Blue Apron Review

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  • Meal variety: Lots of meal options for vegetarians
  • Freshness: Highest-grade fresh ingredients
  • Ease of preparation: Suitable for all levels of culinary skill
  • Customizability: Customizations available with various plans
  • Customer service: Friendly and efficient
  • Price: From $7.49 per serving

If you’re struggling with putting healthy and wholesome meals together, or you just want to save some time, you might have considered ordering meals from Blue Apron. However, even if you’ve read other Blue Apron reviews, we recommend you also read through ours before making a purchase since we explain everything you need to know. For example, menu options, total costs, and comparisons with similar meal delivery services. Let’s begin!

About Blue Apron

Blue Apron is a popular recipe and fresh ingredient delivery service that enables culinary artists of all levels to prepare delicious meals at home. So, if you don’t have time to plan out your meals and go to the grocery store, Blue Apron might be for you. In a nutshell, you get fresh, locally sourced food in pre-measured portions, and all you need to do is follow the step-by-step recipes.

How Does Blue Apron Work?

If you’re familiar with how meal kit services typically work, you’ll quickly find your way around Blue Apron. Nevertheless, if you’re entirely new, don’t worry, the steps are straightforward.

For starters, you’ll need to enter your email address and then select the desired plan. Right now, you can choose between two, three, or four recipes each week for a minimum of two or a maximum of four individuals. Remember, the more servings you order, the less expensive they get, but we’ll get into the pricing details later in this Blue Apron review.

Unfortunately, you can only register dietary choices like wellness or vegetarian if you’re buying meals for two. However, although the largest meal plan is not flexible when it comes to dietary restrictions, it’s substantially cheaper.

According to Blue Apron reviews, meal kits come with all the essentials to make lunch or dinner (except pepper, salt, and oil), and they’re delivered on days you can specify (other than Sunday). Unfortunately, you read that right; Blue Apron doesn’t offer breakfast.

That being said, another thing you’ll need to keep in mind is that the meals will be delivered to you every week, and you’ll be charged until you cancel or pause the membership. Also, if you don’t pick and choose the meals manually via the app or the website, Blue Apron will suggest meals in accordance with your original plan.

Choosing a Meal

This wouldn’t be a detailed review of Blue Apron if we didn’t address how meals are chosen. First of all, you’ll get around 12 to 16 meal kits each week that you can pick and choose from. You are also offered one or two “premium” choices from these delicious meals that typically include higher-grade seafood or steak.

If you’re on a plant-based or a vegetarian diet, you’ll have about four meals to choose from. The same goes for the wellness option, which typically offers four meals too. You’ll also notice that some of these meals are labeled “easy prep and cleanup” for cooks looking for extra convenience.

Here’s what the reviews on Blue Apron say about the ordering process:

  1. Sign up by giving your email address.
  2. Choose your plan for the week and the recipe number per week. After you’ve selected the plan and checked the pricing, you’ll head to the checkout section.
  3. You’ll need to provide information for the delivery (name and address) and proceed to billing.
  4. Lastly, choose the desired meals.

Changing the Order

Blue Apron makes it simple to skip certain weeks, modify recipes, or pause your membership with their handy website and smartphone app. However, reviews for Blue Apron note that any modifications must be finalized at least six days before the next scheduled delivery.

Canceling the Order

Suppose one day you decide that you don’t need Blue Apron anymore. If you want to know how to cancel Blue Apron, there’s really nothing to it. Namely, if you choose to terminate your account, contact the friendly customer experience team via [email protected] You’ll receive an email with directions on how to complete the request.

Blue Apron Review: The Menu

With Blue Apron, you can choose from three meal plans: Signature (with 2- and 4-serving variants), Vegetarian, and Wellness. Each meal plan includes a weekly rotating menu from which you can select your meals.

Does Blue Apron Have Vegan Meals?

Sadly, Blue Apron’s menu plan doesn’t claim to be vegan-friendly. However, you may find some good plant-based recipes on their vegetarian menu. One of the biggest pros of Blue Apron is that the recipes are extremely detailed. This means that if you have certain dietary restrictions and food preferences and don’t want specific ingredients in your meals, you can analyze the complete recipe before ordering.

Fortunately, the majority of Blue Apron’s meals are made using quality protein derived from plants. So, for instance, you can find delicious vegetarian recipes such as Yuzu and Maple-Glazed Tofu over fried brown rice and Salsa Verde Gnocchi with mushrooms and pistachio breadcrumbs.

Does Blue Apron Do GlutenFree Meals?

Although not all Blue Apron recipes are gluten-free, you can sometimes find meals suitable for people with different food intolerances. Please make sure to read the recipe card provided and the detailed instructions before making the final order.

Does Blue Apron Have Keto Meals?

Not really. But you can customize some of the meals to suit your dietary preferences if you’re eating low-carb. For example, sometimes, you can swap out high-carb foods like rice for added veggies.

Is Blue Apron Organic?

Blue Apron declares that some of their ingredients are USDA-certified organic. They also state that they’re committed to shipping top-grade ingredients in each delivery and supporting sustainable farming practices.

Who Is Blue Apron Good For?

Based on the Blue Apron recipe reviews, the meals are relatively simple to prepare. That means that Blue Apron is suitable for chefs of all skill levels. Also, since Blue Apron offers a wide selection of dishes that take up to 30 minutes to prepare, it’s an ideal choice for people in a rush.

Who Is Blue Apron Not Good For?

If you have special dietary requirements or serious food allergies, you may be better off with a meal kit delivery service like Sun Basket. That being said, you can customize some meals to make them gluten-free, but the choices may be more limited.


Blue Apron reviews note that the recipes are typically packed with flavor. For instance, the meat is fresh, juicy, and top-grade, and the vegetables are just a tad crunchy. But, of course, you’ll need to add some of your favorite condiments, salt and pepper (and other spices if you desire) to fine-tune the taste to your liking.


Sadly, like even some of the best meal delivery services out there, Blue Apron doesn’t use environmentally-friendly packaging. For instance, boxes arrive stuffed with plastic wrap. On the bright side, the packaging ensures that all ingredients arrive at your doorstep fresh. Also, you can find the “Eat.Recycle.Repeat” page on the website, where you’ll learn how to recycle almost all of the materials used in the packaging.

Blue Apron Pricing

By choosing the Signature meal plan, you’ll pay $9.99 per serving for two recipes per week and $8.99 for three or four weekly recipes. In addition, the Blue Apron cost for shipping is a flat $9.99 fee. Now, if you choose the Signature for 4, two recipes per week will add up to $8.99 per serving, while you’ll have to pay $7.99 for three recipes weekly and $7.49 for four.

Let’s now look at the Blue Apron prices for vegetarians. For two recipes per week (each serving two), you’ll pay $9.99 per serving, or $8.99 if you want three recipes per week. The same prices go for the Wellness for 2 option. Overall, Blue Apron cost per meal will vary based on the meal kit you select and the serving size.

Best Blue Apron Alternatives

Nowadays, you can find a couple of excellent meal kit delivery services that are worth your time and money. Read on to find out which services are good alternatives to Blue Apron and which you might want to skip.

Blue Apron vs Hello Fresh: How They Compare

Hello Fresh is a reasonably priced meal kit service that offers delectable meals characterized by easy preparation, fresh ingredients, and outstanding flavor. Let’s see how Blue Apron compares.

Menu Differences

Hello Fresh offers a number of menus, including Meat and Veggies, Veggies, Family Friendly, Wholesome Choice, Quick and Easy, and Pescatarian. Straight off the bat, it seems like Hello Fresh is more customizable than Blue Apron.

Nevertheless, based on the Hello Fresh vs Blue Apron reviews, both offer flavor-packed ingredients with lots of versatility. One of the benefits of choosing Blue Apron is that you’ll have grocery and wine add-ons available, which Hello Fresh doesn’t have. On the flip side, Hello Fresh offers a few prepared dressings and sauces that you prepare fresh.

Overall, when comparing Hello Fresh vs Blue Apron, we can see that neither is perfect for those on a keto, paleo, or vegan diet. However, you can customize the dishes to make them more suitable for your dietary preferences.

Blue Apron and Hello Fresh Cost Comparison

For a two-person plan at Blue Apron, you’ll need to pay $9.99 per serving, whereas the same two-person plan at Hello Fresh adds up to $11.99 per serving. So the question is, is Blue Apron cheaper than Hello Fresh? Well, yes it is. Typically, the average price for a Blue Apron serving will be close to $8.99, while Hello Fresh prices range between $7.49 and $11.99.

The Conclusion

Overall both Blue Apron and Hello Fresh offer excellent ingredients at a fair price. However, if you’re an expert chef, you may enjoy the latter more, simply because some recipes require more advanced cooking skills.

Home Chef vs Blue Apron: How They Compare

Home Chef reviews regularly describe it as one of the most popular companies of this kind in America since 2013, delivering millions of finger-licking meals each month to devoted customers. Here’s what we think about HomeChef vs Blue Apron.

Menu Differences

One difference between Home Chef and Blue Apron is that, with the former, you don’t get pre-made menus. Instead, you can select your dishes from the entire menu. This meal-delivery service offers various meals, including grill- and oven-ready dishes and fresh salads.

If you have specific dietary preferences, you’ll enjoy Home Chef. For instance, there’s a vegetarian, pescatarian, carnivore, and omnivore option. Another similarity in this Home Chef and Blue Apron comparison is that it’s clear that both offer decent degrees of customizability. However, if you are a pescatarian, you may enjoy Home Chef more.

Blue Apron and Home Chef Cost Comparison

The lowest cost per meal from Home Chef adds up to $6.99. If you plan to order two meals a week for two people, your most cost-effective option will be $35.96.

Since Blue Apron’s comparable plan is $39.93, and since its shipping fees are lower, the price probably won’t be the factor that sways you either way. What might though, is that some people believe the customizability features recommend Home Chef, while others consider Blue Apron the better choice because they think this service has tastier meals.

The Conclusion

If you’re ordering two meals a week, you’re better off with Blue Apron. However, if customizability and menu versatility appeals to you more, we recommend Home Chef.

Customer-Provided Blue Apron Reviews

Overall, Blue Apron’s customer reviews are mixed. Namely, some people are thrilled with the ingredients’ quality and the overall experience, while others wish things were slightly different.

For example, one satisfied customer claimed that the meals from Blue Apron are usually excellent and easy to make, even for fairly novice cooks. On the flip side, there were some customers complaining about meals being delivered to the incorrect address. Fortunately, the customer service was typically speedy in such instances, and the issues got dealt with in time.

Final Verdict

The Pros

  • Ingredients are delivered fresh
  • Interesting dishes bursting with flavor
  • Vegetarian option available
  • Cost-effective for families

The Cons

  • Packaging uses a lot of plastic
  • Lack of options for people on specific diets

Final Verdict

As you can see from most Blue Apron reviews, including ours, this meal-delivery service is an excellent option if you’re a health-conscious person looking to save time on grocery shopping. If you enjoy creating restaurant-quality dishes with fresh ingredients, you’ll love Blue Apron. Although it’s not the best option for vegans and gluten-intolerant folk, some options will allow you to customize your meals and make them more suitable for your needs.


Is Blue Apron any good?

Yes, Blue Apron is an excellent choice if you want to save on time and start eating healthier. This meal delivery service offers a variety of delicious recipes full of fresh, readily available ingredients. 

How much is Blue Apron monthly?

Blue Apron charges approximately $200 to $255 for four weeks of weekly meals for two individuals (for two or three meals). Alternatively, for four individuals, the monthly cost will add up to $327 to $423.

Where does Blue Apron ship from?

Blue Apron ships from three facilities in Texas, California, and New Jersey. Interestingly, the company opened the facility in Texas in 2015 to decrease the shipping cost to users in the Midwest.

How long do Blue Apron meals last?

Like most meals, Blue Apron dishes will stay fresh for up to 24 hours. Upon receiving your package, we recommend keeping the ingredients in the refrigerator.

What's better, Blue Apron vs Plated?

If you’re concerned about the environment, then you might want to choose Plated. The reason is that Plated uses eco-friendly packaging, while Blue Apron wraps many ingredients in plastic. On the downside, Plated can have slightly higher prices for specific plans. Overall, the choice is up to you and your personal needs.

What do the Blue Apron reviews on Reddit say?

According to users on Reddit, Blue Apron is not the cheapest option available, but the quality of the ingredients is superb. These Blue Apron reviews also state that following the recipes is fun and the meals are satisfying. So, if you get bored quickly, you’ll enjoy subscribing to this service.

Blue Apron Review Featured Image
  • Meal variety: 7
  • Freshness: 10
  • Ease of preparation: 10
  • Customizability: 8
  • Customer service: 8
  • Price: 9
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