New Biomarker May Boost Depression Diagnostics

New Biomarker May Boost Depression Diagnostics

A biomarker is a biological molecule in the blood or tissue that can be used to assess the body’s response to a disease or a condition. A recent study found a biomarker that medical practitioners could use to evaluate the antidepressant response.

This new biomarker could help doctors identify depression. It allows rapid and precise examination for identifying a major depressive disorder. Also, it could determine whether a patient is responding to treatment. This treatment is not effective for about one-third of people who take antidepressants. Moreover, if the treatment is effective, a long time may pass before it is beneficial for the patients. The research team indicates that the negative effects connected to antidepressants may arise in the early phase of the treatment.

Earlier studies have shown that people who suffer from depression also have a decreased adenylyl cyclase, an enzyme found in almost every cell. When a person suffers from this mood disorder, there is a reduction in cyclic adenosine monophosphate. Individuals who suffer from depression are given antidepressant medications to increase the cyclic adenosine monophosphate.

The researchers identified a new biomarker that can be used to establish whether the antidepressant therapy is effective. The results can be expected after one week after the initial therapy. The Gs alpha was out of the lipid raft in people with depression who had improved symptoms as per previous studies. A simple blood test may identify the presence of the Gs alpha in the lipid raft. If the test shows that the biomarker has returned to regular levels, there is a good chance that the depression treatment is effective.

Nevertheless, there is a need for further research since the effect of antidepressants needs to be examined more closely. Medical practitioners hope that soon there will be more drugs with fewer adverse reactions for better depression treatment.

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