Reducing Pain in Knee Osteoarthritis With Turmeric

Reducing Pain in Knee Osteoarthritis With Turmeric

Turmeric can do wonders in treating skin conditions and inflammatory disorders, which is why many patients turn to turmeric supplements to alleviate symptoms.

According to the latest study published in BMC Trials, you can swap out conventional pain relievers with all-natural turmeric extract since it is just as safe and effective.

The research compares the success rate and safety of bioavailable turmeric and paracetamol in individuals suffering from knee osteoarthritis.

In the regulated clinical trial lasting six weeks, patients with knee osteoarthritis were given bioavailable turmeric extract (500mg capsule, twice a day) or paracetamol (650mg tablet, three times a day). The paracetamol group consisted of 73 patients, while the turmeric group comprised 71 patients.

The outcomes were the following:

  1. After six weeks of turmeric extract therapy, the WOMAC total score, function, stiffness, and pain score in patients improved significantly—by 23.59%, 20.25%, 28.5%, and 32.09%, respectively.
  2. The equivalence test showed similar WOMAC scores for both the turmeric group and the paracetamol group.
  3. In the turmeric extract group, WOMAC pain and stiffness/function score improved by more than 50% in 18% of subjects. What’s more, 3% of patients saw an improvement score of more than 70% in these categories.
  4. Bioavailable turmeric extract is more effective in reducing TNF-α and CRP levels than paracetamol. Namely, TNF-α and CRP levels were reduced by 74.81% and 37.21%, respectively.
  5.  The paracetamol group reported more side effects than the turmeric extract group (12.68% versus 5.48%).

All taken into consideration, bioavailable turmeric extract is proven to be an excellent natural alternative to common painkillers like paracetamol. It is perfectly safe, and it causes no severe side effects. Finally, and most importantly, it is as effective as conventional medication.

Photo by Lucaxx Freire on Unsplash

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