Study Finds That 10-Minutes Run May Benefit Brain Activity

Study Finds That 10-Minutes Run May Benefit Brain Activity

One of the most beneficial physical activities is thought to be running, and it can promote physical health and build strong bones and muscles. Also, running can lower mental health burdens. A research team based at the University of Tsukuba in Japan conducted a new study demonstrating how a 10-minutes moderate run can lift one’s spirits and enhance executive function.

Running requires control responses to sensory information that moderately activates the prefrontal cortex to coordinate balance and movement. Moving the head up and down during running may benefit the serotonin receptor regulation in the prefrontal cortex and enhance cognitive control while lifting the runner’s mood. Moreover, the mechanical impact during running increases blood circulation, thereby improving brain activity.

This study focused on the executive brain function following a moderate 10-minutes run on a treadmill. The research team examined this particular function by using the Stroop task. Also, they applied near-infrared spectroscopy to investigate the changes that occur in the activated brain area during physical activity. The study’s findings showed that moderate running, considered the most popular running condition, enhances the mood through arousal and influences executive function and pleasure.

Nevertheless, this study fails to give information concerning the global population since it involved only 26 participants. Another major drawback is that the researchers couldn’t clearly note the running frequency of the participants. Apart from that, another shortfall of the study is that the participants may not have given entirely accurate answers, and as a consequence, the mood scale is open to bias.

Given the above, there is a need for future research that will compare running to non-weight-bearing exercises using equal time durations and intensity levels to perceive potential differences. In addition to that, it is essential to establish an exercise with minimal effects that will promote physical and mental health as well.

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