Personalized Music Playlist May Reduce Anxiety Symptoms

Personalized Music Playlist May Reduce Anxiety Symptoms

As per earlier research, music has a positive impact on reducing stress. A new study discovered that music playlists developed with the help of artificial intelligence could lessen the symptoms in people with anxiety.

A research team based at the Ryerson University in Toronto led a study that focused on the connection between music and anxiety and uncovered that AI-produced music and auditory beat stimulation could mitigate the symptoms of individuals who suffer from anxiety. They believe that this study may pave the way for straightforward and affordable anxiety treatment.

Dr. Mallik, the study’s primary author, suggests that the positive effects of calming music may increase if the songs are personalized and reflect the present mood of the patient. In addition, research has shown that self-selected songs may prompt the release of neurochemicals, and activating the opioid system has a positive impact on both healthy individuals and those who have mild anxiety.

163 anxiety patients took part in the study, and none of them was on medication for treating anxiety. Before the study began, the participants answered questions about their music taste. The researchers divided the patients into four groups:

  • personalized playlist and auditory beat stimulation
  • personalized playlist only
  • auditory beat stimulation only
  • pink noise

All participants downloaded an app and listened to a customized music session provided for a particular group they belonged to. Then, the researchers measured the effects of the music on each participant.

In line with the results, they divided the participants into moderate and high trait anxiety groups. It was discovered that the individuals with modern trait anxiety who listened to the personalized music playlists and auditory beat stimulation had the most significant symptom reduction. On the other side, the findings showed that participants with high trait anxiety need more time and longer treatments to achieve the same results.

The research team believes that this study can help shape anxiety treatment by including AI-produced music. They also suggest that if the patients believe they can control the therapy, the outcome would be significantly better.

Photo by Ben Blennerhassett on Unsplash

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