TestoGen Review

TestoGen Review
  • Formula: Safe, backed by clinical studies
  • Product Line: Capsules and drops
  • Shipping: Free shipping worldwide on all orders over one month’s supply
  • Returns: 100-day money-back guarantee
  • Customer Support: Phone, email. FAQ
  • Price: From $39.99 (drops) and $69.99 (capsules)

Most health-conscious men aren’t new to reading a TestoGen review or reviews of any other testosterone booster product for that matter. 

Testosterone, the fountain of male youth and energy, has been at the focal point of men’s health lately as testosterone replacement therapy has gained more and more ground in the mainstream in recent years. 

That said, many people feel a bit of discomfort when thinking about injecting synthetic hormones into their bodies. For them, natural alternatives are the way to go, and TestoGen might be what they’ve been looking for — the best testosterone booster on the market.

Company Background

When reading TestoGen reviews on bodybuilding forums and websites, more often than not, consumers come across Muscle Club Limited, the UK company behind the TestoGen brand. The firm itself was founded in 2015. However, its roots can be traced to 1999.

The company itself is based in Nottingham in the United Kingdom. It is composed of health and fitness experts who research, design, and create different fitness supplements, catering to an avid hobby lifter and a seasoned athlete alike.

Product Line and Formula

If you’ve already read TestoGen reviews, you might know that the testosterone booster market is enormous. As a matter of fact, many companies offer T booster products, claiming that their product can dramatically improve sexual performance, strength, stamina, and muscle mass.

With so many options at our fingertips, why should we stick to TestoGen products? Read on to discover what makes them stand out.

TestoGen Triple-Action Capsules

A single glimpse at the list of TestoGen ingredients is enough to ensure that you’re getting an all-natural product. All these ingredients act towards one goal, and that is to improve your overall quality of life. Namely, TestoGen testosterone boosters have the following effects:

  • boosting energy
  • enhancing concentration
  • improving mood
  • promoting better workouts
  • supporting faster-responding muscles
  • increasing stamina and sex drive

When comparing the leading testosterone boosters on the market — Prime Male vs. TestoGen — one can most definitely see TestoGen taking the lead. Positive reviews, great saving opportunities, free shipping, a money-back guarantee, and a more comprehensive ingredients list make TestoGen stand out in the highly competitive market.

As we’ve mentioned before, the ingredients are the key feature when it comes to this brand. The all-in-one booster ensures a safe and natural way to increase the body’s testosterone levels with all the right ingredients: fenugreek extract, vitamin D3, nettle leaf extract, boron, vitamin K1, zinc, vitamin B6, magnesium, Korean red ginseng extract, D-aspartic acid, and BioPerine®.

TestoGen reviews ultimately praise the brand’s 100-day money-back guarantee, which is a nice touch considering you will need around three months to feel any considerable difference. On top of that, the company offers bundle deals, allowing you to save quite a lot. 

Lastly, the biggest concerns seem to be regarding the TestoGen price tag, with some experts and consumers alike pointing out that $69 a month for a T booster can be a steep deal, especially when there are much cheaper products. 

That said, we believe that the 100-day money-back guarantee and the bundle deals make TestoGen quite a catch. What’s more, if you add in the free worldwide shipping, the company’s transparency regarding its formulas, and numerous positive reviews, you’ve got yourself a product that’s worth trying.

TestoGen Instant Booster Drops

Next up in the TestoGen lineup are the testosterone booster drops. This product also uses all-natural ingredients while giving you a bigger kick than the capsules. Let us elaborate on that quickly.

If you’ve read any TestoGen review before, you might know that these drops enhance the effects of an already existing testosterone supplementation routine. Notably, they will give you a quick burst of testosterone for workouts. In other words, you might want to use it as a pre-workout supplement, which you simply put in a food or drink before your gym session to maximize the results of the workout. 

Following that, if you’re caught up in a TestoFuel vs. TestoGen debate, note that the latter (especially when in drops) will give you more energy you could use for long shifts, late nights, pre-workouts, and early mornings.

Now, what do consumers have to say about the booster? Most customers seem to be pretty happy with the drops, reporting a significant energy pump and more vitality. 

Key Features

After reading our detailed TestoGen review, it’s time to learn a bit more about the bundles we’ve mentioned above and other features that are guaranteed when choosing TestoGen.

Special Deals

As mentioned before, you can get impressive discounts with the company if you choose from its bundle options. For starters, a bottle of TestoGen capsules comes with an attractive discount of $10. Then, if you decide to commit to the brand and order more, you can save around $90 with its two-month supply bundle, where you also get one bottle for free. 

Furthermore, if you’ve been contemplating using other brands and comparing offers (TestoGen vs. TestoFuel, and so on), you should know that you can save even more with the three-month’s supply. Namely, you will get two months for free and save around $170. 

The T booster drops are also available in identical bundle packages, with the two-month bundle landing you a generous discount of around $50, while the three-month package saves you almost $95. Similar to TestoGen capsules, ordering two- and three-month bundles grants you one and two months for free, respectively.

To top all of that off, you get free bonus gifts with every order. Namely, you will be able to get your hands on one recipe book, two workout guides, and exclusive weekly video content — worth around $160.

Money-Back Guarantee

If you’re not satisfied with TestoGen before and after results within 100 days of starting your regimen, you can return the products and get a full refund. Again, it is a thoughtful touch that makes consumers less wary of the long-term commitment. 

The guarantee naturally applies to both the capsules and the drops. However, users should know that refunds are only eligible when the customer bought more than a month’s supply of supplements. To check out other refund criteria, you can check out the company’s refund policy.


Again, if you’ve been thinking about comparing several products (for example, TestoGen vs. Nugenix), TestoGen’s generous shipping policy might be able to tip the scales in favor of the former. More specifically, if you purchase over one month’s supply of TestoGen, you will unlock free worldwide shipping.

Final Verdict

The Pros

  • Great saving opportunities
  • Manufactured in FDA-approved facilities
  • Free worldwide shipping on orders over one month's supply
  • 100-day money-back guarantee

The Cons

  • Might appear somewhat pricey
  • Taking four capsules a day might be inconvenient for some users

Final Verdict

If TestoGen side effects are the only things keeping you from buying these products, you shouldn’t hold yourself back. Both the capsules and the drops are made from all-natural ingredients, ensuring that you will be able to reap the benefits of improved testosterone levels without having to deal with the harmful effects of synthetic hormonal compounds.

Note that testosterone boosters won’t be as powerful as testosterone shots, so if you’re using it primarily for bodybuilding purposes, set realistic expectations. That said, you can look forward to better workouts and optimally balanced testosterone levels that will ultimately help you build muscle, only slower.


How effective is TestoGen?

Measuring the product’s actual effectiveness is somewhat difficult since it works differently for every individual. Nevertheless, the ingredients in the product have been tested and proved to be both safe and effective. Also, to ensure you get the best possible results, you should eat a healthy diet (whole foods or the best meal replacement shakes), get enough sleep, and train with an optimized plan.

How long does it take for TestoGen to work?

According to the TestoGen website, the benefits of the Booster Drops can be felt shortly after administration. In comparison, you will need to take testosterone boosters in capsules for at least two weeks to notice even the slightest change. All in all, as test levels will improve slowly, the longer you supplement with these products, the better the overall results will be.

What are the side effects of TestoGen?

The revolutionary formula of TestoGen products contains 11 tested, safe ingredients, and the company claims there are no side effects.

Note that the booster is plant-based, and it doesn’t mimic testosterone. Instead, it supports processes in the body accountable for testosterone production, making it safer than most anabolic steroids.

Do any testosterone boosters actually work?

At most, T boosters will increase your levels by 20% to 50%, while a low-dose steroid cycle could offer a 300% increase. To tell whether the product is working, you will need blood tests, which can also be misleading because your testosterone levels might fluctuate because of a number of variables. 

That being said, we do hope that this TestoGen review comes in handy and helps you determine what to focus on in your training regimen. Make sure to get enough rest and follow a balanced diet to reap even more benefits of supplementation. As always, we recommend consulting a physician first before taking any supplement.

TestoGen Review
  • Formula: 9
  • Product Line: 10
  • Shipping: 10
  • Returns: 10
  • Customer Support: 10
  • Additional Features: 9
  • Price: 9
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