Medical Guardian Mobile Guardian Review

medical guardian mobile guardian
  • Connectivity: Cellular
  • Monitoring Range: Mobile/350 feet
  • Battery Life: 24 hours
  • Cellular Monthly Fee: $39.95
  • Equipment Fee: Free
  • Fall Detection: x
  • Languages Supported: 200
  • Customer Support: Phone, Email, FAQ
  • Additional Features: GPS, Multiperson Monitoring, Lockbox

Medical Guardian Mobile Guardian is the most unusual solution out of all the medical alert systems we’ve reviewed. It’s neither a simple in-home system nor an all-in-one mobile device. In essence, it is a cellular in-home system that operates with a wearable help button, but its base unit looks like a larger version of a mobile device.

Furthermore, it’s not cheap, and the pendant range is very short. So you’d have to carry both devices most of the time or just the base unit, as we did during our Mobile Guardian review. Besides multiple ways to use it, we couldn’t think of many advantages for this solution.

However, we have to applaud Medical Guardian for thinking outside the box and presenting something entirely different in a sea of medical alert clones. An important thing you have to keep in mind, though, is that this system has no fall detection option (without upgrades).

Design and Major Features of the Medical Guardian Mobile Guardian


This unique cellular setup comes with a charging cradle, a base unit, and the choice of a waterproof help button, available either as a white neck pendant or a black or white wristband. Sounds like every other in-home system, right?

However, this system’s base unit is not at all what you’re used to. Its dimensions are 3.5 x 2.1 x 0.75 inches (H, W, D), and it weighs 2.4 ounces. The size and shape make it comparable to a typical mobile medical alert, which means you can pop this device into your pocket and bring it anywhere you go.

Battery and Connectivity

The base unit can also sit in the charging cradle while you’re at home wearing the help button. However, the pendant range is limited to only 350 feet, and of course, you cannot communicate through the help button. Instead, the white, oval-shaped base unit that’s no larger than a deck of cards houses the equipment necessary for communication.

On the front side of this personal medical alert, there’s a moderately loud speaker and a microphone, as well as an emergency button. There are also three indicators for battery, cell connection, and GPS.

The system uses AT&T’s network to connect to the emergency response center, and it has built-in GPS technology which is necessary for any portable system. Even though the device is larger than most mobile systems, its battery life is just 24 hours. It did last a full day during our Mobile Guardian review, but you should put it in the charging cradle whenever you can.

This solution enables you to use it in different ways, but we ended up carrying just the base unit. Still, it’s nice to have the option to occasionally set it aside in favor of the smaller help pendant.

Additional Features and Accessories

Extra Features

When it comes to additional features, we’ll treat this as a mobile system and say that you don’t need voice extension and wall-mounted buttons. Moreover, GPS is included. So this Medical Guardian mobile medical alert system with GPS, although relatively pricey, saves you a substantial amount of money by incorporating at least three additional features in the base price.

Of course, you can get a wall-mounted button for $2 per month for places like the shower, but you don’t have to, since all the equipment is portable and the help pendant is waterproof. What’s more important, you can add up to two additional help pendants or wristbands and have multiperson monitoring for as little as $2 per month per item.

It’s essential to note that Medical Guardian fall detection pendants come as an upgrade for this system, and the base unit does not have built-in automatic fall detection. If you want a mobile system from this company, for this feature, you’d have to go for the Active Guardian.

Extra Safety and Protection

Moving on to other accessories, if you want to add a lockbox, it will also add just $2 per month to your Medical Guardian cost. Alternatively, opting for the annual payment plan will grant you a free lockbox, among other benefits.

Fire and smoke monitoring, as well as a check-in service,  are not offered by this company. They also don’t have a mobile app or the ability to track down med alert users from home. Seeing as most rival systems offer GPS mapping and activity tracking, Medical Guardian has stated that they will add them in the future.

Mobile Guardian Reviews and Monitoring Services


We have tested the Mobile Guardian numerous times in various scenarios. We called for help both by pressing the help button on the wearable device and the emergency button on the portable base unit.

It never failed to connect us to a live agent in either case, as long as we were in range of the base unit when using the help button. The limited range proved to be adequate for in-home use, but it struggled outdoors. Therefore, we suggest you bring the base unit with you in the yard.

Sound and Service Quality

Throughout our Mobile Guardian review, the device provided clear and moderately loud audio. Response times were reasonably quick, averaging around 20 seconds and always under half a minute, which is an excellent result.

According to our experience with their monitoring services, and based on nearly every review we’ve seen, their live agents are always friendly and professional. Their top-notch emergency response center is even capable of providing help in 200 languages.


Rarely can you read Medical Guardian complaints from users regarding the precision of this company’s GPS units. It takes the help agents 25 to 30 seconds to pinpoint your exact location. Remember that the best mobile med-alert service on our list is capable of identifying your location instantly. Still, this is a perfectly acceptable time.

Overall, Medical Guardian’s monitoring services are among the best in the business. They are a big part of the reason this company enjoys excellent customer ratings and why so many of their solutions are featured in expert medical alert system reviews.

How Much Does Mobile Guardian Cost?

Fees and Costs

For some, the most critical question is how much is the monthly fee for this unorthodox option. Do they price it like a full-blown mobile system? Or less, because it’s a combination of an in-home and mobile system? Or maybe more, if you consider this an advantage?

Whichever way you look at it, the monthly fee is around $50. That’s a bit higher than their basic landline system, the Classic Guardian ($30 per month) and their truly mobile system, the Active Guardian ($45 per month).

Special Offers

A Medical Guardian promo code or a seasonal sale can perhaps help you with the price or give you another benefit. They often have discounts on major holidays. No long-term contracts are required, and there’s no bonus for opting for quarterly payments. But choosing to make annual payments grants you a free month of service, free ground shipping, and a free lockbox, regardless of seasonal sales.

Nevertheless, if you’ve decided on a system by Medical Guardian, watch out for promo codes because they are often available and they can give you an even better deal. Luckily, as with the Active Guardian, there’s no device fee for this system. There are also no activation and cancellation fees. So you are free to try the system for 30 days with a money-back guarantee to ensure you receive a full refund if you’ve made a mistake by choosing this solution.

Ordering and Setup

Product Ordering and Delivery

Nearly every Medical Guardian Mobile Guardian review points out that people are initially confused when faced with this system. But once you understand how it works and what possibilities it allows you, it’s easy to understand and appreciate it. On the other hand, ordering the Mobile Guardian is a reasonably simple endeavor.

Just call 1-800-988-8105 to order by phone or visit the Medical Guardian’s official website to order it online. There you can select your preferred payment plan and additional features if you want any. Just don’t be surprised by the absence of fall detection.

To resolve any issues with ordering, call the Medical Guardian customer service, check the FAQ section, or chat with a live agent to get an instant reply. Your equipment will be delivered for free if you opt for the annual plan. Otherwise, you’ll have to pay the delivery fee. Standard ground shipping will take seven to ten business days, but you can also select faster and more expensive options such as second day or overnight shipping.

Setting Things Up

When your device arrives, you first need to charge it before you start using it. The system then has to be activated by calling the toll-free number. You will receive activation instructions in the Medical Guardian manual, which contains this number.

When you call it, the agent will verify your name and other information. They will also ask you to add any additional contacts if you want, or you can do this online. Additionally, we recommend you perform a test before you start using this system. It’s always a good idea to test the system once in a while to make sure everything works correctly.

Final Verdict

The Pros

  • A cross between an in-home and a mobile system
  • Multiple ways to use it
  • Easy setup
  • Waterproof

The Cons

  • No option to add automatic fall detection
  • Very limited pendant range

Final Verdict

This Medical Guardian mobile alert is admittedly an unconventional solution. We imagine that they intended this to be a cross between an in-home system and a real mobile system. It’s a cellular in-home system with a small and portable base unit.

Also, the pendant that goes with it has insufficient range. So often you’ll need to carry both devices with you, which is somewhat impractical. We welcome different approaches, and this medical alarm system might be ideal for some people because it presents you with multiple ways to use it.

However, for this much money, you can effortlessly get fully mobile systems from other companies. And remember, you’d have to choose a different system to get automatic fall detection. Because, as noted in our Mobile Guardian review, unlike the Active Guardian this system doesn’t allow you the option to add it.