A Healthy Look Into the World of Vitamins (Infographic)

Vitamins are essential organic compounds which are needed in small quantities for our bodies to function properly.

We need to ingest certain amounts of vitamins daily, usually through our diet, because our bodies produce insufficient amounts of them, or they don’t produce them at all. Children and older adults especially have to make sure they are getting enough of them.

There are 13 vitamins overall, and they all have different functions. Vitamins are classified into water-soluble (vitamin B complex and vitamin C) or fat-soluble (vitamins A, D, E, and K).

We at MedAlertHelp.org have created the following infographic to provide you with all of the necessary information at a glance. In it, you’ll discover the uses of all vitamins, the signs of their deficiency, the minimum intake for males an females, and their natural sources.

the world of vitamins

  1. Very well-researched and effortless to understand. Good job!

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