Flaws in the Healthcare System to Be Aware of

Flaws in the Healthcare System to Be Aware of

It is no secret that healthcare can be very expensive in the United States. Although the quality of services is some of the best in the world, that does not mean it is always affordable and perfect. There are plenty of flaws that can be found in our healthcare system, and when they affect our lives directly, it can be very frustrating. 

Some of the issues that come up in the healthcare system could be down to simple mistakes such as miscommunication, but other flaws are much larger. Let’s take a look at some of the healthcare system’s flaws you may encounter in your lifetime so that you will be prepared to take corrective action. 

Nursing Home Abuse

One of the most vulnerable population groups is the elderly. Due to their declining physical and even mental condition, they are often less capable of advocating for themselves. Nursing homes are crucial facilities that serve the long-term care needs of older citizens, providing food, shelter, and healthcare all under one roof. Unfortunately, nursing home abuse and neglect are a big problem in the United States. 

There are many types of nursing home abuse and neglect to watch out for if you are a resident or you know a family member who lives in one of these facilities. Some of the most common issues involve medication errors, sexual abuse, emotional abuse, bed sores, and even financial abuse. Additionally, these incidents are not always caused by staffers. They could be the fault of another resident or the administrators. Either way, if you or a loved one end up in a nursing home, stay vigilant for the signs of abuse or neglect.

Delayed or Denied Benefits

One huge sector of the healthcare field is related to health insurance. Most citizens have policies to protect them in the event of unexpected healthcare needs. These plans also support ongoing health initiatives like vision checkups and dental cleanings. There are endless cases of insurance companies delaying reimbursements or denying full coverage for various reasons. When this happens to you, it can drastically impact your quality of life and financial status.

If you feel that you are being unfairly denied coverage, then it might be helpful to hire a lawyer who specializes in this field. Perhaps you are a military veteran who suffered from a service-related injury that you believe makes you eligible for VA disability payments, but your claim has been denied. When the healthcare system fails you unjustly, certain lawyers could fight for your rights to ensure the right level of care and benefits are provided. 

Physician/Nurse Shortage

One of the pillars of the healthcare system is the supply of physicians and nurses in the workforce. Unfortunately. Experts predict that the current shortage of these professionals will only increase in the future as demand for healthcare rises with a growing and aging population. What does that mean for you? Costs can be higher, and finding a good doctor or nurse will become more difficult.

This is already a problem that is manifesting today. Information about doctors is severely lacking for patients, so it is already hard enough to obtain information about the quality of a specific doctor. When you add the fact that the ratio of working physicians and nurses to patients is falling, then there is a crisis in the healthcare system. With only so many healthcare professionals, there are only so many patients that can be cared for, which can contribute to longer wait times and more expensive services. 


Another major flaw in US healthcare is inefficiency. What does this mean? Essentially, there are so many clerical processes and red tape that performing actual healthcare services for patients is very slow. It could be the result of one practice failing to send patient information to another practice on time. It could also be the result of doctors having to spend too much time coordinating with insurance companies about coverage specifics.

This inefficiency often results in delayed care for the patient, which depending on their condition, could be a life-altering issue. If you have a complicated health history, then you may need to be prepared for delays in your care, even though you have done nothing wrong to deserve it. 

US Healthcare is Imperfect But Remains Necessary

The unfortunate reality is that there is little we can do as individuals to eliminate these flaws in the greater healthcare system. All we can do is advocate for ourselves and make sure that we are receiving the best care possible. Sometimes, that may mean getting lawyers involved to fight for your rights. Hopefully, this article has given you some insight into the flaws of the US healthcare system so that you can be prepared for when things do not go your way.

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