ADT Medical Alert Plus Review

adt medical alert plus
  • Connectivity: Cellular
  • Monitoring Range: 600 feet
  • Battery Life: 20 hours
  • Cellular Monthly Fee: $34.99
  • Equipment Fee: Free
  • Fall Detection: $10.00
  • Languages Supported: 1 (English)
  • Customer Support: Phone, Email
  • Additional Features: Fire & Smoke Monitoring, Multiperson Monitoring, GPS

ADT is a well-known home security company that also makes medical alert systems. We decided on skipping the ADT Medical Alert Basic altogether and instead focused entirely on the cellular option in this ADT Medical Alert Plus review

The company’s basic landline system doesn’t offer anything that other companies don’t have in a better package. It has inferior specifications, and it lacks some essential features. The equipment used for the Plus system is nearly identical to the MobileHelp Classic, but there are individual differences in the hardware and the services are entirely different. 

Though most features of this system are average, ADT still offers a unique option of affordable multiperson monitoring, including fall detection monitoring at a flat price. You pay for the first additional pendant and service, but you can add up to 3 people for the same price! 

Design and Major Features


If you’ve read our Medical Guardian reviews, you probably know that different medical alert firms sometimes use the same devices manufactured by a third-party company. This is not uncommon, and it doesn’t make a difference when it comes to the quality of the services provided. The MobileHelp Classic and ADT’s Medical Alert Plus system use similar equipment. 

The system’s cellular base unit works wherever there’s AT&T coverage, and it has a very distinct look. The white device features huge buttons that glow all the time. This makes them unmissable and easy to find in the dark, but you can’t turn them off or dim them.

The largest of the three is the red emergency button on the left, while on the right, there’s a smaller blue reset button. There is also a little test button in the middle, which allows you to test the equipment without calling the response center. 

Batteries and Power

All the buttons surround a 2.2 x 0.75 inch LCD panel that displays the time and date, room temperature, cellular signal, and battery levels. The system’s 30-hour backup battery, which is relatively low compared to other systems. While some devices like the Medical Guardian Active Guardian have outstanding battery life, it’s not crucial for an in-home system to have this feature. Still, it’s worth mentioning.

Accessory Design

The display and buttons occupy one half of the upper face of the base unit while the other half is covered with a microphone/speaker grill. It allows loud and clear two-way communication with the emergency response center. 

The help button is a choice of a white neck pendant or a black or white wristband. All of them are waterproof and suitable to be worn in the shower, but they have quite a modest 600-foot pendant range.

Additional Features and Accessories

Safety and Protection

Out of all the additional features, this company only offers an ADT fall detection pendant and multiperson monitoring for this system. To sum up, there are no wall-mounted buttons and voice extenders, no lockbox, and no check-in service. However, since ADT is a home security company, it also offers advanced fire, smoke, CO, and even flood monitoring solutions (as part of another system).

The base unit itself has an ambient temperature sensor that detects unusually low or high temperatures so that it can act as a necessary fire monitoring feature. To get GPS, you must opt for the ADT On-the-Go emergency response system, which is a separate system similar to the Mobile Guardian. Get it if you need protection on the go. Otherwise, it’s too expensive to be considered an upgrade.

Fall Detection and Adding People

But enough about the negatives, the best feature this company offers is the ability for multiple people in the household to get affordable monitoring and fall detection. Here’s how it works. Regular additional pendants cost around $15, and you can add three of them. Monitoring for the first additional person is an extra $5 per month, but there is no charge for the next two people you want to add.

Similarly, a fall detection pendant for the first user comes with an additional $10 monthly fee. The same fee is added for the second person who gets fall detection, but there are no monitoring fees for the third and fourth person. Additional users only need to make a one-time payment of around $25 for the fall detection pendants.

ADT Medical Alert Plus Reviews and Monitoring Services

Overall, this company enjoys an excellent reputation, but the customer reviews you can find on the internet are not just for its medical alerts. ADT is primarily a home security company with a monitoring center for its various systems. Therefore, it does not specialize in providing help in only one field, as other medical alert companies do.

However, it does offer a capable 24/7 service, just like any other company. Its agents are just as professional and knowledgeable in helping people in medical emergencies as they are in other cases. Still, they only do this in English. Remember, the best systems have language support for up to 200 languages. 

Two-way communication through the base unit was always loud and clear, while the response times were around 35–40 seconds, which is average.

ADT Medical Alert Cost and Contracts


If you don’t need any additional features such as fall detection or a cellular base unit and you don’t mind the extremely short pendant range, you can choose the ADT Medical Alert Basic, which costs around $30 per month. However, ADT Medical Alert Plus is much better, in our opinion, even if you don’t opt for any additional features. This cellular in-home system costs around $37 per month. 


Mandatory multi-year contracts are hugely unpopular among users and the chief complaint in Life Alert reviews. There are no long-term contracts required with this company. But also, there are no discounted monthly fees for longer commitments, and there are no payment plan options other than the monthly plan. However, there are no additional costs either—no shipping fee, no device fee, and no activation and cancellation fees for this system.

Ordering and Setup

Getting Your Medical Alert System

To order any ADT medical alert system, call its phone number (800) 246-9320 and get a free quote. You can also do that on ADT’s official website. There are other ways to save when shopping for its systems online. ADT promo codes are offered on most major holidays, and they can give you various bonuses. 

So keep an eye on them before making a purchase. Since there aren’t many additional features, the online ordering process is pretty straightforward. We’ve already explained how you can inexpensively extend the protection to multiple people in the household, so make sure to take advantage of it if you need to.

Setting It Up

As this system uses a cellular unit, no landline is required, and you only need to plug in the power cord. After a few seconds, your devices will be ready to use. All that’s left to do is run a test call by pressing the help button. 

The system will start beeping and start connecting to the help center. When the help agent answers, tell them you’re just testing the unit. If there are no communication issues, you’re good to go, and you can start using your med alert on a regular basis.

Final Verdict

The Pros

  • Leading home security company
  • Flat rate for additional accessories
  • Temperature monitoring sensor
  • Waterproof

The Cons

  • Short base unit battery life
  • Only a few additional features

Final Verdict

This company is one of the leaders in medical home security, and you can see why from our ADT Medical Alert Plus review. When it comes to its medical alert systems, we recommend the cellular plus option over the basic setup. Its landline system, the Medical Alert Basic, doesn’t have an option for a fall detection pendant, and it has an extremely short 300-foot range. 

The ADT Medical Alert Plus gives you affordable fall detection and multiperson monitoring. You pay for the first additional person, but there’s no added monthly charge if you want to add up to two more people. 

This is great for multiple people in the same household who can all get fall detection pendants at a flat price. We liked this option, and we were willing to turn a blind eye to the very short backup battery life of the base unit and short pendant ranges during our ADT Medical Alert Plus review. Also note that, besides fire and smoke monitoring, this company offers no additional features.

adt medical alert plus
  • Range & Battery Life 7
  • Monitoring Services 8
  • Contracts & Fees 8
  • Help & Support 8
  • Additional Features 7
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