Rescue Alert Medical Alert System Review

rescue alert medical alert system
  • Connectivity: Landline, Cellular
  • Monitoring Range: 600 feet
  • Battery Life: 90 hours
  • Cellular Monthly Fee: $42.95
  • Equipment Fee: Free
  • Fall Detection: $10.00
  • Languages Supported: 150
  • Customer Support: Phone, Email
  • Additional Features: GPS, Multiperson Monitoring, Lockbox, Wall-Mounted Button

This company undersells itself, so it pleasantly surprised us during our Rescue Alert medical alert system review. The base unit of its system has the longest backup battery out of all we’ve tested, but nowhere on its website can you read this. Also, the specified 600-foot pendant range was twice as wide outside in our tests. 

The company also allows a genuinely rare option of buying all the equipment and getting free lifetime access to the company’s help center. Its well-trained agents are excellent, and so is its language support. This is also one of the few medical alert systems with entirely free two-person monitoring. That is, if you need this option and choose it as a gift over a free lockbox. However, the company offers only a few more extra features.

Rescue Alert Medical Alert System Design and Major Features


Rescue Alert engineers design its equipment in the US. The system consists of a white base unit, which can be placed on a flat surface or mounted on a wall, and a white help button. The wearable device can be used as a wrist help button or on a lanyard as a neck pendant. 

If this base unit looks familiar, that’s probably because Bay Alarm Medical uses a similar base station with a differently colored help button for its in-home system. On the face of the base station, there’s nothing but a largeish blue help button and the speaker/microphone grill. Two-way communication through it is loud and clear.

The system does have a reset button, but it’s hidden away in the back of the unit. We don’t know why that is, possibly to avoid confusion, but this is not the best placement. Moreover, it’s positioned right next to a similarly sized test/learn button.

If you press the reset button within 15 seconds of calling for help, it will cancel the call. This makes Rescue Alert’s MXD base unit different from popular systems like Life Alert that have a reset button on the front. Its button only stops the beeping; it does not cancel the call.

Landlines and Connections

To connect to the monitoring center, the system uses a landline, but it’s also VoIP and cable compatible. A slightly different MXD3G cellular base unit works on AT&T’s 4G SIM card. The built-in backup battery has an outstanding 90-hour backup life—the best in the business. 

The waterproof pendant is quite small and light. It has a gray help button and a status light. Rescue Alert consumer reviews and our tests have confirmed that the unimpressive specified 600-foot pendant range performs a lot better in real life.

Additional Features and Accessories

Extra Features

Rescue Alert has a limited selection of additional features and accessories. To get GPS capabilities, you have to opt for a separate mobile system costing around $49.95 per month. The company doesn’t have a wellness check and medication reminder service. 

However, its base unit is self-testing, so at least you don’t have to worry about the equipment not working. Furthermore, neither the Rescue Alert official website nor any other Rescue Alert distributor offers a voice extender nor fire and smoke monitoring equipment.

Pendant and Lockbox

Rescue Alert does offer an automatic fall detection pendant compatible with both the MXD and the MXD3G base unit. This feature costs $10 per month, which is average. Wall-mounted buttons are $5 per month; that’s a little more expensive than usual. The lockbox has a one-time fee of around $40, but it can be selected as a gift with any payment plan. 

The best thing about Rescue Alert, if you need it of course, is the completely free second-person monitoring. There’s no monthly monitoring fee, and you get the second wristband/neck pendant for free ($43.95 value).

Rescue Alert Medical Alert Systems Monitoring Services

This company has built a first-class emergency response center thanks to the extensive training of its help agents. They’re not only pleasant to talk to, but also real professionals. To be certified, they must complete similar training to what 911 operators go through. 

Rescue Alert also employs an experienced independent translation service, Language Line Services, which allows it to provide help in 150 languages. Response times in our tests ranged from 30 to 40 seconds, which corresponds to results in other Rescue Alert reviews. Seeing as this includes a 20-second dialing procedure, we can say that the help agents of Rescue Alert emergency response center pick up very fast.

Contracts and Fees


Rescue Alert offers some unique pricing options. For a one-time payment of around $850, you’ll buy all the equipment and receive lifetime service. You can also pay approximately $200 for the equipment and receive a substantial discount on the monthly fee. With that option, the subscription fee is just under $16 per month. Otherwise, the regular monthly payment is around $33, the quarterly fee is about $30 per month, and the annual is around $28.

Special Deals

Rescue Alert coupons can perhaps help you with the price of the equipment, so make sure to check if any are available. Whichever plan you choose, you get a gift pendant or a lockbox and free ground shipping. However, the lockbox requires a $10-dollar shipping charge, presumably due to its weight. There are no long-term obligations for this company, the activation is free, and it has a 30-day risk-free guarantee. So you are free to try the system without cancellation fees.

Ordering and Setup

Getting Your System

Ordering the system online is straightforward since there aren’t many additional features. Most of the ones that are available are offered to you as a gift. You have to choose whether you want the secondary help button or a lockbox. Then, input the subscriber info, including emergency responder information. You can also do all this by calling the Rescue Alert phone number. Your equipment will arrive after three to five business days using standard shipping or faster if you select second-day or next-day shipment.


Setting up this system is extremely simple. If you bought the cellular option, plug it in the power outlet, wait a few seconds for the system to inform you it’s good to go, and that’s it! Setting up the landline option is the same, but you also have to connect your phone and the base unit. Run a few tests from different distances from the base unit before you start using the system to get a picture of how far you can go and to make sure everything is fully operational.

Final Verdict

The Pros

  • Option to make a one-time payment and get lifetime service
  • Free lockbox or second pendant with free monitoring
  • Pendant range longer than specified
  • Extremely long backup battery life
  • Waterproof

The Cons

  • Only a few additional features
  • Hidden reset button

Final Verdict

Rescue Alert doesn’t offer many additional features, but what it offers is excellent and reliable. Its help personnel is EMD-certified and capable of providing service in up to 150 languages. You can test its system for a month risk-free and return it if it doesn’t suit you. The cost of the services and the monthly rental of the equipment is average. The specified pendant range, which is average at best, proved to be almost twice as long in our Rescue Alert medical alert system review

The company offers one unique option that makes it stand out from the competition—you can make a one-time payment to buy the equipment and get lifetime service. Plus, you get a free lockbox or a secondary pendant with free monitoring!

rescue alert medical alert system
  • Range & Battery Life 8
  • Monitoring Services 8
  • Contracts & Fees 8
  • Help & Support 8
  • Additional Features 6
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