New Superfood Coming From a Volcanic Hot Spring

New Superfood Coming From a Volcanic Hot Spring

According to Dutch scientists, the breathtaking stygian landscapes on the outskirts of volcanic springs might be the source of the hottest new superfood, Galdieria. The researchers from the Wageningen University in the Netherlands have come up with a method of growing this incredibly nutrient-dense algae variety that can serve as a great supplement.

In a nutshell, Galdieria is a type of alga that’s jam-packed with nutrients. The latest research shows that this superfood can be beneficial for human health.

The mineral-abundant waters close to the center of volcanic springs reach the boiling temperature and are too hot for vegetation to survive. However, the areas close to the pool’s edges are cold enough for the algae to flourish.

Spirulina, an organism similar to Galdieria, has been used as a common food supplement for years, and it remains a favorite among health enthusiasts. Nevertheless, growing such algae and maintaining their nutritional value can be extremely expensive.

Fabian Abiusi, the lead researcher, explains that the key to sustainability is cultivating Galdieria in a mixotrophic photobioreactor. This way, the algae receive a sufficient amount of both organic substrate and light.

But what is it that makes these newly discovered algae so unique? As it turns out, Galdieria is abundant in amino acids—the building blocks of protein. Since plant-based diets are often scarce in amino acids, this new superfood can be an excellent way for vegans and vegetarians to make their diet more well-rounded.

Finally, Abiusi also hopes that Galdieria can allow better utilization of organic waste and boost the general well-being of its consumers.

Photo by ben lim on Unsplash

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