Home Chef Review

Home Chef Review
  • Meal Variety: Everything from vegetarian meals to seafood and steaks
  • Freshness: Only the freshest ingredients
  • Ease of Preparation: Pre-packed ingredients with detailed recipes
  • Customizability: You can only change the kind of protein included in some meals
  • Customer Service: Award-winning customer service
  • Price: Starts at $6.99 per serving

Most Home Chef reviews are in complete agreement that this weekly meal delivery service by Pat Vihtelic is a lifesaver for busy people who want to create simple and delicious recipes without stress.

We tested the service, and here are our thoughts!

About Home Chef

Since 2013, Home Chef has been among the most popular food distribution and meal kit companies in the United States, delivering almost a million tasty meals per month to its loyal subscribers.

With this in mind, we decided to provide you with our own Home Chef review, where you will find out everything you need to know about this food delivery service—how to sign up, the ordering possibilities, the different menus, costs, and our personal experience.

If you are ready to explore your “pasta-bilities,” have a look at how our impressions correspond to or differ from other Home Chef reviews.

We will discuss the Home Chef subscription plan first—yes, by subscribing to the company’s service, you receive mouth-watering meal kits every week with fresh ingredients and recipes.

The sign-up process is simple—all you need to do is choose the serving sizes and the number of meals you wish to receive. Then, after answering a couple of questions concerning the number of individuals you are cooking for, you can choose to get a package with servings for a minimum of two and a maximum of six individuals. Likewise, most Home Chef meals reviews point out that you can also select the number of meals you wish to prepare weekly.

What sets the Home Chef meal delivery service apart from other similar companies is that the customer can adjust the orders to fit specific needs. For instance, customers can order anything they fancy, and they can also omit or add special foods, stop and continue the subscription plan, or even skip certain days, making this one of the best meal delivery services around.

Home Chef Menu Options

If you and your family are big fans of burgers, meatballs, tacos, and grilled protein with veggies, then you will love Home Chef’s delicious menu. The versatility of the menu makes this service an ideal choice for vegetarians, pescatarians, and omnivores.

Overall, there are two Home Chef meal plans to choose from:

  • Fresh and Easy (simple, quickly prepared meals)
  • Home Chef (variety of meals + prep instructions)

After selecting your desired Home Chef box, the system will ask you a couple of questions to discover whether you have any food preferences or dietary restrictions. These Home Chef meal options for specific dietary preferences include:

  • Vegetarian (fish- and meat-free)
  • Pescatarian (meat-free, except fish)
  • Carnivore (meat-based diet)
  • Omnivore (wholesome diet)

Reviews of Home Chef frequently point out that you get a new option to choose from every week. We highly recommend taking your time to explore the possibilities.

Next, you can check out the brief preview of the Home Chef menu and the price per serving. Likewise, at the bottom of the Home Chef recipe cards, you’ll find a list of potential allergens (including eggs, dairy, wheat, and soy) and the approximate preparation and cooking time. Additionally, you will find different tags specifying if the meal is “calorie-conscious” or “carb-conscious.”

As mentioned before, you can choose to exclude or include certain foods such as dairy, mushrooms, or pork. This way, you can create your ideal meal plan with the freshest ingredients possible.

Along with a wide array of options, reviews on Home Chef reveal that you get to choose from the following meal types:

  • Meal Kit (for vegetarian-friendly and meat-based dishes, ingredients are pre-portioned and ready in around 30 minutes)
  • Fresh and Fast (fresh ingredients, ready in minutes)
  • Oven-Ready Dishes (pre-portioned ingredients with an oven-friendly tin)
  • 15-Minute Dishes (fully prepared ingredients ready in around 15 minutes)

Meal Kit

The most versatile option for foodies is the Meal Kit menu—it features a wide array of protein sources (including pork, chicken, turkey, salmon, tuna, shrimp) and vegetables (mushrooms, kale, broccoli, etc.).

Almost every meal from the Home Chef meal kits can be changed to accommodate the customer’s dietary preferences or cravings. For instance, if you choose the Sweet Teriyaki Pork Lo Mein, you can swap the pork out for shrimp, steak strips, chicken, or the Impossible burger.

With every Meal Kit dish you order, you also receive detailed instructions with exact guidelines for cooking, estimated preparation time, the overall difficulty, and spiciness. Moreover, according to Home Chef reviews, for a small added surcharge, you can purchase Snappy Snacks (toast-like snacks) and a wide selection of smoothies.

Fresh and Fast

Are you a working mom, a hustling businessman, or a stressed-out student? If so, you probably have barely any time to prepare nourishing meals. Luckily, the Fresh and Fast menu type from Home Chef offers healthy and convenient dishes that can be cooked in 15 minutes tops—all you need to do is gather the ingredients and place them into a microwave.

Oven-Ready Dishes

Are you planning to wow your family with a delectable, straight-out-of-the-oven dish? If you want to save some time without skimping on quality, then check out Home Chef Oven-Ready Meals for busy culinary artists.

Home Chef reviews particularly praise these meals for the fact that the aluminum-packed dishes are already readily prepared to be placed in an oven.

However, bear in mind that these meals are not suitable for the microwave. If you do not own an oven or prefer the microwave, we highly suggest selecting a dish from the Fresh and Fast menu.

15-Minute Meal Kit

This menu’s concept is simple: prepare traditional family favorites in 15 minutes or less. When writing this Home Chef review, we came across some amazing dishes in this category, including Home Chef’s Tex-Mex Pork Chilli, Creamy Salsa Verde Steak Strips, and the Alfredo Chicken.

Culinary Skill Level

One of the many reasons customers claim Home Chef offers the best food subscription boxes around is that the meal delivery service is suitable for both beginner and expert culinary artists.

Besides providing the approximate cooking time for each dish (maximum cooking time is one hour), clients also get to find out the meal’s difficulty level (beginner, intermediate, or expert), its spiciness level (spice-free, mild, and medium spicy) and the number of calories.

All in all, according to Home Chef meal delivery reviews, customers know exactly what they are getting with each order. Not only that, but Home Chef also provides precise instructions with images to assist any passionate home cook.

Recipe Accuracy

Let’s review Home Chef recipes and the contents of each box next. With each dish from Home Chef, you also receive a downloadable recipe card. Each card features the following information:

  • Ingredient information (boxes do not include oil, pepper, and salt)
  • Precise preparation time
  • Details on the cooking temperature of the protein source (e.g., 165° for ground poultry)
  • Helpful food preparation tips
  • Instructions for the cooking process

Clearly, Home Chef recipes are simple to follow and very accurate. If you are a beginner or a chef with little experience, the easy and intermediate levels will be suitable for you—according to Home Chef meal reviews, both are straightforward and uncomplicated.

Even if the expert level may be more complex, it is certainly doable with a dose of patience and attention to detail.

Here is a helpful tip we picked up from a homechef.com review: if you want to go for the expert level—select a meal you are familiar with to make the process easier.


One of the most common concerns we hear related to Home Chef prepared meals is that they cannot taste as good as meals served in fancy restaurants. If you also share these concerns, luckily, we are here to bust the myth—yes, Home Chef meal choices are just as good as meals ordered at your favorite take-out place (or even better!).

According to reviews, one of the top reasons why the dishes are mouth-watering is that the company only uses freshly prepped ingredients neatly packaged for customer orders. The Home Chef portion sizes are generous enough for us to think that it might be a good idea if you also looked around for the best digestive enzymes that you can find before ordering your first meal.

Judging by the countless satisfied Home Chef customer reviews and our own experience, the quality of the proteins and the vegetables is superb. For instance, the salmon is aromatic, and it feels like it is melting in your mouth. As for the oven-ready dishes (e.g., the Chicken and Biscuit Pot Pie), these taste like they have been cooked in the oven for hours! Take our word for it—your family and friends will not spot a difference.


Like other meal delivery services, Home Chef also packages its dishes in recycling-friendly boxes made of cardboard. As noted in a number of Home Chef reviews, all ingredients are freshly processed (pre-chopped and thoroughly washed) and packaged in plastic. As for the meat, Home Chef packages it in separate gel-infused bags to stop it from going bad.

Each box you order from Home Chef also includes a helpful cookbook with various recipes and detailed instructions. Although this delivery service does use a lot of plastic, the bags are recyclable and entirely reusable.

When it comes to shipments, a Home Chef delivery review noted that this service will leave your order at your front door. All of our dear introverted readers will also love the fact that you do not need to sign papers to pick the order up.

Home Chef food delivery service is only available during working days. We highly suggest checking the precise delivery date on the account.

Home Chef Prices

Let’s face it—eating out can not only wreak havoc on your waistline (due to the excessive calories and processed ingredients many restaurants and fast food places sneak in) but also on your wallet. Generally, cooking your meals at home is more affordable than dining out.

So, how budget-friendly is the Home Chef pricing? Let us look at the different plans this food delivery service offers.

First, the lowest Home Chef cost per meal is $6.99. So, if you intend to order two meals per week, the most affordable option for you will be $13.98. Nevertheless, if you want to simplify things, you can always go for the Standard plan for $39.80—it caters to two individuals.

Another thing to bear in mind is that the total Home Chef cost will depend on the type of protein source you decide to remove or add from the meal. For instance, a dish’s fixed price can increase to $20 if you add antibiotic-free or organic meat.

Besides the Home Chef price per dish, you also pay a shipping fee that starts off at $13.99. Remember, this price point is comparable to other similar food subscription services in the United States.

If this is still too expensive for you, finding a Home Chef coupon is easy—just type in the company name into a web browser and be amazed by the countless discount codes.

Changing the Order

Changing the order information is also a piece of cake, based on our own experience and a number of homechef.com reviews. After selecting the desired dish, click on the “Details” button to reveal your final choice.

With the customization option, you can alter the order by picking various protein sources and adding or omitting how many servings you wish to receive.

For instance, do you want to prepare a loving Valentine’s day dinner for your partner? If so, we recommend choosing the Honey Mustard Pork Meatloaf with brussels sprouts and red cabbage. But what if you don’t like pork? Well, you can always swap it out for turkey or the Home Chef Impossible burger!

We highly recommend taking your time and researching other Home Chef menu reviews to understand better what recipes to recreate. After you are pleased with your order, click on the “Save” button.

Alternatively, you can always select the “Remove” button to omit things you dislike or cannot afford. After making final changes, click on “Save” one more time.

Likewise, if you wish to skip a day, you can click the “Skip” button.

Canceling the Order

Even though accounts cannot be deleted from the system, they can be paused. Based on reviews for Home Chef, by clicking on the “Pause” button, the subscription will be canceled until the customer chooses to unpause it.

Moreover, customers can click on the “Pause” button to alter the monthly or weekly subscription plan or even select a reactivation day. Keep in mind the prepared order will not be canceled, even if the customer revokes the subscription.

Also, consider that you should cancel your subscriptions and orders before the weekend. If you do this after Friday, your requests will be assigned to the following week, at least according to the available reviews of Home Chef.

Home Chef Alternatives

Searching for boxes comparable to Home Chef? Fortunately for you, there are plenty of excellent food delivery services similar in terms of price and overall quality. Some of our top favorites include:

  • Blue Apron
  • Hello Fresh
  • Purple Carrot
  • Green Chef
  • Sun Basket
  • Nurture Life
  • Takeout Kit
  • SpiceBreeze
  • CrateChef
  • Mantry

Home Chef vs Blue Apron: How They Compare

Home Chef and Blue Apron are two famous American food delivery services that make meal planning and cooking easier and more enjoyable. Even though these two might seem similar, according to reviews Home Chef customers are leaving, several significant differences distinguish them from each other.

Let us take a look at these differences together.

Menu Differences

When we compared the best Home Chef meals and the best Blue Apron meals, we noticed that the latter offers less variety and options. Namely, with Blue Apron, you can pick from eight meals weekly, while with Home Chef, the number of meals goes up to 30 per week.

However, vegetarians have more options with Blue Apron. Also, people who love seafood and Mediterranean-inspired dishes may want to opt for Blue Apron instead of Home Chef.

Blue Apron and Home Chef Cost Comparison

When it comes to the price point, Home Chef and Blue Apron are very similar. For instance, the Blue Apron starting price is slightly higher than Home Chef, starting from $7.49 per serving (compared to $6.99 for Home Chef).

However, according to Blue Apron reviews, most meal plans with this non-GMO meal delivery service offer cost-free shipping. Whereas, with Home Chef, you need to pay an additional fee.

On the flip side, customers can easily find a Home Chef discount, while this might be more challenging with Blue Apron.

The Conclusion

According to many Home Chef reviews, this meal delivery service encourages busy people to eat better quality food. Another fantastic thing about Home Chef is that you have a lot of options when customizing meals to fit personal preferences.

As for Blue Apron, reviews state that this service is slightly on the fancier side. For instance, they provide more international dishes with GMO-free ingredients.

Overall, both are excellent meal delivery services worth checking out.

Home Chef vs HelloFresh: How They Compare

HelloFresh is another similar meal delivery service we believe offers many of the same qualities Home Chef provides. Let’s briefly go through the key similarities and differences.

Menu Differences

When it comes to what HelloFresh and Home Chef have to offer, we noticed that both services are incredibly similar. For instance, the only difference between the menus is that HelloFresh provides up to five recipes weekly, whereas the Home Chef meals menu offers a maximum of six.

According to reviews of Home Chef meals, the customization level is similar too. To demonstrate, HelloFresh has more than 27 recipes weekly with pescatarian, vegetarian, and lower-calorie options, whereas Home Chef has around 30 recipes weekly (with customizations).

HelloFresh and Home Chef Cost Comparison

HelloFresh and Home Chef are almost identical when it comes to overall costs. So, whichever delivery service you choose, you will pay more or less the same amount.

The Conclusion

HelloFresh and Home Chef are very alike when it comes to ingredients, price, and availability. Despite their similarities, these two differ in prep time, customization levels, and serving sizes.

Home Chef Ratings by Customers

For the most part, Home Chef customers are happy with what this meal delivery service has to bring to the table. For instance, Home Chef box reviews note that delivery is always on time, the quality of the food is superb, and the meals are hassle-proof.

Based on the countless customer reviews we found, meal variety and ingredient quality are what people love most about Home Chef.

The only two Home Chef complaints we came across were related to the shipment fee and the questionable amount of plastic this service uses. On the bright side, the plastic bags are completely reusable and recyclable.

Final Verdict

The Pros

  • Cheap meal delivery service
  • Great recipe variety
  • Different oven-ready meals
  • Generous portion size

The Cons

  • They could use less plastic
  • Not all ingredients are organic

Final Verdict

In times of a major coronavirus pandemic, meal delivery services are witnessing skyrocketing demands. However, it isn’t easy to find a company with this much variety that also offers excellent quality to price ratio, which is why we thought you might be interested in an objective Home Chef review.

Hopefully, we managed to paint a clear picture of what Home Chef has to offer—from its meal options and costs to additional features.

Remember, health is wealth, and you are worth it.


Is Home Chef any good?

Yes! Home Chef is one of the best meal delivery services currently trending in the United States. If you like traditional family favorites, you will enjoy ordering from this service. However, if you prefer a luxurious experience, you might want to look elsewhere.

Is Home Chef worth it?

Yes, Home Chef is worth it. Not only can this meal delivery service help you cut down on cooking time, but it can also save you quite a bit of money. Typically, dining out can be very expensive and unhealthy. With Home Chef, customers can create customized meals with the freshest ingredients possible.

Is Home Chef organic?

Unfortunately, Home Chef does not guarantee that every ingredient in the meals is organic. According to a statement by Home Chef on the company’s official website, the menus change each week. So, Home Chef uses different ingredients by various suppliers based on what dish is being featured at the time.

If you are looking for an all-organic menu, we recommend checking out Green Chef, Daily Harvest, or Sun Basket.

How much is Home Chef per week?

The Home Chef costs will depend on how many meals you plan to order per week. If the regular Home Chef price per meal is $6.99 and you decide to order two meals per week, the most affordable choice will be $13.98.

If this confuses you, Home Chef reviews recommend trying the Standard plan that totals $39.80 and comes with two servings for two individuals.

Home Chef Review
  • Meal Variety: 9
  • Freshness: 10
  • Ease of Preparation: 9
  • Customizability: 7
  • Customer Service: 10
  • Price: 10
From $6.99 per serving Get a Deal