New Discovery of How Female Brain Responds to Genital Touch

New Discovery of How Female Brain Responds to Genital Touch

It was challenging to understand the exact area of the female brain linked to genital touch in the past. A recent study found that this region is the brain’s somatosensory cortex, responsible for receiving and processing genital stimulation. This area devotes brain space to identifying the touch of the body parts.

This topic was debatable until now because researchers used methods that were not accurate. Up till now, research focused only on stimulation in men. This news study was conducted by scientists from clinical psychology, biology, neuroscience, and cognitive psychology. Its focus was to comprehend the effect of genital stimulation on the brain in females. The study’s participants were healthy females who did not suffer from neurological, cognitive, physical, or sexual diseases. All of them answered a survey.

The researchers used fMRI to map the accurate representation of female genitalia by assessing the brain’s response to a membrane that vibrates over the clitoral area. The thickness of the brain region was examined by applying structural MRI. The sexual arousal was measured with the help of a seven-point visual analog scale. The thickness of the genital area changed with the rate of sexual intercourse, indicating that the structure of the region changes according to its use.

This study is significant because it addresses an area of previously neglected research. It is essential to understand how the female brain processes genital stimulation to understand the mechanisms that represent a base for several clinical conditions, for instance, consequences of sexual abuse or the lack of sexual pleasure. This research team laid a foundation for future studies. It is of great importance to understand the effect of sexual disorders on the female brain and the mental impact of sexual abuse.

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