LogicMark Freedom Alert Review

logicmark freedom alert
  • Connectivity: Landline
  • Monitoring Range: 600 feet
  • Battery Life: 24 hours
  • Cellular Monthly Fee: No Fee
  • Equipment Fee: $192.55
  • Fall Detection: x
  • Languages Supported: No Call Center
  • Customer Support: Phone, Email
  • Additional Features: GPS, Multiperson Monitoring, Lockbox, Voice Extension, Wall-Mounted Button

LogicMark Freedom Alert is the most unusual solution out of all medical alert systems we’ve reviewed. Unlike all other systems that come with a monthly fee for the monitoring services, this system requires only a one-time equipment payment. 

This also means there is no monitoring center and you can only get help by directly contacting a caregiver or 911. However, it does come with a wearable pendant capable of two-way communication. 

LogicMark makes monitored med alerts as well, but we chose to test the no-monthly-fee system and write a LogicMark Freedom Alert review for people who feel they don’t need a monitoring service.

Moreover, there are additional things to keep in mind—the pendant isn’t completely waterproof, and there’s no automatic fall detection, though the company does offer some other accessories.

Design and Major Features


Design-wise, this landline-only system looks like something from the 20th century. The clunky base unit is white with a taupe-colored speaker/microphone grill. There are no emergency or reset buttons on top of it. Instead, you can just find a power button, an info button, and a LogicMark Freedom Alert battery charger under the cover.

On the back of the base unit are two phone jacks, a power jack, a code learn button, a reset button, and a switch that allows you to choose between different modes. There’s a learn mode, as well as modes used to call friends and emergency services, friends only, or 911 only.

Batteries and Power

The pendant uses two rechargeable Lithium-ion batteries—one goes in the pendant while the other sits in the charger. The pendant battery should last up to six months on standby once it is fully charged. 

The base unit of the LogicMark Freedom Alert 35911 system (as it is fully known) uses four rechargeable NiMH batteries that provide 24-hour emergency battery backup. The batteries deteriorate over time, but you can get new ones for around $15 per set.

Accessory Design

The wearable help pendant looks like a toy walkie-talkie. The splash-proof white device weighs 1.4 ounces, and its dimensions are 3 x 1.25 x 0.75 inches (H, W, D). It’s about the size of a mobile medical alert system. Just like the LogicMark Guardian Alert, it has a protruding antenna on top, but also an odd-looking cap that you unscrew to change the battery.

On the front, it has a speaker/microphone, an indicator, and a blue help button. There’s a gray hang-up button around the back. It is the only wearable help pendant capable of two-way communication, but you still need to be within 600 feet of the base unit.

Additional Features and Accessories

Safety and Check-Ins

Since there is no monitoring center for this device and for the LogicMark Guardian Alert 911, you won’t have to deal with a middle man. Rather, you can place a custom emergency contact (like a friend or relative), or contact 911 directly.

Automatic fall detection technology should be possible even without a monitoring center, but there’s no such option for this system.

There are also no fire and smoke monitoring and no check-in service. As far as GPS features are concerned, this company offers a separate, monitored mobile system. So note that emergency responders might have a tough time finding you if you call for help but are unable to speak. They can’t merely determine your location if you go with this system.

There is, however, an option to extend the protection to up to four people on the same base unit. If you search for additional help pendants for Freedom Alert, Amazon has them for around $100. 

Extra Features

You can also add a secondary wall communicator, which is like a wall-mounted, button/voice-extender all-in-one device, for approximately $70. Furthermore, there’s a lockbox for about $20 (plus a shipping fee of around $5).

Mind that all of these devices, as well as the necessary equipment, have to be bought from a third-party retailer such as Amazon or Walmart. LogicMark doesn’t offer the option of buying this system directly from its website.

LogicMark Freedom Alert Reviews and Monitoring Services


There is no monitoring service for this system, but the company operates one for its monitored solutions. However, we won’t discuss the emergency response center in this review. If you’re looking for a monitored system with no monthly fees, Rescue Alert is the only company on our list that offers this option.

Customer Reviews

When it comes to the customer reviews for this system and the company, they are pretty good, but with people pointing out the lack of help agents as a negative.

This doesn’t make sense to us since most people who opt for this system specifically chose it for the lack of monthly monitoring fees and a middle person between the user and the caregiver/emergency responder.

Freedom Alert Cost and Contracts

Fees and Paperwork

The best thing about this system is that there are no monthly fees whatsoever. You buy the equipment, and you’re done. You’ll be protected just like with any other in-home system, but pressing the help button will contact emergency responders directly.

Unlike Life Alert, you don’t need to sign long-term contracts with LogicMark, and you also don’t have to pay an activation fee.

Shipping and Warranties

Shipping policies depend on the retailer you choose, but most retailers don’t charge it, and there’s no cancellation fee since there is no service to cancel. There’s a one-year limited warranty on the equipment. If you run into any trouble, call 800-519-2419, which is the Freedom Alert phone number for customer support.

Ordering and Setup


As noted, you can buy all the necessary equipment and accessories for this system from various retailers for a different price. Most sell the basic setup for under $200 and offer free shipping. 

The best price we found was on Amazon, where it costs around $180. The ordering process depends on the chosen online store, so select your preferred one or find a store that offers the best price. You can also save some money by taking advantage of LogicMark coupons that can give you various discounts on the equipment.

At Your Door

When your order arrives, it will include the base unit, a help pendant, AC adapter, phone cord, lanyard, belt clip, wrist strap, batteries, warranty, and a manual.

So you’ll get everything needed to set it up, and you have different options for wearing the pendant. Whether you order the LogicMark Freedom Alert from Walmart or any other retailer, they’ll also include all six batteries. 

The batteries are specially designed for this system, and you can use only them. Unlike other systems where you don’t need to think about ever charging the batteries, this system requires you to charge them, check them periodically, and eventually replace them after approximately two years.

Plugging It All In

The rest of the setup involves a familiar process of plugging in the power cord and connecting the phone cords, one to the wall, and one to your phone. You then need to follow the manual for the LogicMark Freedom Alert emergency alert system and store up to four caregiver contacts and the emergency 911 number. 

If you remember, the base unit has an option to choose who you want to contact upon pressing the help button. The system will try to contact your programmed contacts in order and then 911, just the contacts, or 911, depending on the selected mode.

Final Verdict

The Pros

  • Affordable
  • No monthly fees
  • Ability to talk through the help pendant
  • Can reach up to four contacts or 911 directly

The Cons

  • No monitoring service
  • Pendant splash-proof, but not waterproof

Final Verdict

There are no medical alert systems for seniors free of monthly fees—except for this one! Freedom Alert for veterans costs the same for anyone else.

However, if you want one of the most affordable systems, and you don’t want to pay any monthly fees whatsoever, you can opt for this in-home solution. This also, unfortunately, means there’s no help center either. Instead, you can set up to four contact numbers to call when you press the help button, plus you can reach 911 directly. 

Another unique feature of this system is the fact that you can talk through the pendant device. It’s like a mini walkie-talkie that, in our eyes, looks very antiquated. Furthermore, as noted in our LogicMark Freedom Alert review, it’s not suitable to be worn in the shower, and the system lacks some additional essential features such as fall detection.