Israeli Nerivio Device Effective Against Chronic Migraines

Israeli Nerivio Device Effective Against Chronic Migraines

Chronic migraine is considered a frequent occurrence of headaches that happens at least 15 days each month for a minimum of three consecutive months. Research shows that 3% of those suffering from episodic migraines will likely develop a chronic condition. Israeli company Theranica developed a new wearable app-controlled device, Nerivio, which was proven to provide migraine headache relief using remote electronic neuromodulation (REN), an entirely harmless technology for pain modulation.

The FDA-approved wearable device is used to stimulate the nerves in the upper arm area and activate the body’s own pain-killing mechanism. Nerivio is remotely controlled via a smartphone app that enables intensity adjustment and contains a migraine diary for easier monitoring by medical professionals.

The device was put on trial in a recent open-label study, where 99 chronic migraine patients aged 18-75 were asked to apply Nerivio within an hour of migraine onset and not to take any medication for at least two hours after the treatment. Afterward, they were supposed to write their symptoms down in the app-based diary at the agreed benchmark intervals.

As many as 60% out of all tested participants experienced pain relief, while 65% of those participants stayed pain-free for another day or longer. Furthermore, a quarter achieved total absence of pain after two hours. Only one patient reported experiencing mild side effects during the treatment, which generally rendered Nerivio highly safe for use.

Dr. Liron Rabany, the chief scientist of Theranica and co-author of the present study, believes this is the largest clinical trial involving acute migraine treatment in adult and adolescent chronic migraine patients. Rabany is excited about further research and adjusting the REN technology to various migraine subtypes. She further added that any adult or adolescent suffering from chronic migraine should have the option of medication-free therapy.

Theranica partnered up with MC-Rx, a pharmacy benefit manager counting several millions of users all over the US, and approved Nevirio on their benefit formulary, meaning that patients who use Nerivio under healthcare recommendations will even have the possibility of a refund.

Photo credit: Theranica

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