Latest Research Shows CBD’s Pain Relieving Effects

Latest Research Shows CBD's Pain Relieving Effects

A recent study conducted by Syracuse University researchers shows just how potent CBD might be in pain management. It also reflects on the impact of the “placebo effect” on the pain outcomes.

One of the burning questions regarding CBD and pain management is whether pain relief stems from CBD’s pharmacological properties or placebo effect. Martin De Vita, Stephen Maisto, and Dezarie Moskal conducted a study in which they induced pain to the respondents in a controlled way and then treated them with placebo or pure CBD.

Additionally, they manipulated the information they provided to the respondents, so the participants wouldn’t know what they were receiving. Their data showed that CBD itself didn’t lower the pain. Instead, it managed to make it “less unpleasant.”

Their initial expectation was that predominantly psychological effects would affect pain relief, but to their surprise, pharmacological effects of CBD showed similar improvements.

However, since the data is rather complex, the researchers still have to discover the exact implications of the data and why CBD (or the placebo) causes such reactions to pain stimuli.

CBD has been referred to as a wonder drug that may help with many conditions. As such, it has been in great demand. Experts estimate that the CBD market featuring products such as CBD oils, CBD capsules, and CBD vape oils could be worth $20 billion by 2024.

So far, there has been little research that focuses on the pain management potential of CBD. For this reason, this Syracuse University researchers’ pioneering study is among the most important scientific investigations in this field.

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