Vitamin A May Help in Regaining Your Smell After COVID-19

Vitamin A May Help in Regaining Your Smell After COVID-19

Researchers from the James Paget University Hospital and the UEA are starting a new study to explore if Vitamin A might help people regain their sense of smell following viruses like COVID-19.

The loss of smell is a typical COVID-19 symptom, but many other viruses can cause distortion and smell loss, as well. Whereas most people get their sense of smell back within several weeks, many are left with long-term smell issues.

Professor Carl Philpott of the University of East Anglia’s Norwich Medical School and the James Paget University Hospitals NHS Trust says it’s unclear why some people have persistent smell problems while others don’t.

Certain people with persistent difficulties probably have more ACE2 receptors, which allow the spike protein to get in and attack the smell. A healthy look Into the world of vitamin A-rich foods confirms just how beneficial they are to our health. Vitamin-A has been shown to have potential benefits in previous German research.

The UEA team will investigate how this treatment works to help repair nose tissues that viruses have damaged. The Apollo research team will assist patients who have lost their sense of smell owing to a viral infection.

They will be given either a 12-week treatment of vitamin A nasal drops or inactive comparable doses, and their brains will be examined before and after therapy. The findings will be compared to a control group that did not get vitamin A drops.

It’s critical to research effective interventions to assist people affected by odor disorders, which negatively influence their quality of life and enjoyment.

Patients must be recommended to The Smell and Taste Clinic at the James Paget University Hospital by their general practitioner to participate in this study. The study should start In December 2021.

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