Increased Fiber Intake May Lower the Risk of Skin Cancer

Increased Fiber Intake May Lower the Risk of Skin Cancer

High-fiber foods are considered very healthy since they are linked to smaller chances of developing certain conditions, such as cardiovascular diseases and diabetes. Individuals who practice a fiber-rich diet usually have healthier intestines because fibers have numerous health benefits. A recent study discovered a connection between following diets rich in fibers and improved treatment efficiency for melanoma. 

The good bacteria in the intestines is vital for successful cancer treatment. The research team observed better treatment responses in individuals with skin cancer who consumed foods rich in fiber. After almost a year of therapy, these cancer patients had better survival chances, and their symptoms did not get worse. The research team also uncovered that increased consumption of high-fiber foods by 5-g per day is linked to a lesser likelihood of spreading the disease and decreased mortality risk. Remarkably, individuals who consumed enough foods rich in fibers and did not take any probiotic supplements tend to have the best therapy outcome.

The research team requested the participants to answer questions to review their food regime and their probiotic supplements dosage. For achieving the study’s goals, the researchers also determined a suitable daily fiber consumption of 20g. The results showed that only about one-third of the participants fulfilled the requirements for the determined fiber consumption. These individuals had greater chances of survival, and their cancer symptoms did not get worse.

However, this study has several limitations. First of all, the study failed to provide evidence that consumption of foods rich in fiber is directly connected to improved cancer treatment. In addition to that, the researcher team could not determine whether the participants followed the suggested diet and use of probiotic supplements.

The research team carried out tests in mice to verify the study’s findings. These tests showed that probiotics worsened the response to therapy. In line with these experiments, the researchers call for further research. The impact of probiotics on overall health and the response to cancer therapy should be examined with greater caution.

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