Prime Male Review

Prime Male Review
  • Formula: 12 clinically proven testosterone boosters
  • Product Line: Two products for the best results
  • Shipping: Free international shipping for bundles
  • Returns: 7-day return policy for unopened items
  • Price: from $65.00
  • Customer Support: Email

For the active male, peak performance isn’t just something to strive for—it’s a must. Getting the best results in the weight room, at the office, and between the sheets are all pretty much mandatory.

If you aspire to be among the best, you’ve probably spent some time reading Prime Male reviews and reviews of other leading testosterone booster supplements to keep bringing your A-game.

If that’s the case, here’s a review that will discuss every piece of vital info you need to know about two Prime Male supplements that promise to catapult you into an improved version of yourself!

Company Background

If you’ve spent a considerable amount of time researching Prime Male reviews on bodybuilding forums and different sources, then you know that the UK-based Roar Ambition LTD. stands behind the product, which is the same company that launched TestoFuel.

Roar Ambition was founded in 2012 by Robert Parker, who started out small. More precisely, even back in early 2018, Roar Ambition employed only 12 people. However, it underwent unprecedented growth following the success of TestoFuel, propelling the number of employees to around 30 in 2019. While it’s still a relatively small company, Roar Ambition does business in over 178 countries.

Prime Male testosterone reviews often also mention that the company carries several other supplement brands as well. This includes the Hourglass Fit female fat burner, the Instant Knockout fat burner, the 4 Gauge pre-workout, and the Hunter, the latest addition to their lineup, with testosterone boosters, fat burners, and nootropics, for “outstanding men” (with the latter making it on our best nootropics list).

Roar Ambition’s products are endorsed by high-profile athletes and celebrities alike, making it a recognizable brand on the supplement market. People like Robby Robinson (former bodybuilder), Diego Sanchez (UFC champion), and Dolph Lundgren (actor) all endorse its products.

Product Line

The testosterone booster market is full of different supplements, and it’s easy to get confused. We tried to ensure that this  Prime Male review is the last one you’ll need to read, so we carefully scrutinized everything Prime Male has to offer, from ingredient quality to discounts and user testimonials.

Prime Male Vitality Testosterone Booster

If you’ve already come across a couple of Prime Male reviews, then you already know that these products are among the leading testosterone boosters on the market, at least as far as exposure goes.

When looking at the ingredients, all that hype and coverage seem to be justified. Overall, the product contains all-natural ingredients, including zinc, one of the powerhouse minerals when it comes to testosterone production. In addition, you also have red ginseng extract, boron, and vitamin D, which all play important roles in optimizing testosterone levels.

The Prime Male Vitality booster works in, let’s just say, complex ways. For starters, D-aspartic acid (D-AA-CC) signals the brain to release luteinizing hormone, while nettle root is meant to bind with SHBG, which results in the increased quantities of the available biologically active testosterone. Also, the boron in the product aims to keep prolactin and estrogen levels in check. By the look of things, the complex is fairly promising, and user reviews on the website all seem highly favorable.

However, on a more critical note, when we look at some of the more serious Prime Male complaints, we can read about customers reporting some side effects, like acid reflux and headaches. This can even be considered somewhat “normal,” as some ingredients are simply not well-tolerated by people with different sensitivities.

Apart from this, the products from Prime Male used to have a 90-day risk-free trial which no longer seems to be available. Since the product is on the pricier side, and since users need to take capsules for some time to notice actual results, a short return policy means that if the supplement isn’t working or if it causes more serious side effects, their money is pretty much wasted. Also, this may tip the scale in favor of other brands which offer generous return policies. For instance, if you’re comparing Prime Male vs TestoGen, the latter is a clear winner.

Nevertheless, the company offers great bundles (more on that later), enabling you to save a considerable amount of money if you’re in the long-haul with Prime Male.

Of course, just like you won’t get anything out of even the best fat burner that money can buy if you don’t exercise and maintain a healthy diet, testosterone boosters require the same kind of commitment if they are to be effective.

All in all, this seems to be a great overall product with promising ingredients backed by science. Likewise, when you consider the generous discounts when you purchase more bottles of the Vitality booster by Prime Male, the price doesn’t seem nearly as high anymore.

Prime Male Enhance

The manufacturer claims that the Enhance line is the perfect “partner” for the Vitality Complex products as it helps you become the Prime Male you deserve to be, along with making you the stud in bed you once were or always wanted to be.

This Prime Male supplement is a unique blend of several different ingredients which can be put into three different categories. The first blend is the Pleasure Max Matrix, ensuring impeccable sexual performance and enjoyment. The second is the Magnetic Mindset Matrix, which helps to develop an “alpha sexual mindset,” while the third is the Performance Power Matrix to deliver increased blood flow… you know where.

Just about every Prime Male review of the Enhance supplement will mention that combining it with the Vitality Complex seems to boost the results of both products. Even though buying both might seem like a pricey deal, the manufacturer offers generous discounts for bundles, making them a pretty attractive investment together.

Another huge plus of this product is that, when it comes to Prime Male, side effects are extremely rare and typically mild, as ingredients are well-researched and tested.

On the flip side, there aren’t that many actual user reviews to see whether the product is as potent as it’s being marketed.

Experts seem to deem the product pretty beneficial. Also, if you combine it with the Vitality Complex, we’re pretty sure that you will be able to quickly see some results, including better overall sex drive, sexual and physical performance, and higher energy levels.


Most Prime Male reviews mention the generous discounts you can get when you opt to buy directly from the website.

For example, while you can get one bottle for $65.00, a two-month supply of the Enhance will cost you $130.00 plus free US and UK shipping. The four-month supply package sells for $195.00 (you pay for three bottles and get one for free). Lastly, the six-month supply has four bottles (plus two for free), all for $260.00.

Prime Male supplement reviews often mention the great discounts you get when buying the Vitality Complex booster. And wouldn’t they? Even though the two-month supply is similarly priced as the Enhanced (costing you the regular amount for two bottles) with a price tag of $138.00, you get free US and UK shipping. In the case of the four-month deal, you can pay $207.00 for three standard bottles with one for free. Sadly enough, you don’t get the six-month option with the booster product.


As most Prime Male reviews would agree, there’s plenty of other things you get when you opt to do business with Prime Male.

Shipping and Returns

Let’s be honest, when it comes to supplements, most buyers aren’t always influenced by ingredients and results alone. Instead, most people are also looking for deals with affordable or even generous shipping and refund options. In this respect, in comparison to other major players in the testosterone booster market, Prime Male tends to fall a little short.

For instance, if we are only focusing on the shipping and returns policies, it’s not difficult to find a winner in the TestoGen vs Prime Male discussion. Prime Male has no free worldwide shipping (unless you opt for bundle packages) and has only a 7-day return policy, which might seem a little disadvantageous, especially if you happen to be one of the people who are sensitive to some of the ingredients.

Customer Support

When you’re buying a product, you want to know everything you can about the ingredients and the results. While most Prime Male testosterone booster reviews do a great job laying out everything you need to know about the supplement, the site itself gives visitors in-depth info on how the Vitality and Enhance products work.

Filled with ingredient info, testimonials, and detailed FAQ sections, the website pretty much gives every potential buyer a good idea of what they would be getting for their money.


As far as available on-site Prime Male medical reviews go, it’s difficult to find actual professional statements from experts. However, the company claims that all of the used ingredients are clinically researched and FDA approved. The products themselves are all cGMP certified, of course.

Lastly, users are quite satisfied with the company (based on TrustPilot reviews). While there were a few hiccups, like delayed shipping and damaged supplements, the customer service always seemed quick to respond and remedy the issue.

Final Verdict

The Pros

  • Great synergetic formula that works
  • Transparent ingredients list
  • Fast results
  • Enhances cognitive functions

The Cons

  • Somewhat limited refund policy
  • Free shipping only available with bundle purchases

Final Verdict

We can say with confidence that it’s worth looking into Prime Male’s products if you seek overall improvement in your testosterone levels.

While they do have their downsides, like the lack of Prime Male customer reviews on outside platforms, and the fact that the manufacturer seems to have stopped offering 90-day money-back guarantees, they also have plenty of redeeming qualities.

Aside from the list of ingredients looking quite promising, shipping is free if you order one of the bundle packages, there are quite a few great discount deals for the products, and there’s no shortage of positive testimonials on their official website.

It’s true that other companies, like MuscleClub (the creators of TestoGen), offer a 100-day money-back guarantee and even slightly cheaper deals, but the results recorded by some of those who tried Prime Male more than justify taking the risk with the short return policy.


Do any testosterone boosters really work?

They do, as long as you have realistic expectations. If you have low testosterone, these products can help raise it to normal levels and might even give you a bit of an edge when it comes to elevating it into the higher ranges. This has been shown to help with recuperation, stamina, mood, and even muscle-building.

However, if you’re thinking about packing on massive amounts of muscle, these products may not be what you’re looking for. In other words, while just about every Prime Male supplement review will confirm that these boosters can elevate your T levels by around 20% to 50%, there’s a limit to how much this can do for muscle growth.

What is the best male testosterone?

When it comes to T boosters, everyone will get different results from the products they are using, and everybody has different criteria when it comes to deciding which would be the best testosterone booster to take. That being said, you should do your research and see what’s the most sensible option for you.

What is the best testosterone booster on Amazon?

As said above, everyone is looking for different things in a testosterone booster. However, TestoGen, Prime Male, and TestoFuel are consistently ranked among the best, both by expert reviews and users alike.

Is Prime Male legit?

Even though the product isn’t FDA-approved yet, the facility where it’s being made is. This means that it’s made in safe conditions with safe ingredients. This is an important factor when you want to elevate your T levels because you might need to keep taking these supplements for a while, and you don’t want to have to worry about introducing anything harmful into your system.

What is the best male testosterone booster on the market?

As we’ve already discussed, brands like Prime Male, TestoGen, and TestoFuel seem to be the most popular among users.

If we’re talking just Prime Male vs TestoFuel (since they’re made by the same company), the latter is more focused on building muscle, while the former is meant for more general use. In other words, deciding which one is better will be based more on what you need it for than on other considerations.

Does Prime Male work?

All in all, low testosterone can affect your entire life, not just your workouts and sex drive. If you suspect that your levels might be on the lower side, using a booster like Prime Male may be able to restore those levels and give you the edge you are looking for.

Based on our own research and the other available Prime Male reviews, the product seems to be working extremely well, thanks to its potent and safe ingredients. However, like with other supplements of its kind, you can’t expect results without proper diet and exercise.

Prime Male Review
  • Formula: 9
  • Product Line: 10
  • Shipping: 9
  • Returns: 8
  • Price: 9
  • Customer Support: 8
  • Additional Features: 10
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