Study Finds Magnesium Vital Against Cancer and Infections

Study Finds Magnesium Vital Against Cancer and Infections

A new study conducted by a research team from Switzerland found that a particular immune cell — named cytotoxic — can remove malignant or infected cells, but only if magnesium is present. Insufficient magnesium intake is associated with many different diseases. Furthermore, previous research has shown that low serum levels are connected to bad results in immuno-oncology therapies.

Magnesium is one of the seven microminerals recommended to be consumed every day. People should take a substantial daily dose of magnesium to maintain their health. It can be primarily found in spinach and peanuts, cashews, and almonds. Magnesium consumption is linked to improved bone health, lower chances of developing type 2 diabetes, and improved health of the heart and blood vessels. This mineral is also vital for the muscles since it regulates muscle contractions. Moreover, it regulates blood pressure and is essential for the immune system.

As per earlier research, cancer tends to grow faster in mice who consume food low on magnesium. In line with that, their immune system can’t offer suitable protection against influenza viruses. Yet, there are not enough studies that focus on the role of magnesium in boosting the immune system.

The research team examined data from earlier studies on immuno-oncology. It was discovered that low serum levels of the mineral are linked to faster disease progression. The researchers investigated if serum magnesium concentration is a credible marker. The body can’t fully access magnesium in serum since it’s bound to a specific protein. However, further research is needed on how magnesium situated outside the body’s cells influences the immune system.

Scientists are considering means to increase the magnesium concentration in the patients’ cancers. The study suggests that this scheme turned out to be prosperous in mice. In addition to that, researchers want to examine if, by taking magnesium supplements, cancer patients would have improved results from immunotherapies.

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