11 Interesting Medical Spa Statistics for 2024

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Everyone wants to look young and beautiful, but sometimes it can be hard to determine how to make that happen. Fortunately, you can rely on medical spas, which are medical centers that focus on aesthetic procedures meant to rejuvenate skin and improve overall well being. 

This industry has grown rapidly in the past few years, but the average person is unfamiliar with what these centers are and what they do. Let’s take a look at some fascinating statistics regarding the medical spa industry to help you better understand the benefits of these unique medical centers.

1. There are almost 9,000 medical spas in the United States

(American Medical Spa Association)

In 2022, there were 8,841 medical spas throughout the United States, which is a significant jump from 2021, where only 7,430 operated in the country. It’s a fast growing industry which will only expand further in the coming years.

2. The medical spa industry overall is worth over $16.5 billion

(Global Newswire)

Globally, the medical spa industry is worth $16.51 billion USD in 2022, which is more than the GDP of Afghanistan or Liberia.

3. Medical spas are a global phenomenon, viewed very positively in other countries

(National Library of Medicine)

The European spa tradition is a strong driving force to the positive perception of medical spas in the EU. In a poll of Spanish and German students, 88% knew where the local spa was, and 16% intended to visit a spa for beauty treatments. 

4. The average medical spa makes almost $2 million in revenue each year

(American Medical Spa Association)

Average revenue per medical spa is $1,982,896. With so much money passing through the company – and given that they store sensitive medical data – most centers use specialized medi spa software that helps them track finances, send invoices, and remain compliant with laws through Electronic Medical Records (EMR) management.

5. Over 3.5 million Botox injections were administered in 2021 across the United States


The most popular medical spa procedure by far is Botox injections, which help to reduce the appearance of wrinkles through the injection of the neurotoxin botulinum. 3,651,223 Botox injections were given in 2021, with the number only expected to grow.

6. Acne can cause anxiety for nearly 70% of sufferers

(National Institutes of Health)

Acne isn’t just an aesthetic issue but a mental health one, as it can severely impact a person’s self esteem. Studies show that 68.3% of acne sufferers also experienced anxiety related to their appearance. 

Fortunately, acne is highly treatable, including at medical spas. Chemical peels are a common way to reduce the frequency and severity of acne, and they can be administered at a medical spa by a licensed medical practitioner. 

7. 91.4% of younger women believe appearance is extremely important


While most people consider appearances to be important, the significance differs across age, gender, and socioeconomic groups. Women aged 15-29 place the highest importance on appearance, with 91.4% considering it an extremely important part of their self image.

8. Women make up 88% of the medical spa clientele

(American Medical Spa Association)

It’s no surprise that given women are under stronger societal pressures to look young, they account for most medical spa visits. Of those, 78% are women under 55.

9. A woman’s belief in her attractiveness peaks in her 30s and 40s


A study exploring self perceptions of appearance found that for women, their confidence in their appearance follows a bell curve, with younger women and senior citizens having the least confidence in how they look. 41.1% of women aged 30-44 said that they are more attractive than their peers, in contrast to only 39.7% of women aged 15-29.

10. Men outspend women by 13% at medical spas

(American Spa Magazine)

Though men claim to put less importance on appearances, the numbers don’t lie: an individual male spends 13% more on medical spa procedures in comparison to a woman, and they will only increase their share of the market as Millennials age. 

11. Men are also expected to capture more of the medical spa market soon

(American Spa Magazine)

Right now, men account for 12% of medical spa visits, but that number is expected to increase to 30% as Millennials enter their prime earning years. 


Regardless of your reasons for visiting a medical spa, you should know that these are scientifically proven procedures that can improve your appearance and boost your confidence. At a reputable medical spa, you’ll find high-quality options tailored to your specific needs, with your privacy protected by state-of-the-art EMR software. The next time you notice a crop of acne or a deep frown line, you might consider heading to a medical spa and relaxing under the care of trained professionals.

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