LogicMark Review

logicmark review
  • Products Offered: Home, Mobile, Watch
  • Fall Detection: x
  • Price Range: Depends on the Dealer ~$130-$280
  • Payment Plan Options: One-time Payment, Monthly
  • Free Equipment Delivery:
  • Languages Supported: None (No Call Center)
  • Customer Support: Phone, Email, FAQ
  • Additional Features: GPS, Multiperson Monitoring, Wall-mounted Button, Voice Extension, Lockbox

LogicMark focuses on bringing innovations to the medical alert system industry. An unusual, but certainly attractive, feature of the systems by this company is the two-way communication through the wearable pendant.

Founded in 2006, the firm today offers an abundance of options for people in need of a medical alert device. Its main goal is to give comfort to the aging population and improve the quality of life for those who prefer to live independently.

What we found interesting in other LogicMark reviews is the way this company groups its devices. Most alert system providers classify their products based on where they are meant to be used: in the home or on the go. This company, however, categorizes them by monitored vs. no-monthly-fee solutions.

For this review, we took an in-depth look at both of these categories and tested the systems they consist of. Continue reading to find out more!

Complete Lineup of LogicMark Products — Monitored Solutions

Before we get to the LogicMark medical alert systems with no monthly fee, we’ll present the offer for those who are soothed by a professional monitoring center a button away. Overall, there are three monitored solutions.  

The Caretaker Sentry, Sentry Pal, and Life Sentry are pretty standard systems; they are all connected to a central station. The operators don’t only answer calls but are also in charge of keeping your medical history, just in case.

Caretaker Sentry

Design and Pendants

Although the Caretaker Sentry is supposed to be the simplest solution, it is anything but–and we mean it in a good way. This in-home solution works both on landline and cellular networks. Optionally, users can upgrade the device with a two-way voice pendant, while the standard package comes with a waterproof pendant only. However, LogicMark fall detection is not an option, neither for this nor any other solution offered by this company.

The emergency button on the base console is in charge of making calls to the response system. In addition, the Caretaker button can be preprogrammed to call a custom contact–family member, neighbor, or a trained caregiver. The base unit can work with up to nine pendants–five standard, and four two-way voice pendants.

Battery Life

A good LogicMark freedom alert emergency system review needs to include a segment about batteries. For people who don’t have a standard phone line, but feel like this is the device that will tend to their needs, the cellular accessory sure does come in handy. The Caretaker Sentry pendant features one of the most generous batteries, offering a 5-year battery life.

Life Sentry

Design and Pendants

Life Sentry is another in-home solution by this brand. Unfortunately, it cannot be upgraded to work on a cellular network as it is not compatible with the cellular accessory. However, users can take their safety to the next level with wall communicators and the LogicMark lockbox, which can be programmed to work with the Life Sentry base.

It comes with a waterproof pendant that allows clear two-way communication. The pendant is powered by a single lithium-ion battery that offers up to four hours of talk time. On standby mode, the battery can last up to six months on a full charge. 

Battery Life

Each LogicMark LifeSentry system comes with two rechargeable batteries. While one powers the pendant, the spare battery can be put into the base station to charge. The test button on the back will give you an audible message whenever the battery is low.

Life Sentry is a solid choice for everyone in need of protection in and around the home. Its patented two-voice communication through the pendant is not only revolutionizing the industry but users’ lives too.

Sentry Pal

Coverage and Charging

The Sentry Pal offers coverage nationwide. It is powered with cellular and LogicMark GPS technology allowing users to go wherever they please, knowing help is just a button push away. LogicMark’s mobile solution also offers two-way communication through the water-resistant pendant.

The base serves as a charging cradle for the battery that can last up to 36 hours on a single charge. Users receive alert notifications for the device’s battery life, so you can rest assured your battery is always charged.

GPS and Simplicity

The GPS technology reports longitude and latitude to the response center. In case of an emergency, when you don’t know your exact location, help will still be dispatched to you. Moreover, it provides the ability to see the device’s location history, which gives your family members and/or caregiver peace of mind.

Sentry Pal’s single button operation is often praised as the simplest way to call for help, regardless if you are in or out of the home.

Complete Lineup of LogicMark No-Monthly-Fee Solutions

These systems enable users to skip monitoring altogether. Instead, once the button is pushed, they will instantly make a call to 911 dispatchers or selected family members. This is yet another innovation delivered by this company. 

For those who know how to handle themselves during an emergency, self-monitored medical alert devices can come in really handy. By skipping the call to the help center, these solutions can significantly cut down on the time needed for actual help to arrive. 

Rescue Alert is the only company we’ve reviewed that allows customers to buy its equipment and enjoy lifetime services. With LogicMark, you can also enjoy freedom from monthly fees and contracts. Let’s see the two solutions that allow all this!

LogicMark Freedom Alert


When we were conducting our Life Alert review, we were a little disappointed to learn that the brand seems to be stuck in the previous century. The LogicMark Freedom Alert 35911 New Version F7, which is its full name, is rather on the old-fashioned side as well. 

It consists of a pendant and base station, as other in-home systems, but a phone line is mandatory. The design is again a bit clunky; it features a taupe-colored microphone/speaker grill and a power and Info button on the front. 

Although we expected to see Help and Reset buttons on top of the base console, this is not the case with Freedom Alert. In fact, there is no Help button on the base unit, and the Reset button is on the back. LogicMark 35511, the previous version of Freedom Alert, didn’t feature a Help button on the base unit either.

Emergency Contacts

Also on the back, there are two phone jacks, a power jack, a Code Learn button, and a switch that enables users to choose between three modes. These modes indicate who should be called upon initiation: friends and 911, friends only, or 911 strictly. 

You can add up to four emergency contacts. Once an emergency contact picks up the phone, they will be required to press 5 on their keypad to indicate that a real person received the call and not an answering machine. LogicMark Freedom Alert 35911 will automatically call 911 if none of your emergency contacts answer your call. 

Pendants and Batteries

The base unit can communicate with four separate pendants. An emergency backup battery is also part of the base console. The battery can provide up to 24 hours of emergency power, which is not the best battery life. This base unit meets the industry standards for medical alert base units (UL 1637 quality standards), which is a positive point in many LogicMark Freedom Alert reviews.

Design-wise, the pendant is also a bit odd. It has an antenna on top and a cap that you must unscrew to change the batteries. The package includes two interchangeable Li-ion batteries. One of the batteries is used to power the pendant while the other charges in the base. The pendant battery was designed to last an hour while on a call and lasts up to 4–6 months on a full charge. The performance of the batteries can deteriorate over time, but you can order a new set for $15.

The grey Test button on the back of the pendant allows regular battery status checks. On the front, there is a microphone/speaker grill, a blue Help button, and an indicator. The LogicMark Freedom Alert emergency alert system is the only wearable help pendant capable of two-voice communication with a 600-foot range. 

The pendant is not 100% waterproof, but rather splash-proof. The device has an IPX4 rating, which means it can safely be brought into the bathroom and hung next to a shower or bath. Since most elderly falls happen in the bathroom, it is highly recommended for users to take advantage of the splash-proof properties. 

For an in-depth look at this device, read our detailed LogicMark Freedom Alert review

LogicMark Guardian Alert 911

Design and Range

Guardian Alert 911 is a streamlined device that provides direct and instant access to 911 in case of an emergency. Its sole purpose is to call 911—and nothing more. The device operates through a base station and a wearable pendant. This is further proof of the company’s ability to create unique solutions while maintaining its reputation as one of the most affordable medical alert system providers.

Unlike the base station for Freedom Alert, LogicMark Guardian features a sleek design. The base console is the heart of this system. It receives signals from the pendant and dials 911 when the blue Help button on the pendant has been pushed. Similar to Freedom Alert, there is no help button on the base itself. The base connects to a phone line, most VOIP phone lines, and has a wireless 600-foot range communication with the pendant. 


The pendant is a small device that can be worn around the neck or on a belt. Once again, it is not 100% waterproof, but it can handle minor water droplets from the shower if you leave the pendant nearby when you’re showering. This wearable pendant incorporates a small speakerphone, allowing users to speak with 911 dispatchers directly through the pendant. 

LogicMark Guardian Alert 911 is powered by one AAA-sized battery that can last up to one year on standby mode. The testing button on the pendant will let you know if the battery needs to be changed. 

Additional Features and Accessories

Special Accessory

Although it’s almost impossible to match Alert1’s number of additional features, we are very pleased with what this company has to offer. 

Nowadays, many homes don’t have a standard landline. Luckily, the Cellular Accessory can be connected to the base station and provide reliable communication for users who don’t have conventional phone lines. 

However, this accessory only works with the Caretaker Sentry. Another upgrade worth considering is the wearable two-voice pendant that can increase the efficiency of your Caretaker Sentry. 

Extra Safety

Also, you can take your safety to the next level by opting for the Emergency Wall Communicator 2.0. In cases when you are not wearing the pendant, these wall communicators can be lifesavers, but they are, once again, compatible with the Caretaker Sentry only. 

If you need wall-mounted buttons but you are using the LogicMark Freedom Alert emergency system or Life Sentry, opt for the Emergency Wall Communicator 1.0. 

The company also manufactures lockboxes which will allow emergency responders to easily access your home. In addition, an optional battery backup is available for the Guardian Alert 911.

Pricing of LogicMark Products

If you choose this company as your provider, note that it doesn’t sell its equipment on its official website, and the prices vary depending on the vendor you choose to buy the device from. That being said, the cost for the Caretaker Sentry is around $180, and Sentry Pal and Life Sentry have a suggested price of around $250.

On the other hand, LogicMark’s no-monthly-fee solutions usually come at somewhat similar prices, regardless of the vendor. For example, the Freedom medical alert system is priced at around $270. To get the Guardian, users have to make a one-time payment of around $130.

Note that the prices discussed above are not set in stone, as different retailers may or may not offer certain discounts.

Quick Product Overview

Feature/Product CaretakerSentry SentryPal LifeSentry Notifi911+ Guardian Alert 911 FreedomAlert
Connectivity Landline Cellular  Landline Cellular Landline Landline
Monitoring Range 600ft Mobile 600ft Mobile 600ft 600ft 
Battery Life No info 36 hours 6 months 3 month 1 year 24 hours
Landline/Cellular Monthly Fee / / / / / /
Equipment Fee $212.27 $239.95 $220.94 $123.69 $200 $179.99
*Activation Fee / / / / / /
Cancellation Fee / / / / / /
Fall Detection / / / / / /
GPS / Yes / / / /

*Prices vary by distributor.

LogicMark Call Center Review

Easy Connection

Even though the company’s monitored solutions are less popular than the non-monitored, the firm does run a call center. Once you push the button on any of the monitored solutions, you will be connected to a trained operator in a matter of seconds. The LogicMark staff is professional and very pleasant to talk to. 

Custom Service Quality

We also went a step further and tested the LogicMark customer service. Since LogicMark doesn’t sell its products on the official LogicMark website, customers often contact the company in order to get more information about the vendors selling these systems. 

We asked the same question, and the agents did their best to provide us with all the information we needed. Moreover, they were invested in helping us find the best medical alert system that will suit our exact needs. That being said, if you are struggling with any questions, we strongly recommend you dial the LogicMark phone number and get all the answers you need!

Pros and Cons


The devices manufactured by this company are some of the most affordable yet reliable systems. Moreover, customers get a vast array of choice depending on their needs, preferences, or budget. Whether you prefer monitored or non-monitored devices, the company has your back! 

Two-voice communication through a wearable pendant is not a feature easily found with other alert button providers. No monthly fee is also considered a major advantage over companies that don’t offer this payment plan.


Most LogicMark complaints come from the fact that the company doesn’t sell its products to end-users. Instead, you are supposed to do a little research online to find the vendors who sell them. Or you can give LogicMark a call, and the support staff will tell you all about the company’s channel partners. If you don’t know where to find, for example, LogicMark Freedom Alert, Walmart will not only allow you to order one, but they will also include special discounts every now and then. 

Another potential drawback is the rather short battery life. In addition, the pendants are not 100% waterproof, which is a feature of great importance when it comes to medical alert systems. 

Final Verdict

The Pros

  • Affordable
  • Lots of no monthly fee options
  • Ability to talk through the help pendant
  • Can reach up to four contacts or 911 directly

The Cons

  • No monitoring service in most systems
  • Most pendants splash-proof, but not waterproof

Final Verdict

This company is a great choice for budget-conscious consumers who don’t want the quality of their devices to suffer in the name of a lower price.

The systems are reliable and easy to use—no wonder the company receives high ratings in a number of LogicMark reviews. We are also giving this company a solid score, as it managed to meet our standards for a top medical alert system provider.