Bay Alarm Medical GPS Alert System Review

bay alarm medical gps laert system
  • Connectivity: Cellular
  • Monitoring Range: Mobile
  • Battery Life: 72 hours
  • Cellular Monthly Fee: $29.95
  • Equipment Fee: $79.95
  • Fall Detection: $9.95
  • Languages Supported: 170
  • Customer Support: Phone, Email, FAQ
  • Additional Features: GPS, Multiperson Monitoring, Lockbox

Our Bay Alarm Medical GPS alert system review will outline all the pros and cons of this solution and how it ranks among other medical alert systems. This company offers one of the most affordable and, in our opinion, the best in-home systems. 

The company’s mobile solution is also very affordable, with costs like any typical landline system—though not as affordable as our top pick for a mobile medical alert, the GreatCall Lively Mobile. It’s also a tad larger than the Lively Mobile, but so is its battery. 

Considering how long Bay Alarm Medical has been in business, you can expect top-notch quality equipment and services. This is an excellent yet inexpensive solution for active seniors and people with health issues who want to have access to a 24/7 emergency response service not just at home but everywhere they go.

Design and Major Features


The equipment for the Bay Alarm Medical GPS alert system consists of a black all-in-one mobile device and a charging cradle. It uses an included AT&T SIM card to connect to the emergency response center. So a separate cellular plan is not on the list of Bay Alarm Medical GPS alert system requirements

The portable device weighs just over two ounces and measures 2.7 x 1.8 x 0.7 inches (H, W, D). It’s heavier and larger than the Lively Mobile, with a 32 hours battery life.

On the front, it has a round help button in the center, an oval speaker above it, various indicators, and a microphone below it. There’s a power button on the right side, and on the top, there are holes for attaching a lanyard that comes included. 

GPS and Notifications

Unlike the Bay Alarm Medical In-Home medical alert, this device has built-in GPS technology, giving you the liberty to go anywhere there’s cell coverage and be protected. Furthermore, the device is IPX5 waterproof, meaning it’s suitable to be worn in the shower.

The power indicator turns solid red when the battery falls under 30%; it’s a solid yellow while charging; finally, it blinks yellow when the battery is fully charged. When you call for help, and it establishes a connection, the cellular indicator turns solid yellow. 

According to other Bay Alarm Medical GPS alert system reviews, if it blinks fast, it’s searching for a connection. We never had issues with the connection, so it blinked slowly, indicating it’s connected to a cellular network. Likewise, the GPS indicator blinks slowly when it’s connected and fast while searching for a GPS network. If you’ve ever used GPS in the Maps app of your phone, you know that its performance can sometimes vary.

Bay Alarm Medical Fall Detection and Accessories

Durability and Safety

Since this is a waterproof mobile medical alert system, it can go everywhere with you, including the shower. This means you don’t need voice extension and wall-mounted help buttons. As with any portable system, there is no fire and smoke detection feature, but this company also doesn’t offer a check-in service or medication reminders.

You can get a lockbox with this system by opting for the semi-annual plan, which includes it for free. Otherwise, the monthly fee for the lockbox is around $2. This is one of the medical alert systems with GPS and fall detection built-in. You can enable automatic fall detection for approximately $10 per month since this is the most important additional feature.

Tracking and Monitoring

Another service the company offers is caregiver tracking. It costs around $5 per month, and it allows caregivers to track the GPS location of med alert users via a web portal. The portal has a map that shows the current position of the device, as well as previous locations in 15-minute intervals. If the help button is pressed, an SOS sign appears and the time and date of the call are recorded.

There is also a Bay Alarm Medical app that allows GPS tracking. Moreover, there’s a geofencing feature that will enable caregivers to set a perimeter for the user. If they leave it, the caregiver will receive text or email alerts. This is a great feature if your loved ones have issues like dementia.

Finally, Bay Alarm Medical gives you the option to add relatively affordable multiperson monitoring. A full additional mobile system costs just $20 per month, saving you around $10 monthly. Bundling the in-home and mobile system saves you the same amount of money and costs around $40 per month for both systems.

Monitoring Services

Getting Assistance

The Bay Alarm Medical customer service and its emergency response center are there for you 24/7. Wherever you are, you can get help by the press of a button. The two-way communication is pretty easy thanks to the quality of the speaker/microphone combo of this device. There’s no distortion and the volume is excellent. 

The company’s help agents can provide assistance in 170 languages, and they’re always professional and pleasant to talk to. Even after numerous test calls, they didn’t mind. In fact, they encourage you to test the system once in a while.

Response Times

With a reliable company such as Bay Alarm Medical, complaints are rare. However, we must say that the response times for this device disappointed us. They averaged just under one minute, which is one of the slowest response times around. 

Furthermore, it takes the agents another 30 seconds to pinpoint your location. The same monitoring agents picked up after about 35 seconds on their in-home system. Nevertheless, this medical alert system never failed to connect us to the emergency response center. We find these response times acceptable, but you should note that other service providers, like GreatCall, respond in under 15 seconds.

Bay Alarm Medical Cost and Contracts


The monthly fee for Bay Alarm Medical’s GPS alert system is around $30. This is the average price of a basic in-home system, so this mobile solution is very affordable. The monthly fee is the same, whether you choose to be billed monthly, quarterly, or semi-annually. 

However, making quarterly payments gets you free ground shipping ($10 value), while semi-annual payments also grant you the aforementioned free lockbox, in addition to free shipping.

Special Deals

Around major holidays and seasonal sales, there’s usually a Bay Alarm Medical promo code or two. These can give you free shipping, a free month of service, or free equipment. Otherwise, there is a one-time device fee of around $50. 

A special offer can also include a pre-calculated discount on the monthly fee. We must note that no long-term contracts are required, and there are no activation or cancellation fees. Moreover, Bay Alarm Medical allows a 30-day risk-free trial period for all of its medical alert systems.

Ordering and Setup

Ordering You System

To order this system, call the toll-free Bay Alarm Medical phone number 1-877-522-9633. An agent will assist you in choosing the best solution for you, as well as the best payment plan, additional features, and accessories. 

You can also order online on the Bay Alarm official website and choose all of the features yourself. Then fill in your personal information, your emergency contact information, and shipping details. Your equipment will arrive after a few days.

Setting Things Up

When your order arrives, the box will contain the GPS help button, a charging cradle, a USB power adapter and cable, a lanyard, a black case with a belt clip, and the Bay Alarm Medical GPS medical alert system manual

The device will work right out of the box, but you’ll need to charge it for three to four hours first. When the battery is fully charged, the power button will glow amber. Take the device off the charger and check the cellular and GPS indicators to see if you’re getting adequate reception. Next, perform a test call before you start using the system regularly. And that’s it! Nothing further to set up—your device is good to go.

Final Verdict

The Pros

  • Affordable
  • Simple to use
  • Good battery life
  • Waterproof

The Cons

  • A bit more expensive and larger than some rival devices
  • No caregiver tracking mobile app

Final Verdict

If we take a look at other Bay Alarm Medical reviews, AARP guidelines, and other similar guides, we come to a simple conclusion: medical alert systems encourage seniors to maintain an active lifestyle and help avoid having to go to a nursing home. They also give younger people with serious health issues peace of mind. 

This affordable mobile system by Bay Alarm Medical will provide you with the liberty of almost unlimited protection anywhere you go. However, its response times in our tests were not very good, and we have seen better services than this one. 

Though cheaper than some in-home systems, we’ve explained in our Bay Alarm Medical GPS alert system review that it’s a bit larger, more expensive, and it lacks some of the features of our top pick, the GreatCall Lively Mobile.

bay alarm medical gps laert system
  • Range & Battery Life 8
  • Monitoring Services 8
  • Contracts & Fees 8
  • Help & Support 8
  • Additional Features 7
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