Bay Alarm Medical In-Home Medical Alert Review

bay alarm medical in-home medical alert
  • Connectivity: Landline, Cellular
  • Monitoring Range: 1000 feet
  • Battery Life: 32 hours
  • Cellular Monthly Fee: $34.90
  • Equipment Fee: Free
  • Fall Detection: $9.95
  • Languages Supported: 170
  • Customer Support: Phone, Email, FAQ
  • Additional Features: GPS, Multiperson Monitoring, Wall-Mounted Button, Lockbox

We’ll preface our Bay Alarm Medical In-Home medical alert review by stating upfront that this is the most affordable and, in our opinion, the best in-home system currently available on the market. During our research, we got the impression that not a lot of features distinguish various medical alert systems from each other.

The monitoring services and the equipment of these companies operate fairly similarly. Most of them even offer the same additional features. Often, the only thing that differs is the price of the monthly subscription.

Besides a few minor drawbacks, like the hard-to-reach reset button, this medical alert nails every other important aspect, making it our top pick for predominantly homebound people.

Bay Alarm Medical In-Home Medical Alert Design and Major Features


In addition to having a US-based monitoring service with nationwide coverage, Bay Alarm Medical’s equipment is made in the US. The equipment is nearly identical to Rescue Alert’s system.

The system consists of a white base unit which can be placed on a flat surface or mounted on a wall and a white wrist help button which can also be worn on a lanyard as a neck pendant. On the front of the Bay Alarm Medical alert base station, there’s nothing but a huge red help button and the speaker/microphone grill. The unit’s audio quality is excellent.

The base unit does have a reset button, but it’s tucked away in the back of the unit. We don’t know why that is, but this is not the most fortunate placement. What’s more, it’s right next to a test/learn button that’s similarly sized.

If you press the reset button within 15 seconds of calling for help, it will cancel the call. This makes the Bay Alarm Medical In-Home system different from systems that have a reset button on the front because their button only stops the beeping, it does not cancel the call.

Connections and Pendant

To connect to the monitoring center, the system uses a landline or AT&T’s 3G SIM card if you opt for the cellular option. The base station’s built-in backup battery lasts for 32 hours, which will get you through a typical power outage.

The waterproof pendant is quite small and light. It has a gray help button and a status light. Other Bay Alarm Medical alert reviews and our tests confirmed that the excellent 1000-foot pendant range is more than sufficient for comfortable use in and around the house.

Additional Features and Accessories

Cost-effective Plans

Bay Alarm Medical offers most, but not all, of the possible additional features. It does not offer wellness checks, voice extension, and fire and smoke monitoring. While the latter two are rarely offered, the lack of wellness checks is somewhat regrettable. However, this company makes up for it by offering very affordable additional features that don’t add much to the already low Bay Alarm Medical cost of the monthly subscription.

First of all, if you opt for the semi-annual payment plan, you’ll get a free lockbox. Otherwise, this accessory will cost you less than $2 per month. If you want to extend the protection to another person in the household, every additional help pendant also costs less than $2 per month. One wall-mounted help button is less than $3 per month, while a bundle of four wall buttons costs less than $10 per month.

Extra Safety

Other Bay Alarm Medical reviews and AARP share our opinion that automatic fall detection is the most important additional feature you can get. The monthly fee for a fall detection pendant is around $10. If we add that to the cost of a landline system, we come to around $30 per month. This is actually the average price of an in-home system. In other words, by opting for this system, you get fall detection for free.

While we didn’t come across a Bay Alarm Medical AARP discount, the official website states that senior discounts are offered periodically, so make sure to look out for them.

Finally, adding GPS add-on monitoring to the in-home system costs $20 per month. The in-home plus GPS bundle is about $10 less expensive than buying the systems separately. By bundling the services, you will have complete protection at home and anywhere you go.

Monitoring Services


We went through countless user reviews during our research for our review. The Bay Alarm Medical Consumer Reports reviews, as well as our experience with their monitoring services, have shown that this company’s help agents are well-trained, professional, and pleasant to talk to.

Response Times

The response times were fast, ranging from 30 to 40 seconds. This includes 20 seconds for the dialing procedure. The system never failed to establish a connection and communication with the live agent was always crystal clear. Bay Alarm Medical’s call center is capable of providing help in 170 languages, making it one of the best in our medical alert reviews when it comes to language support.

Contracts and Fees


Long-term contracts are a big negative in our book. Life Alert scored so low because of them. Like the great majority of companies, Bay Alarm Medical does not require you to sign an annual contract. However, choosing to use the system for a longer period has some benefits.

The monthly fees for the landline option stay around $20 and around $35 for the cellular option. Still, opting for quarterly payments grants you free shipping, and you also receive a free lockbox for semi-annual payments.

Fees and Warranties

If we compare Bay Alarm Medical vs Life Alert, one of the oldest and most famous medical alert companies, we can say that we much prefer Bay Alarm Medical’s policies. Besides no long-term contracts, this company’s system also has no device fee, no activation fee, and no cancellation fee. Furthermore, they offer a 30-day trial period, no strings attached.

On top of the above, their equipment is covered by a lifetime warranty. For instance, the battery in their pendants lasts five years without charging. When it starts to run low, it sends a signal to the monitoring service, and they ship you a brand new button for free.

Ordering and Setup of the Bay Alarm Medical In-Home Medical Alert

Ordering Your System

The Bay Alarm Medical monitoring center is there to help you 24/7, just like their customer service. If you have any questions, call the toll free number 1-877-522-9633, and they’ll provide any information that’s missing on the Bay Alarm’s official website. You can also reach them by email, or ask a live agent on the website. But before you do, check out the FAQ section because it may already have the answer you’re looking for.

To order by phone, you need to call a different number, 1-855-762-2807. You can also easily order online and take advantage of a Bay Alarm Medical promo code at checkout. Browse through their offers, compare products, add accessories and additional features, and more. When the equipment arrives, they’ll also send you a mail-in protection plan form.

This is where you enter your emergency contacts and your lockbox code. They’ll also send you a “Vial of Life,” where you list important medical information and medications to assist emergency responders. Then put this secure plastic folder in a place where responders will know to look for it.

 Setting It All Up

Setting up this system is as easy as it gets. Still, if you need assistance, call the Bay Alarm Medical customer service. If you bought the cellular option, plug it in the power outlet, wait a few seconds for the system to inform you that it’s good to go, and that’s it!

The landline option sets up the same, but you also have to connect your phone and the base unit. Before you start using the system on a regular basis, run a few tests from different distances from the base unit to make sure everything is fully operational.

Final Verdict

The Pros

  • Affordable
  • Easy setup
  • Fast response time
  • Great pendant range
  • Waterproof

The Cons

  • Hidden reset button

Final Verdict

To wrap up our Bay Alarm Medical In-Home medical alert review, we’ll say again that you simply can’t find more affordable protection than this.

With its inexpensive upgrades, easy setup and use, fast response times, reliable monitoring services, and an impressive help button range, you’ll get our overall champion among in-home systems. It is the best choice for people seeking to buy a medical alert system for home use.