Men With Low Testosterone May Develop Severe COVID-19

Men With Low Testosterone Levels May Develop Severe COVID-19

A recent study suggests that men with low testosterone levels may suffer more severely from COVID-19. Experts analyzed blood samples from coronavirus-positive patients (62 women and 90 men) at Barnes-Jewish Hospital in St. Louis to examine the relationship between the male sex hormone and severe symptoms.

Of the 152 test subjects, 143 ended up in the hospital. Researchers then took further blood samples from patients that remained hospitalized after days 3, 7, 14, and 28. Finally, they measured testosterone levels along with growth hormone, IGF-1, and estradiol levels.

For women, there was no link between hormone levels and infection severity. However, for men, testosterone levels seemed to indicate a correlation.

After sharing the results, experts admit that it’s still unclear if testosterone levels dropped due to the severity of the disease or if the actual lower levels of the hormone lead to the development of more severe cases.

What is clear from the data is that in light of COVID-19, doctors must be cautious prescribing hormone therapies in men that lower testosterone and raise estrogen levels. Plus, men might want to consult their healthcare providers about the possibility of taking the best testosterone boosters if they’re sure that their levels are low. Looking into the effects of taking testosterone boosters could help too.

Hopefully, continued research will shed more light on whether there’s a link between these sex hormones and cardiovascular complications in people who develop lingering coronavirus symptoms.

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