Gyms Fighting to Be Considered Essential

Gyms Fighting to Be Considered Essential

All fitness enthusiasts have been hit hard by the COVID-19 outbreak and the restrictions. With the latter being lifted, people seem to get optimistic. That said, we are to look out for quite a number of things.

According to industry representatives, the government has overlooked the sector in the fight against the pandemic. Ori Gorfine, the COO of U.S. Fitness, hinted at the insignificance of fitness and wellness in the eyes of regulatory bodies. What surprised many industry workers was that regulators put fitness centers in the same category as restaurants, bars, and casinos.

Following that, the COO suggested that regulatory bodies look into what fitness studios and gyms can offer to combat the pandemic. Ori also emphasized that health clubs follow set safety measures.

Overall, fitness instructors seem to be on the same page. Most, if not all, think that closing every fitness outlet brings about the lack of physical activity and deteriorates attendees’ physical and mental health. On top of that, limited functioning wreaks financial havoc on gyms and studios.

While it is unlikely for health clubs to be considered essential, according to Ori Gorfine, the sector needs to keep fighting for more recognition. That most certainly involves transparent communication with local authorities.

Thankfully, different organizations, the likes of URSA, are planning to create a US-situated advocacy lobbying group. Astoundingly, Americans have already been uniting to create such alliances at the state level. Prominent examples include ‘Virginia Fitness Alliance’ and ‘DC Fitness Alliance.’

Photo by Danielle Cerullo from Unsplash