There is a need for further studies to understand better the effect of gluten on IBS symptoms since this syndrome is complicated.

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